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"Stay Chad."
―Chad the Space Dude

Chad the Space Dude is a minifigure originally created by Emperor Majorian and rebuilt by Shiva.


Chad the Space Dude has blue legs and torso with a classic space logo printed on the torso, though his hands are earth blue. His legs are plain blue, however his belt piece shares the same color as his hands. He also has a blue oxygen tank and dark brown hairpiece. Chad's face resembles the face of Disco Dude from Minifigures theme.


Chad is the coolest guy in the Galaxy. He is always seen at every party, even if you leave one party and join another one at the same time, you'll still see Chad at both parties you paid a visit. And, of course, you won't escape his shining smile... Yeah, Chad the Space Dude is an ultimate magnet for all the girls and even the boys at the parties! However, if ladies are attracted by Chad's magnificent performance, gentlemen pay more attention to his incredible background, as Chad was involved in the first ever space quest for the LEGO-kind, being the youngest member of the original squad.

Despite being super-attractive to everyone, Chad still fails to get an attention of Proxima, the Cyborg Lady. Deep inside his soul, he wants nothing more than her attention and will do anything to get her to notice him and reciprocate the feelings he has for her.


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  • Chad actually has a long-time crush on Proxima, however he keeps this as a big secret.
  • Originally Chad the Space Dude was created by Emperor Majorian from Ninjago Wiki, but Shiva, with Majorian's permission, made him a character of his own universe.
  • Chad is mentioned to be a part of classic space astronauts, being the youngest of them.
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