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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

King Martin is a custom Castle minifigure. He is the king of the Falkanian Kingdom and a leader of the Black Falcons. King Martin appeared in Castle (Video Game) and was created by Shiva.


King Martin has earth blue torso with noble clothes printed on it. These clothes consist of fur-lined robes, sky blue shirt and an amulet with a symbol of Black Falcons. He has a simple Warm Gold crown and a battle sword with the same color.

Martin fights with his battle sword in a video game and also can use magic. He uses offensive magic spells such as fire balls, thunderbolts and so on. Also King Martin can use Healing Magic, which can heal other heroes and himself, and Voice Magic, which can help break glass objects.


King Martin is the king of the Falkanian Kingdom and is the first leader of the Black Falcons. In the beginning of the game he is an enemy of the Lionians and the Drakonians. His actions caused the War of Lions and Falcons, however it is unknown what they were.

During the war, King Martin made an alliance with Wolfpack bandits to defeat the Lionians and the Drakonians together. However, that alliance was broken by destruction of Wolfpack by his enemies. Later, his castle was attacked by the same people. Martin fought with Sir Robin, Frederic, King Richard and Majisto. He could be killed by his enemies, however they spared him.

After Basil the Bat Lord and his Fright Knights filled the world with darkness of the night, Martin allied with his former enemies to stop the villain. He led them to Gi-Dan, ruler of the Land of the Sun, who knew how to defeat Basil. King Martin even took part in a battle with Willa the Witch, and, along with King Richard, Wizard King Majisto and Gi-Dan, defeated her.

In the end he finally allied with the Lionians and the Drakonians.


  • He uses King Jeremy's torso from Fantasia. Decals of this torso were created by ED-209, the user of Eurobricks forum.
  • This is the first Black Falcons leader's appearance in a theme.
  • Martin is one of a few characters who can use Voice Magic ability.
  • King Martin becomes playable after completing a level «Dragon Above».
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