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LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Return of Ninjago City is a DC Comics animated film based on the Ninjas’ original home Ninjago City. It was released in 2017.


After saving the Justice League from Darkseid, the Ninjas are finally getting along with the ways of being a Justice Leaguer. To their surprise, they are reunited with their old friends and their families when Ninjago City has appeared. When there’s trouble in Ninjago City, the Ninjas and the Justice League spring into action!


Two years ago, Jay travels to his father's home, where he finds out that his father was Cliff Gordon, who played his favorite TV character, Fritz Donnegan. He reads a book in Cliff's home about how to attract girls, and is greeted by Nadakhan, who attempts to manipulate Jay into being trapped in the Sword of Souls, but fails, and Jay quickly wishes that he wasn't alone with Nadakhan. Suddenly, Nya appears at the door, and tells Jay that she found him by asking his parents. The two then go back to meet up with the Ninja.

At Gotham, Batman gives Bluelectro a tour of the Batcave. Along the way, the Lightning Spinjitzu Ninja is introduced to Batman's butler Alfred, also meeting Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin in the cave. Batman then shows him the gadgets and his old bat suits. Bluelectro explains to the Dark Knight about his real father: Cliff Gordon the famous movie actor who plays as his favorite hero when he was a kid. Batman is impressed with the Blue Spinjitzu Ninja's story, and is proud of his bravery against the villains of Gotham City. Batman congratulates Bluelectro with a cape and his own Utility Belt, welcoming him as a new member of the Bat-family and his new sidekick.

At Themyscira, as Wonder Woman shows Aquos her home island, it was attacked by Vandal Savage and Giganta who are planning to steal the island's treasure. The two female heroes fought against the villains successfully defeating them as the Amazons cheer, welcoming Aquos to the tribe.

In Metropolis, Superman shows Flamenado the sights of Metropolis and the Daily Planet. Before they head back to the Hall of Justice, Superman introduces Flamenado to Supergirl, and the new member of the Justice League Firestorm. As the Fire Spinjitzu Ninja is impressed with's powers like Superman's and Firestorm's hair and powers, he challenges them to a race.

On Oa, Green Lantern shows Energon the other green lanterns including John Stewart, Guy Gardner and the new female green lantern Jessica Cruz who was easily swooned by Energon's sweet talking, they give each other phone numbers and Jessica flies somewhere else while blushing extremely hard. Guy, who was jealous of the Green Spinjitzu Ninja's sweet talk in front of Jessica, taunts Energon causing Hal to stop Guy, and introduces Energon to the Guardians of the Universe who made Energon the Green Ninja Lantern of Sector 2814 after the Spinjitzu Ninja unlocked his new Lantern Powers.

At the Titans Tower, Cyborg introduces Ice-tanium to the Teen Titans Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven. The Nindroid is disinterested in Starfire, who mistakenly thought the Titanium Ninja is a toy by using the remote to control Ice-tanium, when she accidentally drops the remote, Ice-tanium freezes and uses her as a leg rest while saying "I'm sorry. You were saying something?".

At Central City, Flash gives Bouldergeist a tour in his home city, also spotting Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby, who ran off after seeing Bouldergeist, along the tour. Then they run into Plastic Man and Aquaman who misunderstand Flash being threatened by the Earth Spinjitzu Ninja. Bouldergeist breaks free from Plastic Man's elastic body and quickly avoids Aquaman's powers trying to not get wet. As Flash stops the two heroes, they apologize to the Black Spinjitzu Ninja who accepts their apologies and leaves with Flash to head back to the Hall of Justice, leaving Daphne to take a bus.

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice, Bluelectro practices asking Aquos to be his Yang on Flamenado. Flamenado tells him to be confident, but Bluelectro says it doesn't sound right. Suddenly, Shaggy and Scooby burst into the blue ninja's room to hide from Bouldergeist, while the fire and lightning ninjas calm them down and told them to keep it a secret, but Aquos quickly came in, accidentally scaring Shaggy and Scooby, told them to go to the meeting room.


Main Characters:

  • Spinjitzu Ninjas
    • Flamenado - Master of Fire, brother of Aquos, son of Maya and Ray and a member of the Justice League.
    • Aquos - Master of Water, daughter of Maya and Ray, sister of Flamenado, girlfriend of Bluelectro and a member of the Justice League.
    • Bluelectro - Master of Lightning, son of Jennifer, boyfriend of Aquos, member of the Justice League and Batman's new sidekick.
    • Bouldergeist - Ghost Ninja, Master of Earth, best friend of Bluelectro and a member of the Justice League.
    • Ice-tanium - Titanium Nindroid, Master of Ice and a member of the Justice League.
    • Energon - Master of Energy, second Master of Spinjitzu, son of Garmadon and Misako, nephew of Wu, new green lantern of Sector 2814 and a member of the Justice League.

