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"Energon, one of the Spinjitzu Ninjas of Ninjago and a member of the Justice League. He became the first elemental master of Energy when facing Captain Soto and his pirates. His Ergokinesis, Spinjitzu and Elemental Powers can stop any baddies in their tracks. When he was on Oa, home of the Green Lantern Corps, he's actually a ladies' man to a female green lantern named Jessica Cruz. That kid has got flirting skills!"
―Green Lantern narrating Energon's stats

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Energon (alias Master Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon) is a DC Comics and Ninjago Minifigure set to debut in 2017 alongside the DVD release of LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Rise of the Spinjitzu Ninjas of Ninjago!.

Before the DC events, he is the Green Ninja as well as the current Elemental Master of Energy, and the leader of the Ninja. He is Garmadon and Misako's son, Wu's nephew, and the First Spinjitzu Master's grandson. Once a bratty kid who sought to follow in his father's footsteps, Lloyd changed his ways, helping the Ninja and realizing his destiny was to be the Green Ninja. As the Ninja trained Lloyd, he reunited with Misako and faced Garmadon and the Overlord, becoming the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. Garmadon is purified of evil, and the Overlord is defeated—yet he later returns and steals Lloyd's Golden Power. When Zane sacrificed himself to destroy The Overlord, the Ninja found him alive on Chen's Island. Lloyd and the Ninja set out to save Zane by entering the Tournament of Elements. This brought a war between the Elemental Masters and Chen's army, which ended when Lloyd had to banish his father to the Cursed Realm.

Lloyd was later possessed by Morro, who claimed the Realm Crystal and freed the Preeminent. Lloyd escaped Morro's possession and helped battle him, but The Preeminent's destruction destroyed the Cursed Realm, obliviously killing his father. Shortly after, Lloyd helped battle the Sky Pirates and their captain, Nadakhan. When Jay made his final wish, recent events were undone and Lloyd's age was reversed. On the Day of the Departed, Lloyd commemorated Garmadon at the Corridor of Elders, where he fought against Pythor. Lloyd would later battle the Time Twins and their Vermillion army. In Wu's absence, Lloyd led the Ninja and became their new master when Wu was lost in time.

Lloyd led the Ninja against the Sons of Garmadon, who sought to resurrect his old foe the Overlord, while also figuring out who killed Jay's parents. Before the death of Jay's parents, Lloyd is reunited with his father Garmadon who had ultimately escaped the Preeminent's destruction. Lloyd then realises that Harumi is the leader of the Sons of Garmadon and the true murderer of Jay's parents. After the Colossus seemingly killed the five Ninja and Wu, Lloyd and his father led The Resistance against Empress Harumi and her followers. Eventually, the Ninja returned to Ninjago and helped fight the Sons of Garmadon and the Colossus, while Jay regains his powers, and defeated Empress Harumi, ultimately restoring peace to Ninjago. Afterwards, he along with the other Ninja jump into the portal leaving Ninjago and arriving on their new home world Earth, where they became new members of the Justice League.


Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows

In "Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows", he and the rest of the ninjas were stranded on Metru Nui. In the end he and the rest of the ninjas fight against Roodaka and Sidorak. After Sidorak's death, he alongside the ninjas became supercharged and killed Roodaka with their overpowering elements, however, the blast also got the ninjas killed and they vanished, never to be seen on Metru Nui again.


Previously, Lloyd had long, blond tousled hair, and brown arched eyebrows. His eyes are visibly green, and glow when he uses his powers. As of Season 8, Lloyd had grown up further and has an updated design and deeper voice. Lloyd is usually seen with a smirking expression. Whenever he loses access to his powers, his green eyes will return to their original black color, which was never shown throughout the series.

Lloyd has thin eyebrows and normal eyes. Initially Lloyd was a young boy with a "bowl-cut" hairstyle. After the Grundle incident exposed him to the aging effects of Tomorrow's Tea, Lloyd became a teenager with a slightly deeper voice and a new, tousled hairstyle.

As a child, he wore black clothing, a purple sash around his waist, with white rib-like markings on his shirt, resembling the appearance of his father, Lord Garmadon. However, the illusion is negated by Lloyd's normal-looking face and hands, as well as the small green number "5" on the upper left side of his shirt. While leaving Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys, Lloyd stole a black hood and cape to make his outfit look more menacing. After moving in with the Ninja, he wore it periodically, primarily during his time in the Serpentine's captivity. When his destiny as the Green Ninja was revealed, Lloyd mainly wore the green gi of the Chosen One.

Lloyd once again has civilian attire consisting of a green shirt, blue pants and a dark green jacket with his dragon symbol on the back. He wears a black fedora with a green stripe with it in Season 6.

In Skybound, he was briefly turned into an old person after making a wish to Nadakhan to become "wise like Wu" in "Wishmasters," referencing Wu's remark to Morro in "Winds of Change," "with age comes wisdom." He became an elderly man with a similar appearance to his father and uncle, with white hair and increasingly more apparent wrinkles and age lines. This change was reversed as a result of Jay's wish, which caused the majority of events of Season 6 to be erased.

In "The Runaway Princess," Lloyd wears a white hooded jacket to wear over his Ninja gi as a disguise to fool Harumi.

In "Search for Jay, Part I," Lloyd wears an outfit similar to what some of the fisherman in Ninjago City wear, after burning his Ninja suit. As Empress Harumi called his appearance, "a beggar in rags."

In the DC Comics films, he wears the same civilian attire and has a green energy tattoo on his right cheek when not fighting crime. During time with the Justice League, he wears his Deepstone Armor.


