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General Crokenburg is a Legends of Chima Minifigure released in 2015


Crokenburg has olive green skin, along with dark green lining and a light green "stomach." His torso print is identical to the two other "crocodile warriors" included in the one set he appears in. It has two straps crossing over his chest that connect to a socket for Chi in the center. Attached to this socket are two fangs. His pelvis is dark red, and appears to have bones sown into it. This pattern continues on his olive green legs, the front of which have a dark red printing to represent a sort of loincloth. This as well as the Chi socket on the chest has fangs hanging from it. He has dark green on his knees and white claws on his 'toes' to represent the claws of a crocodile. His arms are olive green and his hands are dark green. His 'helmet' is the standard Crocodile Tribe headgear, with various dark green spots and the entire lower jaw is covered in a metallic print covered in rivets (similarly to Crug). This print extends to the sides of the head. The olive green standard Minifigure head underneath has the same metal jaw pattern as well as various dark green spots. It also has dark green trim around the bright orange eyes. He is depicted as wearing a golden Chi harness along with a 1x1 circular trans-orange tile with flame printing, to represent an orb of Fire Chi. Descriptions This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)


General Crokenburg is a veteran Crocodile military leader, with numerous victories to his credit. He was one of the few Crocodile warriors truly respected by the Lions for his mastery of strategy and tactics. Crokenburg knew that Crocodiles were uncomfortable fighting outside of the swamps, so he would send a special unit to wreck Beaver dams and flood the battlefield before a fight. Crokenburg now defends the frozen swamps against the Icehunters.


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