Supporting Characters:

  • Justice League
    • Batman - Member of the Justice League and Gotham City's protector.
    • Wonder Woman - Amazon warrior and a member of the Justice League.
    • Superman - Man of Steel, member of the Justice League and protector of Metropolis.
    • Cyborg - Teen Titan and a member of the Justice League.
    • Flash - Fastest Man Alive and a member of the Justice League.
    • Green Lantern - Member of the Justice League and Green Lantern of Sector 2814.
    • Jessica Cruz - A new and first female green lantern and Energon's love interest.
  • Bat-Family
    • Robin - Batman's sidekick, Boy Wonder and the leader of the Teen Titans.
    • Batgirl - Female caped crusader and Batman's sidekick.
    • Nightwing - Batman's sidekick and former Boy Wonder.
  • Mystery Incorporated
  • People of Ninjago City


Other Characters:


  • Metropolis
    • Hall of Justice
  • Themyscira
  • Gotham City
    • Bat-cave
  • Oa
    • Planetary Citadel
  • Jump City
    • Titans Tower
  • Central City
  • Ninjago City (First Appearance)
    • Ninjago City Museum
    • Walls of Murals


  • Batman's Batarang
  • Green Lantern, Guy, John, Jessica and Energon's Power rings
  • Bluelectro's Utility Belt and Cape
  • Scooby Snacks Box
  • Scooby Snacks
  • Fred's Ascot
  • Scooby's Collar
  • Daphne's Scarf
  • Velma's Glasses
  • Utility Belts
  • Bluelectro's Thunderangs
  • Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth
  • Spears
  • Wu, Garmadon, Ray, Maya and Jennifer's Staffs
  • Bluelectro's Book of Memories
  • Cake
  • Yin Yang Medallion


  • Javelin
  • The Mystery Machine
  • Bat-Mobile
  • Batwing
  • Batjet
  • Batboat
  • Batbike
  • Super Sonic Thunder Sky Fighter
  • Lightning-Mobile
  • Electro-sub
  • Invisible jet
  • Water Quadcopter
  • P.I.X.A.L.'s Samurai X Mech


Michael Adamthwaite Jason Jay Gordon/Bluelectro
Kelly Metzger Nya Smith/Aquos
Vincent Tong Kai Smith/Flamenado
Ray Smith
Brent Miller Zane Julien/Ice-tanium
Kirby Morrow Coleman Cole Hence/Bouldergeist
Sam Vincent Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon/Energon
Nolan North Superman
Alfred Pennyworth
Troy Baker Batman
Khary Payton Cyborg
Josh Keaton Green Lantern
James Arnold Taylor Flash
Scott Menville Robin
Will Friedle Nightwing
Sarah Hyland Batgirl
Grey DeLisle Griffin Wonder Woman
Daphne Ann Blake
Lois Lane
Frank Welker Frederick Herman Jones
Matthew Lillard Norville Shaggy Rogers
Kate Micucci Velma Daisy Dinkley
April Winchell Giganta
Phil Morris Vandal Savage
Jason Spisak Joker
Dee Bradley Baker Aquaman
Captain Boomerang
Tom Kenny Plastic Man
Phill LaMarr Firestorm
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Tara Strong Raven
Harley Quinn
Hynden Walch Starfire
Jessica DiCicco Supergirl
Diedrich Bader Guy Gardner
Nyambi Nyambi John Stewart
Cristina Milizia Jessica Cruz
Brian George Ganthet
Cate Blanchett Master Jennifer Gordon
Paul Dobson Master Wu
Mark Oliver Master Garmadon
Jillian Michaels Maya Smith
Young Lloyd
Doron Bell Jr. Griffin Turner
Brian Dobson Ronin
Lee Tockar Cyrus Borg
Jennifer Hayward P.I.X.A.L.
Kathleen Barr Misako
Brad Tudabone
Heather Doerksen Skylor
Scott McNeil Nadakhan
Alon Marriott Dareth
Nicholas Holmes Jake
Michael Drummond Nuckal
Andrew Francis Shade
Maggie Blue O'Hara Tox
John DiMaggio Lex Luthor
Mr. Freeze
Mark Hamill Sinestro
Kevin Michael Richardson Captain Cold
Gorilla Grodd
Black Manta
Cree Summer Cheetah
America Ferrera Catwoman


Song Credits Performed by Character performance by
"Good Bad Girls" Written and produced by Dave Wakeling Kimberly Brooks, Jennifer Hale and Jane Wiedlin Hex Girls
"The Weekend Whip" Written and produced by The Fold The Fold