Physically, Lloyd is in his late adolescence, like the majority of his fellow Ninja. Currently he is chronologically in his early teens, making him the youngest of the Ninja team.

Possible Estimations: Initially, Lloyd may have been a young boy of about 9–11 years old. After using the Tomorrow's Tea to save his friends and destroy the Grundle, he was caught in the blast that reversed the Mega Weapon's de-aging spell. While the Ninja returned to their normal ages, Lloyd was aged into his teens along with them. As the most recent events take place three to four years after the events of Season 2, Lloyd is most likely chronologically 12–14 years old. Mentally, he's now close to the older Ninjas' ages.


Lloyd is the wise young leader of the team, and is fully dedicated to the way of the Ninja. Once a mischievous and easily distracted child, after becoming the Green Ninja, he has since grown into a quiet and mature teen. He is deeply fond of his friends and family and will stop at nothing to defend them, even prioritizing their safety over his own. He is goodhearted and at times naive, making him an easy target of deception by his enemies. Despite being the youngest of the Ninja, he is one of the calmer and mellowed members of the group. He has been through much tragedy in his life, but has taken it in stride and channels his losses into becoming a better Ninja—and eventually master.

As a Child

Throughout his life, one constant of Lloyd's personality was his love for his father, Lord Garmadon. It was a desire to follow in his evil parent's footsteps that drove him to enroll in Darkley's School for Bad Boys—and later, to unleash the Serpentine upon Ninjago.

However, his attempts to become the next evil overlord of Ninjago were largely stymied by his inherently good personality—Lloyd's idea of "evil" was stealing candy, pulling pranks, and overseeing Ninjago from within a treehouse fortress, with his best attempt at an evil laugh being a rather melodramatic "Muhahahaha!" Lloyd's lack of true evil also showed in his demeanor around his Serpentine "minions;" he usually went along with whatever ideas they concocted, and was quick to call a retreat if the battle turned even slightly against his allies. He also displayed extreme naivety about their warlike society, expecting Skales to hand over the Hypnobrai Staff to Slithraa simply because the latter outranked him.

After being betrayed by Pythor and taking up residence on the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd's true nature began to emerge. Having been turned from the path of evil by Master Wu's guidance, he turned his thoughts to stopping the Serpentine threat (partially out of guilt for releasing the first three tribes in the first place). He retained a mischievous streak for a time, but quickly grew out of it after being forced to clean up the messes his pranks left. He also dedicated his life to help the Ninja in any way he could, but his lack of combat talents and inexperience with battling the Serpentine meant that he was relegated to the ship during their missions. This desire to help led to Lloyd's capture when he blew his cover at the City of Ouroboros.

As the Green Ninja

The revelation that he was destined to become the Green Ninja further increased Lloyd's eagerness to help—to his chagrin, this only meant that the Ninja had even less incentive to take him on missions. He was also forced to confront the fact that he was now destined to fight his father, Lord Garmadon, for the fate of Ninjago, causing him to alternate between regret and hostility towards the four-armed villain. Despite this, Lloyd continued to love his father, being saddened when Lord Garmadon had to leave the ship for good.

Lloyd underwent his most dramatic personality shift yet when he was aged to a teenager by Tomorrow's Tea. He became much more serious and calm than before, dedicating himself to his training and becoming a true aspect of the Ninja team. However, his misgivings about confronting his father only grew stronger, forcing Master Wu and Misako to constantly remind him that he had no choice. Despite this, Lloyd was unable to overcome his love for his father, leading to him failing to destroy Lord Garmadon when the latter was vulnerable. It was only when the Overlord took complete control of Garmadon's body was Lloyd able to discard his misgivings and access his full power.

After the battle with the Overlord, he became somewhat cocky about his abilities, and after being made a fool of while sparring with his father in front of a class and his fellow Ninja, he nearly unleashed an energy blast on him in anger, but quickly calmed down. He was at first reluctant to learn how to further harness his power over the elements, but eventually, he became more willing to listen to his father's teachings after having to use his power to save him.

Road to Mastery

Upon his search for Zane alongside his friends, he underwent yet another dramatic change that would shape his fate: the role of becoming a leader. Even when the others were down from either loss or current circumstances, he always rallied them with supporting words that gave them newfound strength to continue on and, eventually, succeed. This quality came to the point of leading both the Elemental Masters and the Serpentine against Chen's forces in the Second Serpentine War, which then sprung a new challenge of his role being tested by Morro. Ultimately, after receiving some final words of wisdom from his father, he let go of what remained of his childish desires and embraced his chosen path of becoming a wise and powerful master, like his father before him.

A year after Wu's disappearance at the end of the battle against the Time Twins, Lloyd fully settled into being leader, with the addition of taking over the role of the Ninjas' master.

When chasing down the mysterious stranger, he suddenly became calmer after the stranger reveals himself to be his father Garmadon, who had came back from the Departed Realm to help his son and his friends.

Feeling sorry for Jay after the blue ninja's parents died, being the kind person he is, it is rare for Lloyd to be compassionate to Jay. As his suspicions tend to grow on him, he (unlike Nya) doesn't get easily fooled by Harumi's lies and knows her betrayal. He sometimes gets pride within his heart when he glared at Harumi after she attempted to trick him and as he closed the police transport van doors on her in "Dread on Arrival."

