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The Eight Doctor was the eight incarnation of The Doctor in the Doctor Who movie.


The Eighth Doctor initially suffered from amnesia caused by the anesthetiic used during his hospital surgery. On regaining his memory, he helped to save the Earth from his arch-enemy, The Master, on New Year's day 1999. In later life, he was ordered by the Time Lords to join the fight against Daleks in The Last Great Time War, but refused to fight due to his pacifist philosiphies, instead opting to help where he could without initiating any direct confrontation.

He was eventually killed in a spaceship crash, trying to save a woman who refused his aid after discovering he was a Time Lord, as she considered them just as bad as the Daleks due to their actions in the Time War. Although the crash killed him outright with no chance for regeneration, he was resurrected by The Sisterhood of Karn, who offered him an Elixir of Life in exchange for the promise that he would actively participate in the war. Accepting the Elixir, the Eighth Doctor renounced the name "The Doctor" in recognition of what he was about to become, before regenerating into a warrior - The War Doctor.


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