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Hobgoblin is a character that appears in LEGO Spider-Man: The Videogame.


Roderick Kingsley was a fashion designer operating in New York City. He used questionable and ruthless business practices, Roderick developed a financial empire reaching far beyond the fashion industry. Victim to one of Kingsley's machinations, rival designer Narda Ravanna, under the guise of Belladonna, attacked him but was stopped by Spider-Man.

As the Hobgoblin, Roderick went on a blackmail binge meaning to cripple his major competitors.Feeling deficient in lacking the physical power to protect himself, Roderick sought out Norman Osborn's original Green Goblin formula. Modified in hopes of avoiding the insanity-inducing side effects, Kingsley found the formula gave him strength nearly equal that of Spider-Man's.


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