Lloyd was enraged when Harumi assumed that Kai, Nya, Jay, Cole, Zane and Wu were killed by the Colossus, shedding a few tears. But angrily refusing to give in to despair as Empress Harumi intended, he screams in anger swearing to defeat the Sons of Garmadon and avenge his friends and uncle.

Lloyd begin to doubt his usefulness to Ninjago, and to the Resistance. Luckily, with his father's encouragement and the hope of seeing Zane, Cole, Kai, Nya Jay, and Wu again, including Jennifer, Lloyd has seemingly overcome this doubt. Skylor's powers returning also gave Lloyd hope that Jay's would come back, and that is something his friend looks forward to.

From Ninjago Master to Ninjago Justice Leaguer

Lloyd is shown to be an energetic fighter when fighting crime. He is known to be a Ladies' Man when flirting with the female green lantern Jessica Cruz, as shown in "LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Return of Ninjago City." His relationship with Jessica has grown stronger and the two green lanterns became a couple after sharing their first kiss.


Initially, Lloyd had no outstanding combat skills, being about as strong as a boy his age with no special training. His flair for dramatics and minor knowledge of Ninjago history allowed him to cow the public with bombastic threats and harmless tricks, but he proved helpless against enemies like the Ninja or the Serpentine, relying on strokes of luck and opportune distractions to get away from them unscathed. After joining the Ninja aboard the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd revealed a flair for pranks and video games, beating all of Kai's high scores in "Fist to Face 2" and nearly bringing the Ninja to blows by pranking each of them and blaming another Ninja such as making the soup Cole was making disgusting, putting the training dummy on level 9 which starts attacking Jay and mixing Zane's gi with Kai's gi in a washing machine making it pink.

After his destiny as the Green Ninja was revealed, Lloyd began developing some capability in hand-to-hand combat. However, his overenthusiastic approach to training and lack of a dedicated mentor (as the Ninja were concentrating on stopping the Serpentine from unleashing the Great Devourer) prevented him from becoming much of a threat to his enemies. However, Lloyd occasionally used his lack of skill to his advantage, tricking enemies into complacently mocking his wild posturing until his more powerful allies could join the fight (to allow himself to save the four Ninja).

Lloyd's skills began advancing more rapidly after the Ninja defeated the Great Devourer and secured Dareth's dojo as a training site. He developed the ability to use Spinjitzu, enhanced fighting abilities, and a burgeoning ability to control all four elements. However, he did not come into his own until after being aged to a teenager, after which he gained the physical skill and mental focus to truly begin applying himself to his training.

By the time the Stone Army surfaced, Lloyd had grown significantly in all aspects of his fighting skill. In addition to a much more controlled Spinjitzu and far greater mastery of the elements, the Green Ninja had developed a tactical mind that allowed him to gain the upper hand against foes such as the Giant Stone Warrior. His powers were enhanced even further after the empowerment ritual in the Temple of Light, allowing him to overcome Lord Garmadon's Samurai Mech with a single beam.

When he became the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, Lloyd's powers reached their full devastating potential. He gained the ability to levitate in mid-air, incredible strength that allowed him to knock around the far larger Overlord, and the ability to summon the Golden Dragon from pure light energy. At the end of his battle with the Overlord, he charged his powers within the villain's supersized mouth, creating an explosion of light that utterly obliterated the dark dragon.

After losing his Golden Power to the Overlord and dividing the rest with the other Ninja, left Lloyd with just the power of Energy/Ergokinesis at a significantly weaker state, yet still stronger in offense than the other main elements. It is also Lloyd's true Elemental power.

Halfway through the fourth season, in Spellbound, Lloyd unlocked (or summoned for the first time onscreen) his Elemental Dragon of Energy/Ergokinesis. The dragon allows him to travel quickly through the air and shoot large blasts of Energy that deal devastating damage.

From Season 5 onward, Lloyd can perform Airjitzu along with the other Ninja.

On a far lesser note, Lloyd also seems to be somewhat skilled at sewing, assisting his fellow students in creating several Ninja garbs in "Double Trouble." On a more negative note, he cannot perform or imitate voices or accents as revealed in "Wishmasters."

In the DC Comics films, Lloyd can release a flurry of energy punches, heal his friends and can create green lantern constructs.




Lloyd and Father

Lloyd and his father, Garmadon, in "Blackout".

"I've came back to aid you and your friends to help find my brother and locate the Oni Masks, Son."
―Garmadon in "The Runway Priincess"

Lloyd's father loved him very much since the day he was born. Lloyd idolized him and even dreamed of being just like his father by becoming a super villain, but his father didn't want his son to be like him, instead he wanted Lloyd to be his own person. When Lloyd finds out he was the Green Ninja, he was sad that he had to face his father and vice versa. When Garmadon was purified from evil, Lloyd was happy that he was finally reunited with his dad and the two used this as an opportunity to spend time with each other.

When dealing with the Overlord, Garmadon came to his son's aid with no hesitation telling Pythor who brought up his oath of not fighting that when he stole his son all promises were broken.

When Lloyd was about to go off to Chen's Island with his friends to find Zane, Garmadon tried to stop him but joined him on his journey. It was there that Lloyd learned some shocking details about his father's past, namely that Chen was his master and his father had signed a love letter that written by his uncle which caused his mother to fall in love with him. Lloyd was surprised but persuaded his father to tell Wu and Misako about his past after he admitted his fear of losing them after he got both of them back in his life. Lloyd was also sad that his father turned into Anacondrai but the latter told him he was on his side no matter what and Lloyd was quick to stop Jay from attacking Garmadon after he mistook him for Anacondrai cultist. Before the battle with Chen, Lloyd noticed Wu and Misako shunning Garmadon, asking if they knew about the letter as Garmadon sadly confirmed it. When fighting Chen's forces he was openly against the idea of having to banish his father to the Cursed Realm defeat Chen but relented and personally banished him to see him off though was sad at the outcome.

