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The Defense Coil, also known as an assault turret, is a building in the game Crystalien Conflict. It is used by the Aliens, and costs 1400 Crystals. It is an efficient anti-ground and aircraft turret.


CrystalienConflict DefenseCoil 2

Front view

The defense coil takes up one square of space when built, which is roughly equal to that of a Dragon Cruiser. It is green and black with two thin turrets coming from each side to shoot down enemy infantry or vehicles. The middle is a cockpit with green spikes latching over the pilot. The defense coil is manned by three aliens, two on the right and left, and one in the middle.


CrystalienConflict DefenseCoil 3

Back view

Defense coils are vital for the protection of the alien complex. They can rotate 360 degrees and fire a constant stream of green blaster fire at any human soldier or vehicle that comes near. They are expensive, however, and take up a considerable amount of energy to run. It is necessary to have several energy generators running to allow the power to run smoothly. If the power plants are damaged or destroyed or if there are too many defense stations, the power flow will cease and the turrets will go offline, rendering them defenseless targets for the enemy.

The option to build a defense coil is enabled after a Breeding Pit is created, making them one of the first structures available.

Defense stations have a large health bar and can take a considerable amount of punishment compared to other structures and vehicles.

Like all structures, the defense coil can be hacked into by human engineers. The defense coil is better protected than other buildings, as it will easily kill an engineer before it gets close to it. However if the defense station is distracted by a bigger threat or offline because of the lack of energy, the engineer will occasionally be able to slip past its defenses. Once hacked, the defense coil fires blue blasts and fires at the alien structures.


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