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The Crook is a City minifigure that is commonly seen in the Police subtheme as criminals.


This style of prisoner minifigure was the successor to the jumpsuit-wearing prisoner seen in World City and functions as the representation of generic criminals.

The original Crook minifigure has a face with stubble and a devious-looking smile. He has a gold tooth in most sets, although in 7744 Police Headquarters, there is one with no stubble and a closed mouth with scowl. The Crook generally wears a standard white shirt with a 1960's-style gray stripe decoration reminiscent of a prisoner's uniform, with the number 50380, and a loose collar revealing chest hair. Additionally, he wears gray trousers and in some cases he also wears a light gray jacket on top of his shirt to conceal it and more easily blend in. Almost all versions of the crook always wear a beret-style skullcap, resembling a knit cap.

More recent versions of the crook also wield crowbars, shovels and other tools used to break into places.

They are also often depicted stealing valuables like money and jewelry.

Versions and variations

In 2012, two new variations were released, as the City theme was relocated to a forest-themed area. One with a torn, sleeveless version of the standard striped shirt and muttonchops along with brown trousers, and another with Sand Blue overalls and a burgundy cap. The sleeveless shirt version would later be re-released in 2014, albeit this time with dark gray trousers.

In 2013, two new variations were released, one with a mustache and mask, as well as one with stubble and snarl. This version replaces the gray-and-white striped shirt with one that is gray with black stripes and he also switches out his knit cap for a stone gray version as well. The print on his torso depicts a length of rope and a tool belt. A female version would later be released in 2014, who wears a black leather motorcycle jacket over her black-and gray stripe shirt as well as gray trousers. She does not wear a knit cap but instead has brown hair and red lipstick.

In 2015, two new swamp-themed Crook versions was released, along with their hideout. The first version looks similar to the original one, but has an angrier facial expression, his shirt is opened, revealing a gray undershirt beneath it and he wears baggy khaki trousers, secured by a rope. The second version wears the original striped shirt and knit cap along with light blue trousers with green suspenders. He has an orange, bushy beard and wields a shovel, used to hide and bury his ill-gotten gains. A third, female version also exists; this one wears a female version of the standard striped shirt and light blue trousers. She does not wear the regular knit cap but instead has orange-red hair.

In 2017, another new variation was unveiled. This version wears a bright orange vest with reflective stripes over the standard striped shirt with dark grey stripes, along with dark stone grey pants and a black knit cap. His face is printed with stubble and a frowning expression.


The Crook is the eternal bad guy of the City. They are criminals, petty thieves and general troublemakers that commit crimes and cause trouble on the streets and are thus constantly getting chased by and usually captured by the Police. Their crimes include break-ins, burglary and robbery, stealing valuables like money and jewelry or in other cases breaking out of jail/prison and trying to escape. Crooks sometimes operate alone, sometimes in pairs, sometimes in groups and in video games, they can be found in even larger gangs, all depending on the situation.

Gallery of Variants

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