In "Curseworld, Part II," Lloyd was reunited with his father while traversing the Cursed Realm and attempted to free him but to no avail. Lloyd was distraught when he realized that to defeat the Preeminent he'd have to sacrifice his father who told him no matter what he'll always be a part of him. After the defeat of the Preeminent, Lloyd returned from the Cursed Realm and stated his father was in a better place. On "Day of the Departed," Lloyd and his mother pay their respects before Pythor attacked them and while fighting the Ancondrai, he realized that no matter what, Garmadon would always be there for him.

In Season 8, when Lloyd approaches the mysterious stranger, he removed the cloak and is none other than Garmadon. Lloyd's anger disappears and is really happy to be reunited with his father again.

In "LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Return of Ninjago City", he was happy to be reunited with his father who was amazed at his new powers.


Misako is Lloyd's mother. They care a lot about each other throughout the series. Lloyd did not know his mother when he was young but in Season 2, when he was reunited with Misako he was initially hostile towards her for her supposed abandoning of him. But after finding out her reason was to protect him and save his father, he ultimately forgave her and the two became closer in future seasons.

In Season 5, when Lloyd was possessed by Morro, Misako was desperate to get her son back stating she wasn't going to lose him just as she lost her husband. After Lloyd was freed of his possession, Misako was happy to have her son back and consoled him after the defeat of the Preeminent which led to his father's demise.

While fighting Nadakhan, Lloyd was sad at the thought of his mother being one of the Djinn's victims. On the Day of the Departed, Lloyd and his mother payed their respect to Garmadon and Lloyd defended his mother from Pythor when he attacked them.

During Season 8: Sons of Garmadon, Lloyd mentioned his mother going off on her own to find Wu but he didn't know where she was and seemed worried for her.

They were reunited in "Dread on Arrival" and Misako discovered Lloyd had found Garmadon. After defeating the Sons of Garmadon, the three shared a hug in a family reunion.

In "LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Return of Ninjago City", he was happy to be reunited with his mother who was amazed at his new powers.


Wu is Lloyd's paternal uncle and Master. Lloyd and the other Ninja really care about Master Wu and are glad to have Wu as their teacher. Wu looked after Lloyd when he was little which showed that Wu really cares about his nephew. Lloyd loves and respects Wu as his uncle and Master.

During Season 7, Lloyd and his friends came to Wu's aid when he fought Acronix and was distraught as Wu was wounded by the villain. In "Scavengers," Lloyd was sad that he might have failed his uncle when he needed help fighting Acronix, and Lloyd wanted to make sure he doesn't fail him again, so he looked after him when he was injured and continued to work harder in his training to become a master. When Lloyd infiltrated the Time Twins' base, he went out of his way to save the captive Wu but lost him to the Vermillion. When Wu was lost in time with the Time Twins, the Ninja made Lloyd their master and he said his first order as their master was to get rid of the time blade and find out where Wu was.

During Season 8, Lloyd and the others were still searching for Wu before dealing with the Sons of Garmadon. They find an infant, whom they take in for some time. After the child has a growth spurt and starts to walk and talk and uses one of their mottos, a shocked Lloyd is the first to realize that the baby is in fact their master de-aged because of the Time Blades. Lloyd was relieved to hear he would return to normal after the blades' effects wears off and happy to have him back.

After finding Jay and Garmadon, Lloyd spent more time with Wu knowing that the blades' effects will wear off.

When Harumi and the Overlord attacked the city, Lloyd protected his infant uncle from harm and refused to let the Sons of Garmadon take him.

In the Season 8 finale, Lloyd was enraged that his uncle was dead and unaware he was in another realm.

In "Blue Ninja's Blues", Lloyd is still upset at losing his uncle. However, he learned that he had been instead teleported to somewhere after he and the others found a piece of a leaf for Traveler's Tea.

During "Iron & Stone," Lloyd was informed that his uncle was sent to the Realm of Oni and Dragons.

In the Season 10 finale, Lloyd was reunited with his uncle and was amazed that he is almost back to normal and surprised at his new armor. Wu also assured Lloyd that while he may not have his tragic ways, he still has both him and Garmadon and Lloyd was happy at this.

In "LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Return of Ninjago City", he was happy to be reunited with his uncle who was amazed at his new powers.

Love Interests

Jessica Cruz

"Jessica, it's okay. It doesn't matter if you have stage fright or not. You're a Green Lantern. I don't care if your fears are holding you back, you and I are stronger together."
―Energon expressing his feelings to Jessica Cruz in "LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Return of Ninjago City".

Jessica is Energon's girlfriend and the only female Green Lantern who fell in love with him.

In "LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Return of Ninjago City", on the Green Lantern planet Oa, he first met Jessica and started swooning her with his sweet talk, as Hal, John and Guy, who is jealous, are shocked to see him without helping him how to talk to girls. Later in Ninjago City, Energon shows Jessica the sites of Ninjago City, though her stage-fright makes her uncomfortable with everyone in Ninjago City watching her, Energon comforts her and the two became a couple after sharing their first kiss. Before the battle against the Legion of Doom, Energon shares his powers with Jessica, allowing her to use Spinjitzu and Energy Elemental Powers. After the Legion of Doom are defeated, Energon invited Jessica to be cheered on too, despite her stage fright, she gotten used to everyone in Ninjago City watching her and Energon, as they share a hug.


