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The Sonar Station is a building in the game Crystalien Conflict used by the Aliens. It costs 1000 crystals, and once built, gives a satellite view of the entire battlefield, providing the dark shroud covering it has been penetrated by vehicles or ground units. The sonar station is included in the set 7691 ETX Alien Mothership Assault as the middle section of the Alien mothership.



The sonar station in a cutscene of the game

The sonar station is mainly black and takes up four times as much space as an energy generator. It is circular with a smaller circular green section located on each side. Two black rectangular pieces protrude from underneath each of the green dishes. Narrow V-shaped black pieces stick out from the front and back. Lining the circular body of the sonar station are lime green lights that constantly glow and go out in a pattern.


If enough power plants are present and there is no shortage of energy, the sonar station can provide an overhead view of the battlefield, showing humans as white squares and aliens as black ones. The size of the square depends on the size of the building, vehicle or ground unit being viewed; human and Alien units are little more than dots while motherships and command bases are large rectangles filling a considerable amount of space.


Strike fighters spawning at a sonar station

Once the sonar station is enabled, Strike Fighters are able to be spawned, with four fighters being maximum amount at any given time. These fighters can be selected as a group or individually and, once a target has been acquired, fly off and release a volley of heavy blaster fire before automatically returning to the radar station. These hit-and-run attacks can inflict a large amount of damage to any structure and the fighters have on occasion been known to slip past enemy defense turrets largely unscathed.

Additionally, when built the radar station allows another vehicle to be built by the war factory: the dragon cruiser.


  • The human counterpart of the sonar station is the radar station.


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