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Crug is an Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013.


Crug's head is composed of a dark brown helmet-like piece designed to fit over a normal minifigure head and to look similar to an actual crocodile. This piece features a metal jaw and scales above the eyes. Crug's yellow eyes show through the piece, with a squinting expression. The top of Crug's head features scutes that run down the back.

Crug is shirtless, but wears a necklace over his scarred torso. Over his waist is a torn belt that appears to have a chi orb surround by bones or claws. Below the belt is a dark red loin cloth that covers most of Crug's hip area, alongside stringed teeth. His skin is brown in colour, unlike the other crocodiles. On his feet are white claws and his knee area features printing. Crug's back printing features an extension of the belt and loin cloth as well as scales and somewhat of an extension of the scutes that run down his head piece. Descriptions This is a description taken from Do not modify it.


Crug is Cragger’s lead Thug. He’s just big, strong, and blindly obedient. He never questions his orders. He just plows ahead with whatever insane task Cragger requests of him. Despite his volatile and dangerous nature, he sleeps with a stuffed Teddy-Bear-like frog he calls, “Mr. FlipperLovey.”

In The Show

He appears multiple times in the show as Cragger's lead henchman. He is usually sent in with Crawley to fight Laval, but his incompetence usually leads to defeat. In The Black Cloud, when the CHI falls dry up, he thinks he counted wrong. He later realized his mistake in the next episode.

In Attack of the Ice Clan, he and Crawley go for a swim in the swamp but they are frozen by the Hunter tribes. He is frozen on the side of the Helicrocter and weighs Cragger and Crooler down when they try to escape. He, Cragger, and Crooler were the only crocs to escape, but he had to be thawed out. While being thawed out, he bores Longtooth with stories of him and Crawley and asks for marshmallows, which greatly angers him.


Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 1.55.43 PM
Crug (Without Armor)Crug (Silver Armor)


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