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Blackheart his a custom character created by Rfas280HP. He appears in the custom game LEGO The Black War, created by Rfas280HP.


Backheart is the brother of God Eythan , the most powerful in the world of Varsan. After his brother God be named by the parents of the brothers , Blackheart tried several times to kill Eythan , but never succeeded. So he sought the help of some Black Wizard , those studying the darkest of all magics . When Blackheart found the Necromancer West , asked how he could get hold of Darkness , which for many centuries were lost in the other dimension . The Necromancer showed him the path that would lead him to the other dimension , however, Blackheart could not leave without the Black Box . After facing the spirits of the dead , Blackheart found the Black Box and the Darkness possessed . He left that place , very pleased , and thanked the Necromancer . Then he began to manufacture , powerful and deadly weapon , which would have the ability to master all Varsan and kill his brother , Eythan . Besides the deadly powers of the weapon , it also gave its owner eternal youth. Blackheart has returned many sorcerers at his disposal , and married Lady Doom , the most faithful of the Dark Wizards . He was killed by James Harvan , after his Black Armor be destroyed . Along with it , the darkness also were .


Blackheart has many powers, among them, the most notable are the super-speed, super-strength, super-construction, invincibility, ability to change the appearance and power of destruction. When he uses his Dark Sword, it is twice as powerful and deadly. When he uses his Dark Helmet, he can mesmerize your opponents. When he uses his Black Armor, he can be completely invincible.


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