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Strike Fighters are a type of aircraft used by the Aliens in Crystalien Conflict. They can only be built after the sonar station has been constructed, as the station is where they spawn from and report back to.



Strike fighters spawning at a sonar station

Strike fighters are mainly black and are shaped like a semicircle. The wings are curved one-fourth of a circle. Protruding from the back of the fighter is a single light green fin that is flat, symmetrical and horizontal. At the tip of each wing is a blaster. Two more are also on the wings, these closer to the center of the craft. The cockpit is small and black, with two curved green spikes to hold in the pilot rather than a canopy glass.


CrystalienConflict StrikeFighters

Strike fighters open fire on a human defense station

Once a sonar station is constructed, Strike Fighters are able to be spawned, with four fighters being maximum amount at any given time. The fighters can be selected as a group or individually and, once a target has been acquired, fly off and release a volley of heavy blaster fire before automatically returning to the radar station. These hit-and-run attacks can inflict a large amount of damage to any structure and the fighters have on occasion been known to slip past enemy defense turrets largely - and sometimes completely - unscathed.


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