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―a Creeper on an advertisement for 21102 Micro World.

A Creeper is a Micro Mob and Minifigure from the Minecraft theme.


The Creeper has a base of a green 1x2 plate with stud offset, made to represent its feet. Its body is made of a single 1x1 green block, as is its head, which is printed with a pixelated screaming expression.


Creepers are mobs (in-game entities) in Minecraft. They wander around the world looking for the player. When it sees a player, a Creeper will emit a hissing noise and begin to chase him. When it gets near enough, it will flare up and then explode. Creepers can spawn anywhere dark enough, even if it's on the surface, and are capable of moving around even in broad daylight. Creepers possess a deathly fear of the feline Ocelot and Cat mobs, and will flee from them on sight, making it a good idea for the player to have a feline with him. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Creepers are explosive and MEAN. Take a piece of advice – if you ever see one, run! Take another piece of advice – if you ever hear the sound of a burning fuse, run even faster!


  • The only Micro Mob with less pieces than the Creeper is the pig. The Creeper has three pieces; the pig only has two.
  • LEGO allowed fans to decide which one of six different minifig-scale Creeper designs to use in sets.
  • Creepers were first introduced in the game on August 31, 2009, based on a failed pig model Notch had created (he mixed up the length and height of the body). They were the first mob added in Survival Test.


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