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The Orbital Uplink is the final structure that can be built in Crystalien Conflict. It is used by the Aliens and when constructed enables the Ion Disruptor. It costs 1500 crystals to produce.


CrystalienConflict OrbitalUplink2

The satellite dish turns to one side

The orbital uplink is tall, narrow and lime green. It covers one square of space, the same as a defense coil. The orbital uplink sits on a circular black base with curved green spikes extending out horizontally in the front and back for stabilisation. Four green curved spikes set vertically protrude from the top of the base. When the uplink is in operation, these "tentacles" wave, bend and rotate. A green rod runs from the centre of the base up above the "tentecles", where it connects to a very large stallite dish. This dish turns side-to-side when the uplink is in operation.

CrystalienConflict OrbitalUplink3

The cursor becomes the tool for selecting the area you wish to attack


The orbital uplink, as the final structure possible, can only be created after every other building has been constructed and is directly preceded by the experiment laboratory.

In itself the uplink does nothing, but once built it enables the Ion Disruptor, a massive blast of white energy sent from a satellite to a designated spot on the battlefield. While the uplink is only 1500 crystals the disruptor costs 3000, making it a weapon to use sparingly.

CrystalienConflict OrbitalUplink4

The ion disruptor destroys two enemy turrets

The beam of energy has a concentrated blast radius of about one square, roughly equal to that of a defense coil. The blast effects an area of about five squares, however, a space larger than a sonar station.

Most buildings and vehicles within the radius will be instantly destroyed, with but a small number left. These still are reduced to a fraction of their previous health bar. Any vehicles or buildings close to but outside of the blast radius are also effected adversely, though not nearly as fatally. The disruptor leaves behind a large circular patch of blackened ground, marking the spot that was targeted.

CrystalienConflict Wasteland

The result of multiple orbital strikes

The orbital uplink appears in one level of the game; conflict mode, the final level for both the humans and aliens. The code for this level is "nightfall".


  • The human counterpart of the orbital uplink is the satellite uplink.
  • Five orbital uplinks is the maximum limit at any given time.


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