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Elghost was a man of Rohan. He left on a Journey to Bree and on his way through Chetwood forest, was attacked by a band of brigands and was taken captive. He escaped with the aid of two Rangers named Strider and Amdir, who was stabbed by a Black Rider. Alongside Jon Brackenbrook and Atli Spider-bane, he defended Archet from Calder Cob and the Blackwolds who captured him. He then went to ancient Dunedain ruins to slay Amdir before he became one of the Cargûl (lesser wraiths enslaved by the Nazgûl). From there he met Ithrandir and found that they had the same mission of travelling to the Great Barrow of Othrongroth. They continued their mission together from there; Until tragedy struck....



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