  • This marks the return of Ninjago City.
  • This is the first Lego movie special to have characters from Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.
  • It has been revealed how Bluelectro became Batman's sidekick.
  • It has been revealed that Energon is a Ladies' Man.
  • Guy called Energon "Eli", which is the name of Sam's voice character Eli Shane from Slugterra.
  • When Energon's with Jessica, the Romantic Flight cue is used from How to Train Your Dragon.
  • This is the first and only time we see Jay without his eyepatch if counting the flashback.
  • Like from LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Cosmic Clash on the Archipelago, Wonder Woman gets angry whenever she's charred and her hair is messed up, noted from Astrid.
  • After encasing Starfire in ice, Ice-tanium uses the remote to watch TV, the tv shows the Netflix Original Series "Dragons: Race to the Edge" Season 5 Episode 8 "No Dragon Left Behind". Where Astrid started crying at the thought of Stormgly dying.
  • The song "Good Bad Girls", can be heard playing on the radio in the Mystery Machine.
  • The scene where Energon and Jessica were making out in private is a reference to how Bizarro Jay kisses Nya from "Double Trouble".
  • Jennifer's Spinjitzu tornado is shown for the very first time which is never seen in the TV Series.
  • The Tornado of Creation makes a appearance for the first time since "Day of The Great Devourer," this time including Energon, Aquos, Wu, Garmadon, Jennifer and the Justice League.
  • The Justice League's Spinjitzu tornadoes are shown for the very first time and each Ninja share an Element with each Leaguer.
    • Batman and Bluelectro share the Lightning Element.
    • Wonder Woman and Aquos share the Water Element.
    • Superman and Flamenado share the Fire Element.
    • Cyborg and Ice-tanium share the Ice Element.
    • Flash and Bouldergeist share the Earth Element.
    • Green Lanterns Hal, Jessica and Energon share the Energy Element.
  • In the Special Features menu, it shows episodes that weren't featured in the popular Netflix Original Series "DreamWorks: Dragons: Race to the Edge", including the ones that are altered.
    • 1. "Big Man on Berk": Thinking he's allergic to his dragon, Fishlegs gets hypnotized by Gothi. He wakes up transformed into an invincible warrior known as "Thor Bonecrusher" thanks to Snotlout.
    • 2. "Defenders of the Wing, Part 1": When Viggo offers Hiccup a truce, the wary Dragon Riders investigate and find a potential ally in their fight against the Dragon Hunters.
    • 3. "Defenders of the Wing, Part 2": Hiccup, Mala, Astrid, Fishlegs, and Snotlout go searching for the now captured Eruptodon, but little do they know that Viggo has a sinister plan.
    • 4. "Out of the Frying Pan": When the Eruptodon can't take its egg into the Great Volcano, Hiccup and Fishlegs must go into the dangerous volcano with the egg before it's too late.
    • 5. "Blindsided": A huge storm hits Dragon's Edge causing the Dragons to spook and run off but when Astrid is blinded, Hiccup must lead her to Stormfly, while avoiding attacks from Sleuther.
    • 6. "Shell Shocked, Part 1": Hiccup doesn't know who to trust when Viggo and Ryker each tell him that the other has gone rogue, and is sidetracked when a new dragon attacks.
    • 7. "Shell Shocked, Part 2": An extremely powerful new dragon named the Shellfire attacks Dragon's Edge, and Hiccup makes a dangerous alliance while the fate of the Dragon Eye hangs in the balance.
    • 8. "Sandbusted": When Hiccup is summoned to the Northern Markets to look into a curse that causes people to disappear, he is sucked down into a cavern of the fearsome Sandbuster.
    • 9. "Snotlout's Angels": When Snotlout crashes on a mysterious island he comes face-to-face with the Wingmaidens and must rely on Astrid, Heather, and Ruffnut to rescue him.
    • 10. "Return of Thor Bonecrusher": When Thor Bonecrusher is needed to rescue hostages taken by the Bandits, Snotlout tries to help but accidentally brings to life Thor’s evil twin Anti-Thor who sides with the Bandits.
    • 11. "Dawn of Destruction": When Hiccup and Astrid go away for a weekend, the Edge is attacked by Krogan, Viggo, and their new Dragon Flyers who are controlling Singetails.
    • 12. "The Wings of War, Part 1": Hiccup and the riders are on the run from the Flyers, but when they return to Berk, where Stoick is preparing for war, Hiccup is torn between his desire to get the Edge back and his unwillingness to fire on dragons.
    • 13. "The Wings of War, Part 2": When Stoick decides to take the battle on the Dragon Flyers to the Edge, the Riders must figure out how to trap the Flyers and take back the Edge.
    • 14. "No Dragon Left Behind": After being ambushed by aggressive Slitherwing dragons on a new island, the Riders think Stormfly has been poisoned and race to get an antidote.
    • 15. "Snuffnut": Tuff fakes his own death to make room for Throk, but when Ruff tries to train the Changewing that she thinks ate Tuff, a flock of angry Changewings come for the dragon.
    • 16. "Searching for Oswald... and Chicken": On a search for Dagur's dad, Hiccup and Dagur encounter vicious Grim Gnashers, and Tuff’s search for a missing Chicken leads him to discover she has a second family.
    • 17. "Sins of the Past": After Heather is lured to the Northern Markets as a trap, Hiccup flies to find her, but when he arrives too late, Windshear is captured by Krogan.
    • 18. "In Plain Sight": While hunting for gemstones needed to complete the Dragon Eye 2, Hiccup learns an old friend isn't who he seems. Dagur faces a bully from his past.
    • 19. "No Bark, All Bite": Stoick and Hiccup are led on a wild goose chase in search of willow bark for medicine, leaving Berk vulnerable to an enemy attack.
    • 20. "Chain of Command": During a trip to Wingmaiden Island to find a Dragon Eye lens, Snotlout challenges Hiccup's leadership. On another island, an unlikely romance blooms between Dagur and Mala.
    • 21. "A Gruff Separation": Hiccups grows wary when Gruffnut arrives on the twins' 19th birthday to administer a Thorston coming-of-age ritual involving three dangerous challenges.
    • 22. "Mi Amore Wing": An announcement of Mala and Dagur's wedding leads Astrid to question her relationship with her boyfriend Hiccup. The Riders discover an Armorwing that has a Dragon Eye lens welded to its body.
    • 23. "Ruff Transition": While visiting Wingmaiden Island, a baby Razorwhip bonds with Ruffnut, who suddenly finds herself trying her hand at being a Wingmaiden.
    • 24. "Triple Cross": When the Flyers try to kill Viggo because he's no longer useful, he forces Hiccup to help him get his revenge by stealing their Dragon Eye and lenses.
  • In additions for each episode of the Netflix Original Series, each of the openings of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu will serve as openings for the episodes that weren't featured and the ones that were altered in the series.
    • Defenders of the Wing, Parts 1 and 2 will have Ninjago Season 1 and 2's opening, due to Mala's soldiers looking like ninjas.
    • Out of the Frying Pan will have Ninjago Season 4's opening, due to Kai's Fire Element.
    • Big Man on Berk, Return of Thor Bonecrusher, The Wings of War, Parts 1 and 2 will have Ninjago Season 3's opening, due to strategic thinking.
    • Sins of the Past, In Plain Sight, No Bark, All Bite and Triple Cross will have Ninjago Season 5's opening due to the dark tones in three episodes, except for two.
    • Blindsided, Shell Shocked, Parts 1 and 2, Sandbusted, Snotlout's Angels, Dawn of Destruction, No Dragon Left Behind, Snuffnut, Chain of Command and Mi Amore Wing will have Ninjago Season 6's opening due to Jay's relationship with Nya in Ninjago and Hiccup's relationship with Astrid, Tuffnut's relationship with his twin sister Ruffnut, Dagur's relationship with Mala, Snotlout's friendship with Astrid from Dragons: Race to the Edge.
    • Searching for Oswald... and Chicken, A Gruff Separation and Ruff Transition will have Ninjago Season 7's opening due to Wu's sacrifice from Lost in Time and Lloyd sending his Father and Chen's Anacondrai army to the Curse Realm from The Corridor of Elders.


