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Batman: Rampage
Batman Rampage
Subtheme of:

DC Comics (Theme)



Batman: Rampage is a custom theme based on the Arkham Trilogy except based in New 52 instead of the Arkham Trilogy outfit. Harley Quinn is based on her New 52 appearance excpet we don't have a pigtails hair element.

Creator Notes

  • I can't figure my way around the Pigtails for Harley like how Berrybrick did on Brickimedia Customs.
  • All character's Decals are done on Paint.


Batman: Batmobile Battle

Batman: The Red Hood Assault

Nightwing: Scarecrow's Air Assault

Batman: Harley's Truck Chase

Batman: Hush Rush

Batgirl: Catwoman Pursuit


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Harley Quinn (New 52)
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