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Dimension Traveler
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Protus Comic Universe

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Dimension Traveler is a LEGO theme created by Shiva. It is based on his comics and is a part of Shiva's Protus Comic Universe.


The theme is based on the comics, made by the creator of this theme, Shiva. Comics were about a young man, who was mad about traveling to another dimensions, so he built a special device, which helped him in that. So he became Dimension Traveler, who could travel even into the LEGO Universe.

Theme itself consists of video games about Dimension Traveler and fun packs, which consist of one minifigure and a small buildable object. Usually these minifigures are minifigures from original LEGO themes.


Dimension Traveler is a part of Shiva's Protus Comic Universe. Eddie Wilson, graduate of the Empire Engineering University, read many books about dimension traveling and was mad about it. He was a fan of Florencius, a space traveling super hero, and he studied Florencius' machines, which helped a super hero in traveling. Eddie even used to visit WPCS (World Protection Scientific Corporation) sometimes in order to find out a way to travel through dimensions.

One day, one scientist discovered a Warp Stone, which could make portals to other dimensions. Delighted Eddie persuaded scientists to give him that stone and built a special small device, where he put Warp Stone. Eddie equipped everything necessary and started traveling through dimensions. Soon his arch-enemy became Grandmaster, powerful creature from Eddie's dimension, which wanted to conquer all the dimensions, using Eddie's device.


Dimension TravelerGrandmaster

Video Games


  • In Protus Comic Universe there is a super hero Lego Man, who is actually LEGO minifigure. Lego Man's origin comes from LEGO Universe and he came to Eddie's dimension with Eddie's help, after events of Dimension Traveler: LEGO Universe.