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Crix Madine, also referred to as General Madine, is a minifigure from the Classic Star Wars Star Wars theme.


The only variant of General Madine, appearing in 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, has plain sand yellow legs, with a matching sand yellow torso piece. The piece has printing on the front of it, with brown used for a belt and an attached utility belt and silver printing for the belt buckle and for the backing of the rank insignia positioned on the left side of the chest and on the collar. Sand blue printing is used for the collar, and black printing is used for outlining and detailing of the uniform, including the printing of the rank insignia. The arms are sand blue, matching the collar, and the hands are black to represent gloves.

Madine's head is flesh-coloured that has printing consisting of two black dot-eyes and a black smiling mouth, with sand-yellow printing for a beard and eyebrows. On top of the head, the General Madine minifigure has one of the most common moulds of LEGO hairpieces, in sand yellow.

In a special collectable display set sold at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con, a General Madine figure was present along with Admiral Ackbar and Luke Skywalker. The only difference between this version of the minifigure and the original was that his legs were in the lighter shade of brick-yellow.


General Crix Madine was an Imperial Army officer who trained and led Storm Commandos before defecting to the Rebel Alliance, where he became a valuable part of the Rebellion, advising and leading commando operations. He planned the successful commando raid on the second Death Star's shield generator, allowing the Rebel fleet to attack the space station.


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