Flamenado (Kai Smith)

Kai and Lloyd are good friends throughout the series though Kai was jealous that Lloyd was picked as the Green Ninja instead of him, but this did not hinder their friendship.

In Season 4, Lloyd tried reenlist Kai as a ninja and told him that he shouldn't dwell on not being a ninja. He was also worried when Kai supposedly turned on him but was relieved it was an act. When Lloyd's father was banished to the Cursed Realm to defeat Chen, Kai made a promise to look after Lloyd when he was sad about the loss of his father.

In Season 5, after Lloyd was possessed by Morro, Kai was the most determined out of all the Ninja to get his friend back, even going far as to give up the Realm Crystal and leapt into the water (despite his fear and inability to swim) to save Lloyd from drowning. He was relieved to have his friend back and comforted Lloyd when he was upset about dropping his guard by telling they would defeat any threat. Kai's words proved true as the Ninja were able to save the city of Stiix and defeat the Preeminent and her army of ghosts.

In Season 7, he and the other Ninja came to the decision to make Lloyd their master after Wu was lost in time with the Time Twins.

In the Season 8 finale, Lloyd was enraged that his friend was dead and was unaware he was in another realm.

In "Blue Ninja's Blues", Lloyd is still upset at losing his friend. However, he learned that he had been instead teleported to somewhere after he, Garmadon and the others foumd a piece of a leaf for Traveler's Tea.

During "Iron & Stone," Lloyd was informed that his friend had been sent to the Realm of Oni and Dragons.

In the Season 10 finale, Lloyd was reunited with his friend and gladly fought off the Sons of Garmadon with his aid.

Bluelectro (Jason Jay Gordon)

Jay, Lloyd, Zane & Cole (EP65)

Jay & Lloyd in the Hands of Time.

Jay and Lloyd are good friends throughout the series. They don't interact much, but as the series go on, they grow closer and show that they really care about each other. In Season 5, when Lloyd was possessed by Morro, Jay and others would have done anything to rescue him from Morro's clutches.

During Season 8, Lloyd was upset when Jay's parents died.

In "Nonelectrical", Lloyd was also worried for Jay and he didn't hesitate to try and give up his powers to heal Jay after he fought the Overlord.

In the Season 8 finale, Lloyd was enraged that his friend was dead and unaware he was in another realm and swore revenge against Empress Harumi for killing the blue ninja's parents.

In "Blue Ninja's Blues", Lloyd is still upset at losing his friend. However, he learned that he had been instead teleported to somewhere after he, Garmadon and the others found a piece of a leaf for Traveler's Tea.

During "Iron & Stone," Lloyd was informed that his friend had been sent to the Realm of Oni and Dragons.

In the Season 10 finale, Lloyd was reunited with his friend and gladly fought off the Sons of Garmadon with his aid. Lloyd was happy to see Jay defeated Empress Harumi and regained his powers as a result.

Bouldergeist (Coleman Cole Hence)

Cole and Lloyd are good friends throughout the series. Whenever Lloyd feels down, Cole and the other Ninja support Lloyd. Throughout the series, they grow closer and show that they really care about each other. When Lloyd was possessed by Morro, Cole and the others would have done anything to get their friend back from Morro's clutches. On the Day of the Departed, Lloyd and the other Ninja were happy to see that Cole had become a human again.

At the end of Season 7, Cole and the other Ninja came to the decision to make Lloyd their master after Wu was lost in time with Time Twins.

In the Season 8 finale, Lloyd was enraged that his friend was dead and was unaware he was in another realm.

In "Blue Ninja's Blues," Lloyd is still upset at losing his friend. However, he learned that he had been instead teleported to somewhere after he, Garmadon and the others found a piece of a leaf for traveler's Tea.

During "Iron & Stone," Lloyd was informed that his friend had been sent to the Realm of Oni and Dragons.

In the Season 10 finale, Lloyd was reunited with his friend and hugged after he returned. Lloyd gladly fought off the Sons of Garmadon with Cole's aid.

Ice-tanium (Zane Julien)

Jay, Zane & Lloyd (The Forgotten Element)

Jay & Lloyd laughing at Zane's Funny Switch in "The Forgotten Element".

Zane and Lloyd are good friends throughout the series. Lloyd and the other Ninja have shown to really care about Zane, as they missed him when he sacrificed himself to defeat the Overlord.

In Season 4, when the team broke up Lloyd attempted to bring them back together by enlisting a new member which was met with a negative response. However, this stopped when they found out Zane was still alive, they decided to go searching for him. Lloyd stated the decision was to find a member of his family to Garmadon who tried to stop from going to Chen's Island, another show of his care for Zane. After reuniting with Zane, Lloyd was happy to see his friend telling him it was good to have him back on the team.

In return, Zane also cares about Lloyd, as when Lloyd was possessed by Morro in the fifth season, Zane and the other Nnja did everything they could to rescue him from Morro. When Lloyd was released from Morro's grasp, they were elated to have their friend back and fought against the ghosts emerging victorious.

At the end of Season 7, Zane was the first Ninja to decide Lloyd should be their master after Wu wad lost in time with the Time Twins.

In the Season 8 finale, Lloyd was enraged that his friend was dead and unaware he was in another realm.

In "Blue Ninja's blues," Lloyd is still upset at losing his friend. However, he learned that he had been instead teleported to somewhere after he, Garmadon and the others found a piece of a leaf for Traveler's Tea.

