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Crown Champion (earlier known as Crown Hero and Brave One) is the main protagonist of the first part of Fantasia theme. He was created by Shiva.


The Crown Champion has many appearances. In Necromancer Battle and in future sets he appears as an usual knight of the Crown Kingdom, clad in steel armor with the emblem of crown. However, in sets with a post-war theme (for example, Wandering Knight) the Crown Champion is clad in gold armor and has a helmet with visor. In some sets Champion is not wearing a knight armor: in The Emperor's Assassination he is wearing assassin's light armor; in Dragon Magical Workshop the Crown Champion is wearing mage's robes.

In a video game player must create appearance of the Crown Champion themselves, because he's a playable character.


The war between the Dragon Kingdom and the Reman Empire began, suddenly and without any reasons. The Lion Kingdom joined the war in order to seek out reasons and stop it. The king of the Crown Kingdom wants to join the war too but, unfortunately, his daughter Sarah is kidnapped by a strange necromancer. His magic was so strong, that no one was brave enough to deal with him. Only the one person decided to rescue the princess Sarah. He quickly found a hideout of a necromancer and the king gave him a white horse Kornak, so a brave one could save the princess much faster. And thanks to Kornak, a hero came in time, because a necromancer had already arranged his strange ritual. Hero fought a necromancer, who then later escaped, and took wounded princess home.

After that, the king granted a title of a Crown Hero to a brave one and said that he must later marry Sarah. Then a Crown Hero was tasked to seek out reasons of the war and finally stop it. Hero joined one of the sides, including a necromancer, who was revealed to be once the most famous wizard Mallock, who wants to stop the war too.

Nevermind which side a Crown Hero took in the war, he anyway found out that the Demon of War caused the war, a Hero fought it and it's realm, thus stopping the war. After that, the king of the Crown Kingdom granted a title of the Crown Champion to a Hero.


  • Despite Champion's various appearances, the Crown Champion has the same face in any variation (video game is an exception).

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