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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

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Fantasia is a LEGO theme created by Shiva.


Unlike other usual themes, Fantasia theme started with a video game, not with a set. Then, after a video game made a big success, the first set Necromancer Battle was made. Main protagonist of a theme was pictured there as a Crown Hero, clad in steel armor. Also it was the only set in this theme where minifigures have flesh skin.

Second set Village Raid was supposed to contain within itself a post-war (see «Setting» below) story, where a protagonist is wearing golden armor. However, that sets production of this theme was frozen for one period of time.


It is currently unknown how the world of Fantasia was created, however, according to Shiva the original creator of theme, this will be uncovered someday. What is known for today, that universe of Fantasia has many different planets, however currently there is only one known planet named Kas. It has a fantasy setting with nine provinces divided by two major continents and several islands. First continent has the Crown Kingdom, the Lion Kingdom, the Dragon Kingdom and the Reman Empire as its provinces, while the second continent has Elvenia, Corag-Bert, the Kingdom of Birds and Oroc-Huss. Rest of provinces, which are Torallha the Land of Vikings and the Seafarian Dominion, are divided by some of the islands in the seas of the planet Kas. On this planet there are six races which have their own province: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Trolls, Goblins. Humans are inhabitants of the Crown, Lion, Dragon Kingdoms, Kingdom of Birds, the Reman Empire, Torallha and the Seafarian Dominion; Elves live in Elvenia; Dwarves inhabit Corag-Bert; Orcs, Trolls and Goblins live together in Oroc-Huss. Also there are two more independent races: Vampires and Beastmasters (men who can turn themselves into werebeasts). These races are often considered as monsters rather than civilians. Also there lived dark elves but later most of them disappeared. Few dark elves still live in this world and sometimes people can find them somewhere in the woods, usually closer to Elvenia.

History of the planet Kas began with dragons and dinosaurs ruling the planet. However, both species couldn't get along well, so the war emerged between them. Meanwhile, people, who had already built their provinces, decided to end the War of Dragons and Dinosaurs by joining some of the warring forces: mostly humans, elves and dwarves joined dragons, while orcs, trolls and goblins joined dinosaurs. It seemed that nothing would change due to both forces being equal, however dragons soon discovered magic and taught it their followers. Using magic, dragons and their followers won the war, humans took most of the planet's provinces for themselves, dividing them, while dinosaurs, orcs, trolls and goblins escaped to their only remaining province Oroc-Huss. Dragons took over the planet Kas and almost dishonestly treated their former followers: dragons made them obey and regularly pay big taxes with gold and treasures. Humans soon got tired of this and started a rebellion led by a paladin warrior Lars and a wizard Majisto. Rebellion allied themselves with elves, dwarves and even residents of Oroc-Huss. Dragons, meanwhile, formed the Dragon Cult, recruiting those who were still loyal to dragons with cultists being mostly dark elves. However, even that couldn't stop rebellion from defeating the Dragon King and ending dragons' reign over the planet; Lars was then crowned as Lars I, the king of the newfound Crown Kingdom, while Majisto became his court wizard. Remaining cultists escaped to the Underworld, the small world under the surface, where they joined the evil Overlord, supreme ruler of the Underworld, and his uncountable Legions of Doom.

Dragons and dinosaurs still continued their existense over the planet Kas, now without their roles of rulers of the planet. Instead, the planet lived in peace, none of provinces had serious conflicts with each other. One of Majisto's apprentices, Mallock started doing various researches in the magic sphere, discovering a recipe for Demon Potion which could grant immeasurable magic powers to the one who drank it. He spent many years on studying that recipe and decided to open a portal to the realm of demons in order to retrieve one of the ingredients, the Demon Horn. However, being not too experienced magic user (despite having two apprentices already), Mallock accidentally caused Demon Crisis, as demons emerged from his opened portal and started a genocide of every living being. Mallock still was successful in closing the portal and removing demons from his realm, however many innocent people and animals have suffered from Demon Crisis, including his love Malessia and one of his apprentices. Mallock had disappeared then. Meanwhile, Demon of War from the realm of demons was inspired by the battle between his demons and humans from another realm, that's why many years later, using his mind control skills, he decided to emerge a war between two human provinces: Dragon Kingdom and Reman Empire. He manipulated rulers of both provinces to blindly war with each other. Soon the Lion Kingdom joined the war too, just in order to stop it and find out what was going on, while Mallock, somehow knowing real reasons of war, returned, appearing as a necromancer in the Crown Kingdom and kidnapping the princess. King Lars IV, descendant of Lars I, ordered to save her daughter and some Hero managed to defeat Mallock during his strange ritual he was performing with the princess, and save princess Sarah herself. After that, Lars IV proclaimed the brave one as the Crown Hero and tasked him with taking part in ending the war of Dragons and Remans. While choosing whom to aid, Mallock again appeared right in front of the Crown Hero, however this time he offered to join him and his undead army in ending the war, as he knew the real reasons behind it, that's why the Crown Hero had four variants to choose: to aid either Lion, Dragon or Reman army, or to join Mallock.

Canonically, the Crown Hero chose the fourth variant. It was revealed, that Mallock had become a necromancer only in order to gain some followers, actually reviving victims of the Demon Crisis or of the current war as skeletons. Hero collected all the ingredients for Mallock's Demon Potion, also taking part in some battles as some ingredients were guarded by each of three warring armies. Hero even collected royal blood by killing King William II of Lions with his own permission. When time for collecting Demon's Horn came, Mallock once again had to open a portal to the realm of demons, however this time he did everything right and that portal led straightly to the throne room of the Demon of War, who was mind-controlling Wizard King Hasha I and Emperor Leonidas of Dragon Kingdom and Reman Empire respectively. Defeating the Demon, thus ending the war and retrieving Demon's Horn, Hero brought the last ingredient for Mallock, who finally finished his potion and used it to gain ultimate magic powers. Those powers he used on all victims of both Demon Crisis and the war of Dragons and Remans, reviving everyone back as alive creatures and healing those got seriously injured during either crisis or war. He even revived Malessia and his apprentice Alexander, and used the rest of that power to turn himself young. Thus Mallock redeemed everything that he had done before, as the Crown Hero saved the world. Both returned to King Lars IV, who made Mallock his court wizard and the Crown Hero his personal advisor and the Crown Champion. Champion then continued his adventures by marrying princess Sarah he had saved before and helping many people throughout the whole planet Kas.


Sets production is frozen right now.


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