During "Iron & Stone," Lloyd was informed that his friend had been sent to the Realm of Oni and Dragons.

In the Season 10 finale, Lloyd was reunited with his friend and gladly fought off the Sons of Garmadon with his aid.

Aquos (Nya Smith)

Nya and Lloyd are good friends throughout the series. There may be more to their friendship than meets the eye, because Lloyd and Nya were always stuck on the Bounty when the other Ninja were fighting the Serpentine and Lord Garmadon, although we don’t have much information on how close they were when Lloyd first joined the others on the Bounty. In Season 5, when Lloyd was possessed by Morro, Nya wanted to help save Lloyd from Morro's possession which caused her to train harder in becoming the Water Ninja. Due to his possession, Lloyd had not seen Nya become the Water Ninja, but when Lloyd was freed he was happy to her as the new addition to the team. Nya was also relieved that Lloyd was freed from the ghost.

After his return to the team, Lloyd and Nya worked to stop Morro and his forces from taking over Stiix. Lloyd congratulated Nya when she unlocked her True Potential and destroyed the Preeminent (even though she thought she also destroyed his father along with it) to protect Stiix.

In the Season 8 finale, Lloyd was enraged that his friend was dead and unaware she was in another realm.

In "Blue Ninja's blues," Lloyd is still upset at losing his friend. However, he learned that she had been instead teleported to somewhere after he, Garmadon and the others found a piece of a leaf for Traveler's Tea.

During "Iron & Stone," Lloyd was informed that his friend had been sent to the Realm of Oni and Dragons.

In the Season 10 finale, Lloyd was reunited with his friend and gladly fought off the Sons of Garmadon with her aid.

Brad Tudabone

Brad was a good friend of Lloyd’s when he attended Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys. Their friendship started out rough due to Brad putting fire ants in Lloyd's bed. They became friends when Brad claimed to have been just showing Lloyd how things work. They have become good friends since then.

In Season 2 in "Double Trouble," Brad, along with his classmates, tried to turn Lloyd evil again. His plans failed when Lloyd revealed what Brad said and got him to join him. The other kids soon followed suit. He then decided to help Lloyd fight the evil Ninja clones.


Not much is known about the relationship of Gene and Lloyd except they were classmates at Darkley’s Boarding School for Bad Boys.

In Season 2, Gene came up with the idea to try and turn Lloyd back into a villain. He failed when Brad released Lloyd after he told everyone that they didn’t have to be villains. He helped Lloyd in fighting the Ninja clones.


Lloyd and Dareth get along fine, even though he is put off by the latter's attempts to show off. While Lloyd sees him as a good friend, he can still be annoyed by his antics but sees he's only trying his best and cuts him slack.

Justice League

Green Lantern

In "LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Return of Ninjago City", Energon shares his powers with Green Lantern, allowing him to use Spinjitzu and Energy Elemental Powers.



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Mystery Incorporated

Frederick Herman Jones

Daphne Ann Blake

Velma Daisy Dinkley

Norville Shaggy Rogers

Scooby-Doo Descriptions

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes (2016 Museum Description)

From unsuccessful super-villain to the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, Lloyd has traveled the furthest of all the young ninja. The son of Master Garmadon and Misako, he sacrificed his childhood to embrace his destiny, finally becoming the Green Ninja and, for a short while, the all-powerful Golden Ninja. As a Master in training, he is wise beyond his years and, like his Uncle Wu, represents the way of the ninja. Though he is more the quiet type, Lloyd is the natural leader in the group.

As son of Lord Garmadon, it's hard to follow in his father's evil footsteps. This young boy will go to comical lengths to prove he is just as bad as his dad. With Wu's help and the support of the others, Lloyd will learn that living in a parent's shadow is a choice and you can choose to become anyone you want to be.

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja (2016 Museum Description)

Now the Green Ninja, Lloyd has turned his back on his father's dark path. He accepts the importance of hard work and trains with the ninja every day, embracing the motto, “a Ninja Never Quits”. But while he grows stronger, he comes to understand that he's destined to face his father in the ultimate showdown.

Season 3: Rebooted (2016 Museum Description)

Now under the strict tutelage of his father, Garmadon, Lloyd will learn that being the most powerful ninja in all the land isn't always what it’s cracked up to be. His great powers make him a target for the Digital Overlord and the Nindroids. Before the battle is over, Lloyd learns that his burden is easier to manage if he relies on the strength of his friends.

Season 4: The Tournament of Elements (2016 Museum Description)

Lloyd knows he has a target on his back and everyone in the tournament is gunning for him – which is why he needs his friends more than ever. He has to control his fears, though it’s difficult for him. Lloyd’s leadership is tested as he fights to keep the team together, and after learning about his father's dark history, he uses the lessons of the past to guide him.

Season 5: Possession (2016 Museum Description)

Lloyd’s grief allows the cursed spirit of Morro to possess him, turning the powerful Green Ninja against his friends. They struggle to free him from Morro's control and succeed in time for Lloyd to meet his father in the Cursed Realm. There he discovers that he must destroy the realm – and his father – to save the world. “There comes a time when every boy must become a man,” Garmadon tells Lloyd. “What sort of man, is up to him.”

Season 6: Skybound (2016 Museum Description)

The loss of his father, Garmadon, hit Lloyd very hard, but after their final meeting Lloyd channeled those feelings and started on a new path. He remains committed to the job that Wu has given them and he's less and less interested in all the promotional work the ninja are doing. He’s beginning to think they might be taking their eye off the ball… When Lloyd comes to make his wishes he is full of good intentions, but discovers that isn't enough.