  • Bluelectro is now Batman's sidekick
  • Aquos is now a hero of Themyscira alongside Wonder Woman.
  • Energon is now a Green Ninja Lantern.
  • Ninjago City has appeared.
  • The Justice League and the Spinjitzu Ninjas of Ninjago are now heroes of Ninjago City.
  • Bouldergeist has gotten back to eating cake.
  • Bluelectro proposed to Aquos.
  • Flamenado and Skylor are now in a relationship as well as Energon and Jessica.


(Flashbacks from "Misfortune Rising" plays.)

(Ninjago; Daytime)

(Jay goes to the address and unlocks the gates.)

Jason Jay Gordon: Whoa! Is this where my birth father lived? Whoa! Wow.

Fritz Donnegan Animatronic: Fear isn't a word where I come from!

Jason Jay Gordon: Would you look at that? Heh. My father was a fan of Fritz Donnegan too. Heh. Cool. Wow. He had so many trophies. (He finds a hidden make-up room.) What the? (gasps in awe and realization.) My father is Fritz Donnegan?! Wow! I can't believe that my father is a famous movie star! Huh? (He finds a book.) What's this book doing here? "Cliff Gordon's Handbook to Wooing Women"? That must be his real name. Cliff Gordon. That means my real name is "Jay Gordon"! Ha. "Chapter One: Women love mystery. When talking to them, less is more."-(Nadakhan appears.) AAH!

Nadakhan: Are you ready for your second wish? Hmm?

Jason Jay Gordon: (He tries to attack him with a prop raygun.) Huh?

Nadakhan: Adorable.

Jason Jay Gordon: What did you do? Did you change the past?

Nadakhan: Hmm. I wish. I merely revealed a truth about your life that you were unaware of.

Jason Jay Gordon: Then I don't wanna make another wish.

Nadakhan: Everyone wants a second wish. A second chance to make things right.

Jason Jay Gordon: No.

Nadakhan: Don't resist me. Tell me what you want. More power? More prestige? Maybe a raygun that works?

Jason Jay Gordon: No. I don't want anything. I just wish I wasn't alone with you. (He hears the doorbell ringing.) Dang it! Ah, I did it again!

Nya Smith: (Simultaneously) Hello? Jay? Are you here?

Nadakhan: (Simultaneously) Don't forget you have a third wish. (Nadakhan disappears.)

Jason Jay Gordon: Aah! Phew.

Nya Smith: Hello?

Jason Jay Gordon: Nya, you're here. How did you get here?

Nya Smith: After you split, I got worried. I called your dad who said you'd be here. Speaking of which, why are you here?

Jason Jay Gordon: Uh...uh...(in his head) "Women love mystery. When talking to them, less is more."

Fritz Donnegan Animatronic: Fear isn't a word where I come from!

Nya Smith: Fritz Donnegan? Is this your stuff?

Jason Jay Gordon: If you have a secret hideout, why can't I?

Nya Smith: Wow. I...I never would have guessed. Come on. The team needs us. Don't worry, this place will be our little secret. (She leaves as Jay looks at the animatronic of Fritz Donnegan.)

Fritz Donnegan Animatronic: Fear isn't a word where I come from!

Jason Jay Gordon: Thanks, Dad. I owe you one.

(Jay leaves as the fire is shown as a screen wipe and the intro for the movie plays. "The Weekend Whip" starts playing in the background. Flamenado is seen in his Fusion Armor with the Sword of Fire along with Superman as their names start blazing fire behind them.)

The Fold: Jump up kick back whip around and spin!

(Bouldergeist appears in his Honor Robes with the Scythe of Quakes along with Flash as the Ghost Earth Ninja slams his scythe on the ground as his name and Flash's name appear.)

The Fold:And then we jump back, do it again!

(Bluelectro, who is wearing his Destiny Robes, wearing his dark blue eyepatch on his left eyelid and both his new Utility Belt and earth blue pointy cape, flailing his Nunchucks of Lightning as he and Batman shoot lightning upwards in front of their names.)

The Fold: Ninja! Go! Ninja! Go!

(Ice-tanium appears in his Jungle Robes as the Titanium Ninja uses his Ice powers to slide on the rail of ice with Cyborg following as they passed by their names.)

The Fold: Come on, come on and do the Weekend Whip!

(Aquos appears in her Fusion Armor with Wonder Woman, who is getting her grail filled with Aquos' water as they both drink it while balancing on the staffs on top of their names.)

The Fold: Ninja! Go!

