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9083 Mining Mech Trio Is a Space REBOOTED Set. It Includes Purple Miner Captain,Purple Miner Agent,Purple Miner Rookie,Green Mech-Pilot Captain,Green Mech-Pilot Agent Green Mech-Pilot Rookie,White Explorer Captain,White Explorer Agent White Explorer Rookie,2 Mini-Mining Mechs and a big Mining Mech with 6 Claws


This is a description taken from LEGO. Do not modify it.

The Miners Need the help of the Mech Pilots and the Explorers to mine an golden Ultrareum which can only be broken with the help of the Mining Mech,Mining Mech-03,Mining Mech-03

  • Includes Green Mech-Pilot Captain,Green Mech Pilot Agent,Green Mech Pilot Rookie,Purple Miner Captain,Purple Miner Agent,Purple Miner Rookie,White Explorer Captain,White Explorer Agent and White Explorer Rookie
  • Big Mining Mech includes 6 claws and carries 4 people,and 1 person in the cockpit
  • Each of the Mini-Mechs can carry 1 person and a crate,and 1 person in the cockpit

Minifigures Included

Purple Miner Captain.png
Purple Miner Agent.png
Purple Miner Rookie.png
White Explorer Captain.png
White Explorer Agent.png
White Explorer Rookie.png
Green Mech-Pilot Captain.png
Green Mech-Pilot Agent.png
Green Mech-Pilot Rookie.png
Purple Miner CaptainPurple Miner AgentPurple Miner RookieWhite Explorer CaptainWhite Explorer AgentWhite Explorer RookieGreen Mech-Pilot CaptainGreen Mech-Pilot AgentGreen Mech-Pilot Rookie


  • This set recycles the claw hands of the Space Rover
  • This set is the only one to feature 3 R.E.B.O.O.T.E.D teams at the same time