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Dagger: The Adventure Begins
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Part 1

The series starts off with the story of a fourteen-year-old boy, Kevin Mitchell who is an inventor. He gets kidnapped and paired up with Alice Harper, a fighter, in a government-scheme-gone-wrong to train up a group of super spies. Kevin and Alice learn from the man who started the program, known as The General, that the current director has evil intentions for them so they escape. They then split up for safety, Alice to Hollywood and Kevin back home that way it would be hard for the villain, Jack Hawkins A.K.A. Blackjack, to kidnap them again. Alice does very well on the silver screen and Kevin hooks up with members of The General’s original group of trainees in the program to create some prototype gadgets.
  • Black Jack

Part 2

Phase two of the first book begins when Kevin wants to show Alice what he has been working on and ask her to help fund the program. While in flight to their meeting point, Blackjack intercepts them and takes them to a hidden desert prison in the Middle East along with all the passengers on the plane. With some clever tactics (I don’t want to give it up!) Kevin rigs a breakout and the prisoners escape in the trucks to a nearby US Military base. There isn’t enough room for everyone though so Kevin and Alice take a jet with The General as their wingman in another jet. They didn’t realize they took them from the repair bay though so they are low on fuel and have no ammo. Blackjack takes a fully-prepared jet and attacks them. The General, who was a pilot in two previous wars, counsels Kevin through dogfighting techniques and Kevin uses tactics invented by the Russians in WWII when their planes ran out of ammo. Using their planes as weapons, they knock Blackjack out of the sky into a fiery crash below. Their planes run out of fuel soon after and they are forced to make a crash landing. During the crash, Kevin severely injures his right arm and the three of them wander in the desert looking for help. After finding a small tent village nearby, the local physician, who was trained in America but has no equipment or medicine, is unable to heal Kevin’s arm and is forced to amputate it. Once back home, the team rallies together and builds a robotic arm for Kevin which he continues to modify through the series.

  • The prison
  • David with his frisbee
  • Alice in jail
  • One of the others captured.
  • A boy captured
  • Another guy who was captured
  • The General
  • Black Jack piloting the airplane
  • One of the hijackers

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