Season 7: The Hands of Time (2016 Museum Description)

Lloyd’s ongoing growth as a leader takes on added importance after Wu is knocked out of action by Acronix’s Time Punch. But Lloyd doesn’t have a lot of experience leading, which means he's going to make mistakes. Also, his friends aren't quite ready to drop either the “Temporary” or the “in-Training” parts from Lloyd's “Temporary Master-in-Training” title. But by applying what Wu taught from his sickbed, Lloyd slowly earns the others' trust and respect. By the time Wu is lost in time aboard the Iron Doom, the ninja are prepared for a new master to lead.

Season 8: Endless Griefs (2016 Museum Description)

Now a leader of the team, Master Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon and the ninja realize a new threat approaching on one of their teammates, Jay Walker. With the death of the blue ninja's parents, this green ninja leads his team to protect Jay at all cost. Before Jay's emotional state struck, Lloyd's sadness changes when he's happily reunited with his father Master Garmadon, this is a happy family reunion between the two masters.

Season 9: Hunted (2016 Museum Description)

After finding out the survival of his friends, Lloyd and his father Garmadon form a resistance to fight against Empress Harumi and the Sons of Garmadon.

Season 10: Jay's Revenge (2016 Museum Description)

While the other ninjas fight their way back home, Lloyd is determined to let the one and only ninja to defeat Empress Harumi; Jay Gordon!

Season 11: Journey to the Archipelago (LEGO DC Description)

Energon may be the Master of both Spinjitzu and Energy, and the Green Ninja Lantern of Sector 2814, but he is faced with the most toughest option ever known... Going to the Archipelago with the Justice League to team up with the Dragon Riders! As a leader of his fellow ninjas, his rivalry with Eli Shane has started after the latter scared the pants off of the Shane Gang. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Originally from Ninjago, Lloyd, now called "Energon," fights alongside the Justice League and Green Lantern against crime that set their eyes to take control over the world. This ninja may be the Master of Spinjitzu, but he's still learning what it means to be a Leaguer.

Powers: Spinjitzu, Energy Elemental Powers, Ergokinesis, Green Lantern powers and Highly trained martial artist
Base: Hall of Justice, Green Lantern Corps
Archenemies: Sinestro, Atrocitus, Larfleeze
Cool Fact: Always a Ninja Justice Leaguer, he can be quite energetic. While on the Green Lantern Corps' home planet Oa, when he sets his sights on Jessica Cruz, this ninja has turned into his alter-ego - which means he's a Ladies' Man when flirting with the female Green Lantern!


  • According to his original Character Card, Lloyd's dominant element is Lightning, explaining why he was shown using the Nunchucks of Lightning in Zane's dream in "Never Trust a Snake" and why the Golden Weapons made green lightning when they revealed that he was the Green Ninja. It also parallels Lord Garmadon, his father, whose dominant element is Dark Lightning.
  • Lloyd's role as a hero is foreshadowed by the small green "5" on the black shirt he wears in his early appearances. The color of the "5" refers to his destiny as the Green Ninja, while the number itself refers to how he will be the fifth member of the Ninja team.
  • Initially, Lloyd is a mediocre pilot, as seen when he has to fly the Destiny's Bounty in "All of Nothing" and "The Rise of the Great Devourer." He seems to have improved following his training as the Green Ninja, as he can control the Ultra Dragon and his own Elemental Dragon with ease.
  • Lloyd's original/reused teenage form is almost exactly that as Garmadon's younger form; except his hair-piece is blond instead of dark brown. Ironically his child form is almost exactly like Wu's child form with the difference being their face.
  • Lloyd was kicked out of Darkley's Boarding School indicating he was perhaps never cut out to be a dark mastermind and hinting at his heroic role in the future.
  • Lloyd is the official leader of the Ninja, succeeding Kai and Cole, who led the team before Lloyd's arrival.
    • He most likely took on the role of leader sometime during or after Season 3.
  • Lloyd's elemental symbol is the Chinese character "斗," meaning "fight." The only exception was during his time as the Golden Ninja, when his robes donned a different symbol, the medallion that helped the Ninja find the Temple of Light.
    • As of Season 8, Lloyd has taken on the same symbol from the movie—two "L"s in the Ninjago language overlapped.
  • Lloyd's first name is a pun on his father's "Lord" title.
  • He is the only mortal to be sent to the Cursed Realm without being cursed himself. What is more, he is the only person to have returned alive.
  • He has Oni and Dragon blood, like his father, uncle and grandfather. Lloyd is three-quarters human, an eighth Oni, and an eighth Dragon.
  • The father-son relationship between Lloyd and his father Garmadon is quite similar to that between Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker.
    • However in Season 8, 9, and 10, Lloyd's relationship with his father has grown positive and strong.
  • Because Lloyd has blond hair while his parents have brown hair, it is likely he inherited the gene from his grandparents.
  • Lloyd is the first and only one of Wu's students to achieve the rank of master.
  • Lloyd is called "Master Garmadon" by Mistaké, the title his father had.
    • While the other ninjas called Lloyd "Master Lloyd", he calls his father "Master Garmadon", and his uncle "Master Wu".
  • In "The Oni and the Dragon," it is discovered than Lloyd is part Oni and Dragon.
  • When Lloyd was the Golden Ninja, his minifigure had a golden face and thicker eyebrows, but in the show, his face is exactly the same as normal.
  • He is one of the five current Elemental Masters to have a known last name, the others being Jay, Griffin, Jacob, and Skylor.
  • Lloyd's DX variant never appeared in the show.
  • Both Lloyd and Garmadon have been possessed by a villain at some point. (Lloyd being possessed by Morro and Garmadon being possessed by the Overlord).
  • When Lloyd used fire, it was green.
  • Despite his voice actor playing heroes with a love interest, Sam Vincent confirmed that Lloyd will not have a love interest in Season 8, however, he's shown to be in love with the female Green Lantern Jessica Cruz in "LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Return of Ninjago City".
  • In 2017, The Fold made a music video of the Ghost Whip, which shows Lloyd doing the moon walk dance in front of Mystery Incorporated. He's also seen dancing with Cole.
  • In "Nonelectrical", while singing with his friends (except for Jay) to the Weekend Whip, Lloyd does the "Floss" dance move from Fortnite.