(Master Wu and Garmadon perform Spinjitzu around their names.)

The Fold: Ninja! Go!

(P.I.X.A.L. goes behind her name as her Samurai X Mech appears and unknowingly knocks P.I.X.A.L.'s name down with the latter waving at the audience.)

The Fold: Come on, come on--

(Energon looks at the audience as he, Hal Jordan and Jessica Cruz use the Energy Element.)

The Fold: --and do the Weekend Whip!

(Bluelectro, Aquos, Flamenado, Ice-tanium, Bouldergeist, Energon, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Cyborg, Flash, the Green Lanterns, Wu and Garmadon are in their battle stances. The Justice League and the Ninjas jump, using their elements on the screen.)

The Fold: Jump up kick back whip around and spin!

(The title "LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Return of Ninjago City" appears on the screen. The screen instantly fades to black.)

(Two years later)


(Batman gives Bluelectro a tour of the Bat-Cave)

Bluelectro: Wow! You sure have a cool base, Batman.

Batman: Thank you. I was going to say the Bat-Cave until your emotional state is introduced to me. The Bat-Cave is where the Bat-Mobile, Bat-Boat, Bat-Jet, Bat-Sub, Bat-Bike, Bat-Copter and the Bat-Wing are parked.

Bluelectro: What about one for my Super Sonic Thunder Sky Fighter?

Batman: I already did that. I even built your very own Lightning-Mobile and the Electro-sub.

(Batman shows Bluelectro the Lightning-Mobile and the Electro-sub)

Bluelectro: My very own land and water vehicles?! Nice!

Batman: You sure are excited to have them.

Bluelectro: Yeah. Kinda reminds me of Cyrus Borg. He built many technological stuff and action packed vehicles for me and my friends. (pulls out a picture of him and his mother) Mom, I hope you'll see me again.

Batman: Something wrong?

Bluelectro: Huh? No. It's just a picture of me and my mother Jennifer Gordon. She's the previous master of lightning and the wife of my late father Cliff Gordon. He is a movie actor who played Fritz Donnegan. She's not dead, but I still miss her.

Batman: Well, you're the only one with a surviving parent? Just like Hiccup and Stoick.

Bluelectro: Who?

Batman: Uh, nothing. Just talking to myself.

Bluelectro: You're supposed to be giving me a tour of the Bat-Cave, not talk about that Hiccup guy Aquos mentioned before Darkseid kidnapped you.

(Batman looks at Hiccup's Justice Crystal and feels saddened)

Bluelectro: (sighs) You gotta let it go. You're the Dark Knight. You need to stuff your emotions deep down inside. Feel nothing. Only plot, plan and react to a world full of cowardly, superstitious criminals. You said that to me when I first joined the League, right?

(Bluelectro noticed a picture of a woman with red hair, a bat mask and a red cape.)

Bluelectro: Who's that?

Batman: That would be my cousin Kate Kane aka the Batwoman.

Bluelectro: Batwoman?

Batman: Correct. Another crime fighter in Gotham City.

(Alfred arrives)

Alfred Pennyworth: Batman, it is nice to have a visitor, but I don't appreciate how you're revealing---

Batman: Alfred, he's not a visitor. (turns to Bluelectro) Bluelectro, this is my butler Alfred Pennyworth. (turns to Alfred again) Alfred, this is Bluelectro. He's a new member of the Justice League and a Spinjitzu Ninja of Ninjago.

Alfred Pennyworth: My apologies, sir.

Bluelectro: It's okay. It's nice to meet you.

Alfred Pennyworth: The pleasure is mine, young sir.

Bluelectro: Call me Jason.

Batman: Jason?

Bluelectro: Yes. That's my real name.

Alfred Pennyworth: Very well then, Master Jason. I hope you have a post-fight donut after your battle.

Bluelectro: Thanks, Alfred. (Grabs a blue and yellow iced donut and eats it.)

(Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin arrive)

Batgirl: Hey, Bluelectro!

Bluelectro: Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin. It's been a while.

Robin: Nice for us to "drop" in. (chuckles)

Nightwing: Batman, why are you showing Lightning--- I mean, "Bluelectro" the Bat-Cave?

Batman: Bluelectro and the Spinjitzu Ninjas saved me and the Justice League from Darkseid and they went from rookies to full members of the Justice League.

Batgirl: Okay, we could show him the Hall of Justice and---

Bluelectro: The League already did that. (turns to Nightwing) And it took you long enough to get my name right, Nightwing.

Nightwing: Surely, before I became Batman's sidekick, I was---

Batman: A circus trapeze aerialist.

Bluelectro: Wait, Nightwing was raised in a circus? What happened to it?

Nightwing: (sighs) I don't want to talk about it.

(Batman taps Bluelectro's shoulder and they went to talk in private)

Bluelectro: What's wrong with Nightwing?

Batman: You and I are not the only ones with something in common. (flashback plays) Before he became a crime fighter, he used to be part of a circus family called the "Flying Graysons". One night, as a child, his parents were murdered during the act. So I adopt and recruited him to become my crime-fighting sidekick Robin. (flashback ends) He's the first Robin, while Damian is the fifth Robin.

Bluelectro: Oh. So that's why he doesn't want to talk about. What about Batgirl? Is her family murdered?

