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Bionicle: End Game
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Bionicle: End Game is a subtheme of Bionicle. It is set 4 years after the end of Bionicle. The story revolves around Makuta who is still alive and is out for a stone which can give him new powers and a new body. It has 2 seasons, the first is set 4 years after Bionicle, the second is set 5 years after Bionicle.

Season 1


100,000 years ago a event happened, The Shattering. Before The Shattering The Great Being known as Velika, created a stone. This stone is called the Rokaku Stone. It's powers are unknown, but it is said to make any being have the power to reshape the world it's self. When Velika found out what was about to happen, he hid it from the Agori, or any other being who would want it's power. He hid it on a mountain known as Condorta.

(Chapter 1: The Awakening)

Makuta is confused. He had so many questions. Why is he not dead? Why is it only now he was brought back to life? These questions haunted him for days. He has spent the past week wandering in the broken Great Spirit robot. Just as he was about to give up he saw a body, a live one. He hasn't seen a live Matoran in years so it caught him by surprise. The Matoran seemed shocked to see the green mist but acted like it wasn't a threat. The Matoran said, "I have been looking for you...Master."


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