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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.


You are now looking at the den of the reclusive Ca$h General (two of seven); Dwight Goldsmith, a pop culture fan from birth, Dwight has amassed a fortune through his taking part in the New Regime, and so has bought movie props, video game memorabilia, and insane stuff. Even his armor. Ca$h Cow doesn't like this, not one bit, so he figured; what the heck, why not liberate some of this kid's Moola? Unfortunately, Dwight has a Tax-Man guarding his stuff at all times, and also a familiar, yet incredibly obscure character from the COWMASTA's regime has started working as Dwight's bodyguard! Will Ca$h Cow escape with the Moola? Will Dwight capture Ca$h Cow and add him to his collection? Will Ca$h Cow just destroy everything in his path? You decide!

  • Set Includes Ca$h Cow, Dwight Goldsmith (Basic Armor), A Tax-Man, and COWMASTA's Bodyguard!
  • Slide massive amounts of Moola down the Money chute!
  • Try to guess what the Past LEGO brand items, movie props, tv objects, and video game memorabilia are from!
  • Gaze at Dwight's Award Shelf!


  • This was the second set released from Generation 3.
  • This set is really stretching a joke that wasn't really funny in the first place (Wikia selling incredibly weird stuff)
  • It's rumored that this set contains a blue hedgehog, but Wikia has neither confirmed, nor denied this.
  • Have no idea what's going on? Take a look at the previous set:Tax-Men Pursuit.
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