Batman: No, she's the only one whose family is still alive. (flashback plays) Before she became a crime fighter, she was known as Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. She wanted to join the Gotham City Police Department and follow in her father's footsteps, but he wouldn't allow it. One night, at a Masquerade Ball, she wore a homemade "female Batman" costume as a jive against her father and ended up stopping a planned kidnapping on a billionaire named Bruce Wayne by Killer Moth. Realizing that this was how she could fight crime, Barbara decided to keep the Batgirl moniker. Though I didn't approve of her at first, I eventually came to accept her due to urges from Alfred and revealed my identity to her. She worked with me and Robin, the Dynamic Duo, until Robin grew up and set out to fight crime on his own in Gotham as Nightwing, when she became my primary partner, (flashback ends) until a new Robin was recruited.

Bluelectro: Whoa, that was cool. That Bruce Wayne guy must be a really famous billionaire.

Batman: Well, he was a wise man.

Bluelectro: How do you know so much about Bruce Wayne anyway? You're an orphan?

Batman: Yes. Frankly, it's because...

(Batman removes his mask revealing himself as Bruce Wayne.)

Bruce Wayne: I'm Bruce Wayne.

Bluelectro: You're Bruce Wayne? Like, the Bruce Wayne? Billionaire Bruce Wayne?! The Bruce Wayne with all those super expensive sports cars?! The Bruce Wayne with the private jet that has its own arcade in it?! Wow! What's that like?!

Bruce Wayne: It's okay. I mean, I only have 500 games onboard. No big whoop.

Bluelectro: Awesome!

Bruce Wayne: Listen, Jay, when I was a kid, I lost my parents, too. So I know what it is to be alone. I took that fear and loneliness and decided to do something good with it. Just like you're doing. Be proud of who you are, Jay.

(Bruce puts his mask back on.)

Batman: Kids and teens can be heroes too. My three former Robins are a testament to that. What you did? That's brave. Showing me really who you are? That's trust. I don't know what my friends say, but you're alright with me.

Bluelectro: You have your own butler?

Batman: Alfred will make whatever I want. Unless I make him mad, which happens more than villains causing trouble.

(Batman brings Bluelectro to the gadget room where the gadgets, equipment and weapons are.)

Bluelectro: Are those your gadgets?

Batman: Yes. There's also equipment and weapons that I use in crime-fighting. I have something to say to you.

Bluelectro: What is it?

Batman: Ever since you joined the League, Bluelectro, you fought against criminals with ease and no fear after discovering your immunity to Scarecrow's Fear Gas. You plotted, planned and reacted to a world of cowardly, superstitious criminals. I'm very proud of your willpower. With bravery, justice and honour for fighting crime and injustice in Gotham City, (puts cape and Utility belt on Bluelectro) I've decided to make you my official sidekick from Ninjago.

Bluelectro: Wow. Thank you, Master Batman. I don't have anything to give to you.

Batman: You give us strength, Bluelectro. That is gifted enough. You have much to learn about being a caped crusader. Welcome to the Bat-Family.

Bluelectro: I will learn a lot from you, Partner.

(Trouble Alert goes off and the Bat-Computer shows Riddler and Two-Face stealing gold and jewels from Gotham Bank.)

Bluelectro: Who are they?

Batman: Riddler and Two-Face! They're criminals of Gotham and they're stealing jewels and gold from Gotham Bank! Going back to the Hall of Justice will have to wait.

Bluelectro: You're right!

(Bluelectro tries to go but is stopped by Batman, who pulls out the keys to the Bat-Mobile.)

Batman: Now that you're part of the Bat-Family, care to take the driver seat in the Batmobile?

Bluelectro: Absolutely!

(Batman gave Bluelectro the keys as the blue ninja hops into the Batmobile and drives off. Batman hops into the Lightning-Mobile and drives off after Bluelectro.)

(Themyscira; Daytime)

(Wonder Woman is showing Aquos a tour around Themyscira)

Aquos: Geez! How many women are there?! (looks at her hands and counts) One, two, three, four, five, six---

Wonder Woman: Over thousands, Aquos. And we don't have fingers.

Aquos: (looks at her hands) Oh, right. Boy, I feel stupid right now. Are there sixty Amazons?

Wonder Woman: Seven Amazons. Their names are Hippolyta, Antiope, Mala, Philippus, Artemis, Hessia and I, Diana Princess. That's representatives. There are some Amazons that have gone rogue. Four of them. Don't ask.

Aquos: Oh, come on! (grabs an apple and bites it) I thought you said Amazons know that the wellbeing of others always what matters most?

Wonder Woman: Of course I did, Nya.

Aquos: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You can't call me by my secret identity while in costume!

Wonder Woman: Think nothing of it. We Justice Leaguers share secret identities with each other.

Aquos: Really? I thought everyone knows the league's secrets?

(An alarm sounds and the Amazons Guardians prepare for battle while the residents hide)

Amazon: We must prevent Giganta and Vandal Savage from reaching the treasure! At all costs!

Wonder Woman: Great Hera!

Aquos: Who's Vandal Savage?

Wonder Woman: The never-aging nemesis of the Justice League. We have to stop him and Giganta from finding the secret treasure!

(Wonder Woman and Aquos sets off. Giganta and Vandal Savage are destroying the forest while searching for the treasure)

Vandal Savage: Me thinks treasure around somewhere!

Giganta: Well, don't talk like a Neanderthal, Savage! Keep searching!

(Vandal Savage and Giganta got hit by Aquos' Water Elemental Powers)

Aquos: So, let me guess? You're Vandal Savage?

Vandal Savage: I do not know how you know my name. But why are you dressed like a samurai?

Aquos: It's a ninja gi. Wonder Woman and I will stop you and Giganta doing your little treasure hunt, pal!

Vandal Savage: You am asked for this.

