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Ithrandir is an elf of Lothlorien that was sent to the refuge of Edhelion to protect it from an attack of the evil Dourhand Dwarves, led by Skorgrím. Skorgrím was killed only by a sacrifice of Ithrandir's master, Talagan Silvertongue. After the battle, Lord Elrond asked Ithrandir to search for Skorgrím's body, only to find it wasn't there, for the Dourhands were attempting to resurrect their fallen master. Ithrandir, along with Dwalin, Elledan and Elrohir, travel to Skorgrím's Tomb to slay Skorgrím before the resurrection could complete, but they had to flee before the tomb collapsed on top of them. He escaped and stayed at Celondim for a few nights. From there, Ithrandir started on a trek to Othrongroth, where there were rumors of Skorgrím being spotted. On his way, he stopped at the Prancing Pony in Bree, to rest for the night when he met Elghost, a man of Rohan who was also to search Othrongroth in the morning; but for different purposes. From there they travelled to the Great Barrow of Othrongroth together where they both found who they were looking for, and continued to travel together. That is, until disaster struck....


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