Gallery of Variants

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

  • 1. "Rise of the Snakes"
  • 2. "Home"
  • 3. "Snakebit"
  • 4. "Never Trust a Snake"
  • 5. "Can of Worms"
  • 6. "The Snake King"
  • 9. "The Royal Blacksmiths"
  • 10. "The Green Ninja"
  • 11. "All of Nothing"
  • 12. "The Rise of the Great Devourer"
  • 13. "Day of the Great Devourer"

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

  • 14. "Darkness Shall Rise"
  • 15. "Pirates Vs. Ninja"
  • 16. "Double Trouble"
  • 17. "Ninjaball Run"
  • 18. "Child's Play"
  • 19. "Wrong Place, Wrong Time"
  • 20. "The Stone Army"
  • 21. "The Day Ninjago Stood Still"
  • 22. "The Last Voyage"
  • 23. "Island of Darkness"
  • 24. "The Last Hope"
  • 25. "Return of the Overlord"
  • 26. "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master"

Season 3: Rebooted

  • 27. "The Surge"
  • 28. "The Art of the Silent Fist"
  • 29. "Blackout"
  • 30. "The Curse of the Golden Master"
  • 31. "Enter the Digiverse"
  • 32. "Codename: Arcturus"
  • 33. "The Void"
  • 34. "The Titanium Ninja"

Season 4: The Tournament of Elements

  • 35. "The Invitation"
  • 36. "Only One Can Remain"
  • 37. "Versus"
  • 38. "Ninja Roll"
  • 39. "Spy for a Spy"
  • 40. "Spellbound"
  • 41. "The Forgotten Element"
  • 42. "The Day of the Dragon"
  • 43. "The Greatest Fear of All"
  • 44. "The Corridor of Elders"

Season 5: Possession

  • 45. "Winds of Change"
  • 50. "Kingdom Come"
  • 51. "The Crooked Path"
  • 52. "Grave Danger"
  • 53. "Curseworld, Part I"
  • 54. "Curseworld, Part II"

Season 6: Skybound

  • 55. "Infamous"
  • 56. "Public Enemy Number One"
  • 57. "Enkrypted"
  • 58. "Misfortune Rising"
  • 59. "On a Wish and a Prayer"
  • 60. "My Dinner With Nadakhan"
  • 61. "Wishmasters"
  • 63. "Operation Land Ho!"
  • 64. "The Way Back"

Day of the Departed

  • "Day of the Departed"

Season 7: The Hands of Time

  • 65. "The Hands of Time"
  • 66. "The Hatching"
  • 67. "A Time of Traitors"
  • 68. "Scavengers"
  • 69. "A Line in the Sand"
  • 70. "The Attack"
  • 71. "Secrets Discovered"
  • 72. "Pause and Effect"
  • 73. "Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea"
  • 74. "Lost in Time"

4D Movie

Season 8: Endless Griefs

  • 75. "The Mask of Deception"
  • 76. "The Runaway Princess"
  • 77. "The Oni and the Dragon"
  • 78. "Once Horrorstrucked, Twice Emotional"
  • 79. "Dead Man's Squall"
  • 80. "The Quiet One"
  • 81. "Tears of the Blue Ninja"
  • 82. "Dread on Arrival"
  • 83. "Nonelectrical"
  • 84. "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago, Fearful Jay"

Season 9: Hunted

  • 85. "Blue Ninja's Blues"
  • 86. "Iron and Stone"
  • 87. "Operation Free Ninjago City!"
  • 88. "Empress Harumi's Destruction"
  • 89. "Search for Jay, Part I"
  • 90. "Search for Jay, Part II"

Season 10: Jay's Revenge

  • 91. "Lightning Reunion"
  • 92. "Reach for the Thunderstorm"
  • 93. "New Lessons for a Former Master of Lightning"
  • 94. "Blue Destiny"

Season 11: Journey to the Archipelago

  • 95. "Return to the Archipelago"
  • 96. "Living on the Edge Ninjago-Style!"
  • 97. "Energon VS. Eli Shane"
  • 98. "Astrid and the Endless Griefs"
  • 99. "A Ghost of a Chance"
  • 100. "Big Man on Berk"
  • 101. "Dehydrated"
  • 102. "Cold Shoulder"
  • 103. "Loyal Order of Ingerman"
  • 104. "Family Matters"
  • 105. "An Electrifying Reunion"
  • 106. "Tired Out Ninjas"
  • 107. "Guardians of Vanaheim"
  • 108. "King of Dragons, Part 1"
  • 109. "King of Dragons, Part 2"


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