Aquos: Don't think, be quick. ALALALALALALALALALALAYAAA!!!!!

(Aquos uses Spinjitzu and starts beating up Vandal Savage while Wonder Woman fights Giganta)

Giganta: You're gonna pay for beating me, Wonderless Woman!

Wonder Woman: Aquos, we have to get them off of Themyscira, quickly!

Aquos: Then I'll make the ocean throw those two off the island quickly.

(Aquos uses her Hydrokinesis and grabs both the villains, throwing them off the island and the Amazons cheer for Wonder Woman and Aquos)

Amazon #1: You have saved our treasure from those two villains, Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman: It was Aquos, who used her Hydrokinesis to get rid of them. She is a Water Ninja.

Amazon #2: Aquos, you have saved our home's treasure from Vandal Savage and Giganta. You are now an honorary Amazon.

(The Amazons cheer for Aquos and Wonder Woman)

Aquos: Thank Hera! (turns to Wonder Woman) I always wanted to say that.

(Metropolis; daytime)

Superman: This must be your first time in Metropolis, isn't it?

Flamenado: Actually, my friends and I woke up in Metropolis before joining you guys.

Superman: Really? (Chuckles) I believe you.

(Flamenado spots the Daily Planet)

Flamenado: What's a planet doing on a building?

Superman: Oh, that's the Daily Planet. That's where Lois, Jimmy and Clark worked as news reporters. Jimmy's a cameraman. Anyway, you should meet the new member of the Justice League called "Firestorm".

Flamenado: Firestorm?

Superman: Of course. The hero with the ability to transform matter. There's also Supergirl. An auxiliary leaguer. She has the same powers as me.

(Superman sends a signal on his phone)

Flamenado: When will they get here?

Superman: Three, two, one.

(Supergirl and Firestorm arrive quickly)

Firestorm: Hey, Sups! So, this's the Fire Ninja, huh?

Superman: Indeed. Flamenado, meet Firestorm and Supergirl!

Flamenado: Woah! Dude, your head's on fire!

Firestorm: Don't worry, pal. It's just my natural hair design.

Supergirl: Oh, I always wanted to fight evil---

Superman: Supergirl, when there's evil causing trouble, we'll fight against them.

Flamenado: Anyone want to race back to the Hall of Justice?

Supergirl: Okay! Last one there is a rotten egg!

(Supergirl, Flamenado, Firestorm and Superman set off to race.)


(Green Lantern and Energon arrived on Oa)

Green Lantern: Welcome to Oa! Home of the Green Lantern Corps.

Energon: Whoa! This is incredible! Just like my old home.

Green Lantern: What is it, E?

Energon: Haven't you heard of a city called Ninjago City?

Green Lantern: Ninjago City?

Energon: Yeah. It feels like being back home.

Green Lantern: Yeah, at Metropolis, those criminals are like snakes creeping up on innocent citizens.

Energon: Snakes, huh? Did I ever told you about that one time I abandoned the Serpentine?

Green Lantern: Yeah?

Energon: That was when the Anacondrai snake Pythor betrayed me and used me to free the Fangpyre after I released the Hypnobrai, my friends have to solve a riddle that says "What is the best way to defeat an enemy?". After the Ninjas recruit me on their team, the answer was "To make the enemy your friend.".

Green Lantern: Ah. Don't feel bad, kid. You have some new friends when you first joined our team.

(Green Lantern spots John and Guy)

Green Lantern: Hey, John! Guy!

(John waves at Hal but Guy glares at Energon)

John Stewart: Hey, Hal! Who's the newbie?

Green Lantern: Energon, these are the green lanterns John Stewart and Guy Gardner. John, Guy, this is Energon. A new member of the Justice League and a Spinjitzu Ninja. Say, Energon. What's your real name?

Energon: Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon, but you can call me Lloyd.

John Stewart: Good to see ya, Lloyd! Any friend of Hal is a friend of the Green Lantern Corps.

Energon: Thanks, John. It's so weird that everyone on this planet is wearing green and holding those rings.

Green Lantern: You mean the lantern rings? They're the lantern's weapons. How 'bout you get one?

Energon: That'd be cool to--- (gets punched by Guy) Ow! What was that for?!

Guy Gardner: Hal, d'you let this pipsqueak join the Justice League!? (Laughs hysterically) He can't even save his own time!

Green Lantern: Guy, that's the new member of the Justice League named Energon! If you make fun of him, then he's going to use Spinjitzu on you! Right, Energon? Energon?

(Hal, John and Guy look at Energon who is attractively staring at the female green lantern. The female green lantern looks at Energon and lightly blushes.)

Guy Gardner: Hey, kid! Hello? Floyd? Wakey-wakey! Hey! I'm asking you!

John Stewart: Hey, Energon. What's the matter?

Green Lantern: Oh, boy. I think Energon's has eyes on Jessica.

Energon: (looks at Hal.) Jessica? That name sure is... beautiful.

Green Lantern: That's Jessica Cruz. The female green lantern. How 'bout you chat with her?

(Energon whistles and Jessica looks at him. Jessica covers her eyes.)

Energon: No need to be shy, Jessie. (Walks over to Jessica.) Name's Lloyd. But you can call me Energon. Don't worry about it. (Jessica uncovers her eyes.) I'm the master of energy and spinjitzu.

Jessica Cruz: Spinjitzu? That's sounds like a good thing.

Energon: It's a martial art from Ninjago. That's where I'm from.

Jessica Cruz: (Blushing) Well, you have a very good home. I have stage fright when I'm fighting crime while being on camera or being watched by everyone.

