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The Dragon Cruiser is a vehicle in Crystalien Conflict used by the Aliens. It costs 1200 Crystals and is an efficient anti-ground and aircraft tank. The dragon cruiser has also been included in physical form in the set 7691 ETX Alien Mothership Assault as the front section of the mothership.



The dragon cruiser in a cutscene of the game

The dragon cruiser is concisely built, with a small cockpit that has two curved green spikes to latch down the pilot and small blasters connected to each side. Coming from the back of the cockpit are two curved, tentacle-like spikes. Near the back on the sides are hinges where the wings connect to the craft. The winngs and black with green circuitry and curved in a semicircle, with pointed tips. Each wing sports three blasters, making eight the total number used by the ship.


CrystalienConflict DragonCruiserTop

The dragon cruiser during gameplay

Dragon cruisers are the tanks of the Alien forces. They hover and move rather slowly compared to some other vehicles. However, they pack as much firepower as a defense coil and are the most effective means of destroying a human complex by force. They are arguably the most dangerous vehicles the aliens possess.


  • While the dragon cruiser has eight blasters, in the game it is shown only to use one, located on top of the craft.
  • The dragon cruiser's equivalent on the human faction is the claw tank.


Game Appearances

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