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The First Doctor was the first incarnation of The Doctor in the Classic Doctor Who.


The First Doctor was, by his own statement, the "original" incarnation of the Doctor. Holding himself in high regard, he was prone to criticising those whom he felt were naïve or primitive compared to his intellect. However, he possessed compassion, warmth, and wit that made up for his egocentric nature, serving to act as a mentor and guardian figure in his elderly years. Originally a very difficult and curmudgeonly person, the First Doctor matured from an apparent selfishness and became more inviting. His happier, kinder characteristics fostered when he began to acquire an entourage of companions to accompany him throughout the wonders of the fourth dimension and learned to be a caregiver with a sense of justice in a universe afflicted by evils.

He died simply through succumbing to old age, and regenerated into the Second Doctor.

He has met the Second Doctor, the Third Doctor and the Fifth Doctor on a few occasions.



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