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Arrolete: Halteen Squad

Halteen Squad Playsets

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Halteen Squad is a subtheme of Arrolete.


The Halteen Squad is an highly trained undercover group of young warriors, set in the mystical world of Kerenelm, a planet in the Arrolete System. The armour that the warriors wear is specially made to match their different training conditions, and each has a special ability and a few ViroPacks, short for environmental packs. The leader of the squad is named Merekus, and he was the founder of the organisation.


Several of the members have zerons, Arronc who have allowed their forms to be altered into different forms. Zerons can connect to a warrior in a special way; the two bond together, the strengths and weaknesses of each being neutralised or strengthened by the other's strengths and weaknesses. Each zeron has the opportunity to become a Halteen Warrior if they pass the tests of being an altered being. At the current time, there are eight Halteen Warriors and three Zerons.


The Halteen Squad has a large amount of enemies in the form of bad guy teams, villains outside of gangs, black market traffickers, and more. However, the only villain currently in custody at Halteen Headquarters is Gralyr.

Current Members

  • Commander Merekus

Commander Merekus is a loner. Hardly leaves on missions. Is the backbone of the Halteen Squad. He is the personal trainer of all the Halteen warriors, and also assigns missions. Merekus is a Glatior of Air, and one of the best.

  • Maton

Maton was the second member of the Halteen Squad. Coming from a poor, outcast Arronc family in a large city, Maton could not afford armour or weapons, so he became a scavenger. Although he is an Arronc, Maton is highly trained in combat and intellect. His element is metal.

  • Waltyre

Waltyre is unique. Not many Glatior have double elements. His dual elements are Fire and Ice, and can switch from one to the other with amazing rapidity. He was the third member of the Halteen Squad.

  • Jemn
  • Haiyee
  • Alir
  • Jarvr
  • Eldaur


Each of the Halteen Squad members has a badge with an 'H' carved in the middle. The white part is made of a rare crystal, and the grey is a base substance that glows when the warrior is supercharged.


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