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Ensorcers are the backbone of the Sanctuary army. They are the mainstream soldiers and use various innovative weapons to maximize their fighting capability.


Ensorcer Soldier The Ensorcers have the same torso and legs as Jay, with light blue printing and armor on the right side of the torso and right arm. In their left hands they carry the faintly tarnished,printed pointed shields from the pirate ship. They sometimes wield short or longswords, or a piece representative of their ability(i.e:A lightning bolt, golden rod or flame). They alsowear dull grey helmets. Ensorcer Commander The Ensorcer Commander is identical to the Ensorcer Soldier,except for his helmet, which is shiny silver rather than dull grey.


Ensorcers are the backbone and ordinary solders of the Sanctuary army. Each one is a highly trained sorcerer who is disciplined and trained in dozens of fighting arts. They can use various weapons. Whereas mortals charged into battle with swords and shields, sorcerers -- out of need for a free hand to use magic with -- strapped shields to their left arms. They also built special armor plates over their chests and arms as well as powerful gauntlets for extra protection. Their name is a combination of the words Enforcer and Sorcerer(Enforcer+Sorcerer=Ensorcer).

Gallery of Variants

Ensorcer SoldierEnsorcer CommanderEnsorcer General
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