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"To me, my knights! Safeguard the kingdom and drive these villains from our gates!"
―Crown King Brutus

Crown King Brutus,[1] also known as the Good King,[2] King Edward,[3] and King Revet,[4] is a Minifigure from the Castle (2007) Theme.


Crown King Brutus features a metallic golden crown, printed breastplate, and a dark blue cape. His head and original torso are both recycled from the Vikings theme. In 2009, a new version was released with a new torso, printed legs, and a blue plume on the crown, but does not include a cape.

In LEGO Battles, the King has a drastically different design, appearing as a composite of the Good King and the Crown Bishop. He is depicted with a white beard, no breastplate, and a chain mail torso.


Crown King Brutus is the ruler of the Crown Knights, as well as the other humans in the realm. He has at least one son and one daughter. One time, his castle was attacked by skeletons, however the siege was unsuccessful. He has also personally commandeered some sieges such as the siege on the troll's mountain fortress. Although originally characterized by his online bio as using strategy and weapons to fight back against the Evil Wizard, it is instead suggested through LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed that Brutus is in fact a lazy king who rarely takes action and simply waits for the Evil Wizard to give up out of boredom.

The Adventures of Clutch Powers

King Revet was the King of the Kingdom of Ashlar, until he sacrificed his Creation Spark, and therefore his life, to defeat the evil Mallock the Malign, allowing the criminal to be sealed away in a prison.

During his reign, the King saved the life of Hogar the Troll, and in respect, Hogar decided he would serve the King for the rest of his life. After the disappearance of the King, Hogar kept his word by protecting both the Kingdom and the King's son, Prince Varen.

During the film's events, King Revet only makes a cameo as a portrait hanging in the King's Castle.

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Crown King Brutus is a Builder support unit with the abilities "A Good Defense", "Guards!", "Return of the King...'s Men", and "King's Eminence".

In the Glyph Hunt campaign, Majisto and the Explorers are searching for Willa the Witch in Crown King Brutus's kingdom. Brutus personally leads them on a royal investigation that quickly turns into a witch hunt, in which Brutus accuses the hard-working Princess Verda and the loyal Dragon Master Burnabus of witchcraft based on flimsy evidence. During this, Brutus temporarily joins the Explorers' party in mission 2.5. Eventually, Verda and Burnabus realize that the real Brutus would ordinarily be too lazy to lead the investigation, revealing "Brutus" to be Willa in disguise. Burnabus demands that Willa return the real Brutus, although Willa assures them that the real king is "safe-ish".


  • Official LEGO sources from 2007-2009 only refer to this character as the Good King or simply King. The "Crown King" moniker was unofficially coined by fans before it was eventually used in LEGO publications.
  • Crown King Brutus's description in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed erroneously states that the 2009 variation has a different beard color. This may be the result of circular reporting, since this Brickipedia article formerly made the same error.


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The Good King

"To me, my knights! Safeguard the kingdom and drive these villains from our gates!"

The Good King is the wise and noble ruler of the Western Kingdom. All the villagers and townsfolk of the kingdom respect him, and his legion of brave and loyal knights protect him and follow his commands. When the Evil Wizard sends his skeleton army to attack the Castle, the King and his Knights fight back with strategy, swords and catapults! This is a description taken from 2856195 LEGO Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Collection. Please do not modify it.

Crown King
The Crown King is ruler of his kingdom and leader of the Crown Knights who help him to defend his castle. This is a description taken from LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Please do not modify it.

A regal support unit who bosses around (and buffs up) his allies. People say it's not easy being king, which is kinda weird since Brutus has been one his whole life and he barely does anything, like... ever.

Like many peaceful kings, Brutus hopes for a long and uneventful reign. Unlike other peaceful kings, Brutus plans on getting there by doing as little as possible. Heck, his daughter got ransomed by a sorcerer once and instead of paying, he just waited for the other guy to give up out of boredom. Is his wise rule the result of patience or laziness? Judging by the amount of time he spends in the royal hot tub, it's easy to draw your own conclusions.

Royal Ascension
Debuted in 2007.

Appeared in six sets.

He Plays Checkers
Appeared in two LEGO chess sets.

eSport of Kings
Appeared in the "LEGO Rock Band" and "LEGO Battles" video games.

Mid-Reign Crisis
A new Crown King was released in 2009, sporting a crown plume, no cape, and a different outfit and beard color.


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