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Excalibur is a theme by Darkfox205. It is divided into three parts, The Journey Begins, Sword of Legend, and Lord of Shadows.


Finn, a desendant of the great King Arthur. During this time, Lord Cruciven and the Grand Order of Warlocks has taken over the once beautiful nation of Camelot. Merlin, the Wizard of Camelot, goes to the humble village of Odenton to find the true heir of King Arthur. Finn stumbles upon Merlin and invites him over to his house. Suddenly, in the night, a horn sounds that danger is abroad. Then, Finn and Merlin go outside to find a regiment of Phantoms raid the village looking for the heir of Camelot. After a rather confusing fight, Odenton is destroyed. In the morning, Merlin explains that Finn is the heir of King Arthur and set off on a quest to find Arthur's legendary sword, Excalibur. After what is left of Odenton, they find the Red Riders, a group of highwaymen that rob from anyone in league with Lord Cruciven. Their leader, Andromeda, negotiates with Merlin about safe passage. Merlin reveals that Andromeda is actually Finn's long abandoned sister. She introduces the rest of her crew, Theo, Seamus, and Remus. The Red Riders then join the quest of Excalibur. Through perilous obstacles, the party finds refuge in the Elven city of Elmglade. At first, King Leviticus does not permit the weary party to stay in their city. But Queen Aphrodite and Prince Everett convience the Elven King to help. A few days later, Phantoms led by the cold and cruel commander Umbriarch attack Elmglade. A long battle ensews and Finn leads a courageous lead against the attacking Phantoms, but the Umbriarch ends up killing King Leviticus. Watching his father die, Everett kills the Umbriarch, which leads the Phantoms without a leader and are forced to retreat. Victory rings through the city, but their beloved leader is gone. As Elmglade mourns, the party sets of with a new companion, Everett. But, the worse is yet to come... To be continued. Stay tuned for Excalibur: Sword of Legends.

List of Characters

Finn Andromeda Merlin King Cruciven Theo Seamus Remus Phantom King Leviticus Queen Aphrodite Everett Umbriarch

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