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Crystal Miner[1] is an Aquazone Hydronauts minifigure introduced in 1998.


Like her fellow Hydronauts, Crystal Miner wears a bright blue and black diving suit: her torso, arms, and hip are blue, while her hands and legs are black. She wears a metalized silver helmet with a transparent fluorescent green visor, and the helmet can be augmented with additional equipment such as lights. Her head and torso feature unique patterns on their printing, with her face being covered with a breathing apparatus.


Crystal Miner is one of the heroic Hydronauts mining for crystals in the deepest depths of the Aquazone. She is intelligent enough to convert complex crystals into high-tech hydro fuel. However, she cannot figure out how Santa Claus's reindeer can fly, wondering if they are powered by aquazone crystals.[2]

In Deep in the Danger Zone, Crystal Miner is assigned to the Hydro Crystalation Station, and then she sets out in the Hydro Search Sub. She discovers a strange crystal but is captured by the Stingray Stormer. Commander Manta Ray forces her to analyze the crystal in the Stingrays lab, where she puts the glowing mineral under the analyzer ray. While the Stingrays are distracted, Crystal Miner makes her escape and drains their power with her suction tool.[3]

LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Mania Magazine November-December 1998. Do not modify it.

Crystal Miner
Crystal can convert complex crystals into high-tech hydro fuel, but she can't figure out what makes reindeer fly. She thinks they must be powered by aquazone crystals.

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  • In the November-December 1998 issue of LEGO Mania Magazine, Crystal Miner is erroneously represented with Captain Hank Hydro's minifigure on her profile.[2] She later appears with the correct head and torso for the "Find The Ornaments Contest" at the end of the issue, although she has the hip and legs of Navigator Hip "Muddy" Waters instead.[4]
  • Crystal Miner is the only Aquazone minifigure who is confirmed to be female.



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