Energon: (Puts his arm around Jessica.) You know what, Cruzy? I've once fought against the Red, Orange and Yellow Lanterns when I first joined the League.

Jessica Cruz: You were outnumbered! You could've gotten yourself hurt, Energon!

Energon: Nah, they weren't a problem for me. I feel fine while I was facing them.

Jessica Cruz: How did you beat them?

Energon: Simple, flurry of energy punches, energy elemental powers and of course green spinjitzu. Green happens to be my favorite color, including yours. Ever noticed that the color green suits a lovely female Green Lantern like you who happens to be very beautiful? I did.

(Guy looks shocked while Hal and John are surprised.)

Jessica Cruz: Really? (Giggles and blushes hard) Thanks, Energon. You're gonna have my phone number, right?

Energon: Sure thing, Jess. I'll give ya my phone number. (Gives his phone number to Jessica.) We'll hangout together later. See ya, (He winks at her.) babe.

(Jessica started swooning as she smiles and blushes hard while Energon leaves with Hal, John and Guy.)

Jessica Cruz: (Attractively) Heh. Call me!

Guy Gardner: Did he- You just- That kid- HE'S GOT A GIRL'S PHONE NUMBER?!?!?!

John Stewart: Whoa! Quite the Ladies' Man, huh, Energon?

Energon: (Looks at Jessica's phone number.) I think I have gotten myself a girlfriend.

Guy Gardner: Hey, Eli! You think you're better at getting girls than me?! How about I give you a knuckle sandwich!

(Guy constructs a chicken instead.)

Energon: That was "fowl". (Laughs)

Guy Gardner: (Growls) I thought it's gone back to normal! (Constructs a boxing glove.) Ha! There we go. Now, where were we?

(Hal stops Guy from threatening Energon.)

Green Lantern: Guy Gardner!! You're not allowed to taunt new members of the Justice League! And you're not allowed to insult them! Is that clear!?

Guy Gardner: I- (sighs) Sorry.

(Guy sadly leaves.)

Energon: Is he always like this?

John Stewart: Nah, he's just cocky. He's even more annoying than Hal's BFF Flash. (Looks at Hal) No offence.

Green Lantern: Well, Energon, if you want to get your own lantern ring, then you're going to prove the Guardians of the Universe as a green lantern.

Energon: (gulps) Okay.

(Planetary Citadel)

Ganthet: So, this is the new member of the Justice League?

Green Lantern: Yes, Ganthet. His name is Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon, or Energon is what his friends call him. He's the master of both spinjitzu and the energy element. He fought against the red, orange and yellow lanterns with ease. He is the green ninja of Ninjago.

Energon: He's right. And... It felt like I have the willpower to fight against the three evil lanterns.

Ganthet: Hmm... Very well then. (Reveals lantern ring.) Take this ring. It was supposed to be used by one of the former lanterns but they lost their willpower to Sinestro. Grab it and concentrate.

(Energon grabs the ring and concentrates on the ring as it glows.)

Energon: In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power... Green Lantern's Light!

(Energon's Lantern Ring activates and forms a construct of the green lantern corps symbol.)

Ganthet: Well done. You have passed the test, Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon. You are now a Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

Green Lantern: Welcome aboard, Energon.

(Energon smiles with pride and looks at his Lantern Ring.)

Energon (In his head): Mother, Father, Master Wu, I hope you'll be proud that I'm a green lantern now.

(Jump City; Titans Tower)

(Ice-tanium and Cyborg enter the elevator)

Cyborg: I can't believe I'm showing you a tour of the Titans Tower!

Ice-tanium: Is this you're first time here at the tower?

Cyborg: Nah, I'm a Teen Titan. My friends are going to be excited to see you. Except for Raven that is.

Ice-tanium: Is that some kind of bird?

Cyborg: Nah, she's the sorceress and Trigon's daughter. Starfire's an alien from Tamaran. Beast Boy is the green skin dude that can turn into any animal! He's my BFF.

Ice-tanium: My sensors indicate that BFF stands for "Best Friends Forever".

Cyborg: The hangout is still a little messy. Well, here we are.

(Ice-tanium and Cyborg enter the Titans' hangout area. Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven look at Ice-tanium and Cyborg.)

Cyborg: Hey, guys! Meet Ice-tanium, our new pal of the Justice League!

Beast Boy: Sup, Chiller!

Ice-tanium: "Chiller"?

Cyborg: Don't mind Beast Boy. He's the kid who always nicknames new Leaguers.

Raven: So, you're Ice-tanium, huh? Good to see you. I'm Raven.

Cyborg: Rae, I already told him your names.

Ice-tanium: I'm glad you have some good friends, Cyborg. But... I don't know what I have to say about... (gestures to Starfire) Her.

Starfire: This is so wonderful! Are you the titanium of ice from the city of the going of the ninjas?

Ice-tanium: Uhh... It's pronounced Ninjago City and Ice-tanium, Princess Koriand'r Starfire of Tamaran.

Beast Boy: Really? You still have the guts, man!

Ice-tanium: I don't have guts, Beast Boy. I'm a Nindroid.

Beast Boy: No guts?! (Screams) ZOMBIE!!

Cyborg: (slaps Beast Boy) Beast Boy, calm down! He's a, uh... What are you again?

Ice-tanium: Nindroid.

Cyborg: Thanks. (turns to Beast Boy) He's a Nindroid.

Beast Boy: Really? Phew! Anyways, check me out! (Turns into a chicken and clucks in mockery. