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"I am trapped in a smelly, disgusting, teenaged human body; constantly craving chili fries, and instinctively scratching myself in places that I suspect are considered disgusting!"
―Albedo on his condition.

Albedo of the Galvan is Azmuth's former lab assistant, who tried to make his own omnitrix, but was accidentally traped in Ben's human form.


Albedo has the standard Galvan superintelligence.

Albedo used to use a duplicate Omnitrix which was sunced with Ben's, but it had the side effect of trapping him in Ben's form.

Thanks to a modification that he made to himself through a DNA altering machine, Albedo can alter his DNA at will and change into any species without the need for an Omnitrix. As intended, Albedo also regained access to his true Galvan form as a bonus. However, because Ben had interfered, whenever he changes into an alien form, he will always revert to his "Ben" form. Albedo uses a recreated Ultimatrix to stabilize this power in Omniverse

Accessible Aliens

Alien Name Copy Omnitrix Ultimatrix Mentally Dream Second Ultimatrix
Negative Big Chill
Negative Brainstorm
Negative Goop
Negative Grey Matter
Negative Humungousaur
Negative Rath
Negative Spidermonkey
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur
Negative Echo Echo
Negative Jetray
Negative Chromastone
Negative Diamondhead
Negative Swampfire
Negative Lodestar
Negative ChamAlien
Negative Fasttrack
Negative NRG
Ultimate Albedo
Negative Armodrillo
Negative Arctiguana
Negative Ultimate Arctiguana
Negative Gravattack
Negative Ultimate Gravattack
Negative Ultimate Echo Echo
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey]
Negative Ultimate Rath
Negative Wildvine


  • Albedo agrees with the International Astronomical Union's classification of Pluto.
  • Albedo's love of chili fries is often used as a recurring gag.
  • When Albedo lies, his left eye twitches, just like Ben.
    • Kevin is the only one to have noticed this.
  • Unlike Azmuth, who didn't fare so well with it, Albedo showed remarkable skill with the Omnitrix and its aliens. He was more than a match for Ben when both were transformed and was able to defeat both Kevin and Gwen.

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