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The weirdest place on Earth
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Ghost rider224

"It all started when our parents decided we could use some fresh air. They sent us up north to a Sleepy town called Gravity Falls, Oregon to live with our Great Uncle's Place in the woods. Our Uncle had transformed the first floor of his house into a tourist trap he called the Mystery Shack. The real mystery was why anyone even came."

Gravity Falls is a theme based on the TV show of the same name. It centers on twins Dipper (a budding detective) and Mabel Pines (an eternal optimist), as they are forcibly sent to Gravity Falls, Oregon to live with their Great Uncle Stan, who had transformed his house into a tourist trap. Once there, Dipper finds a mysterious scientist's journal, thrusting him, his sister, and the Mystery Shack's handyman into countless adventures invetigating Gravity Fall's weird side.

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