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"Well, how does your mother look like?"
―Flowdey asking Shiva

Flowdey is one of the protagonists in Second Quest of LEGO Multiverse. She was created by Shiva.


Flowdey has pink hair, light yellow pants and a green «Zoo» shirt. In the game she has the ability to use the Golden Brick and resist the DUPLication; also she can speak on animals' language and use the watering can to water the plants and extinguish the fire.


Flowdey is one of a few Master Builders of the world of City and Shiva's love interest. Before Shiva once saved the Multiverse, she was a careful zoo worker, who could freely speak with animals and understand them. After Shiva did so, Flowdey became his crazy fan and became a Master Builder.

Second Quest of LEGO Multiverse

Shiva meets Flowdey in her world and saves her from DUPLO Aliens and DUPLication. After that, she joins him in the battle for the world of City, and they both make it to Duplord, who transports Shiva to the real world using his new weapon. Shiva gives Flowdey his magic bag and the Golden Brick.

Flowdey later, along with Dadaw and Anakin Revanchist, leads an army of Master Builders to the world of DUPLO, where she uses everything Shiva gave her. However, Duplord soon take that from her, and Shiva appears to help his friends and takes his things back.

Flowdey, as a notable Master Builder, appears at the grand party in Cloud Cuckoo Palace, drinking Shiva's favorite chocolate milkshake. Shiva tells her about his favorite milkshake and that Flowdey looks similar Shiva's mother. When Flowdey asks, how does his mother look like, music at the party changes and Shiva invites her to dance, and they become a romantic couple.



  • Flowdey is one of few City Master Builders.