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Dr. Von is a character from Inspiration Comics.


Dr. Von is a scientist who created VonTech. He eventually came up with a formula that could bring dinosaurs back to life. In the backyard of the VonTech labs building in Inspiration City, Dr. Von created an entire simulator forest to learn about the brought back to life dinosaurs from a safe view.

All was well until the Evil Investor messed around with the DNA codes in secret. Not aware of the situation, Dr. Von created another new Dinosaur. Being a mix of dinosaur DNA, King Dino was created. Having abnormal strength that the Forest Simulator wasn't prepared for, King Dino broke free as well as letting the other Dinos loose in Inspiration City. Dr. Von was immediately blamed, and arrested.

Alexa Von, Dr. Von's daughter then came along, gathered all of the VonTech staff, and captured all of the dinosaurs. His daughter became super hero, but he continues to sit in prison, thought to be a villain.

During a prison breakout, Dr. Von was set free. While in hiding, a group of super heroes, including his daughter, caught him. However, he promised to be good. Using VonTech technology, Dr. Von became Super Von, wearing a metal suit and wielding a shield. He joined the team of super heroes. However, after defeating his greatest threat yet, he became retired, and departed from the team of heroes.


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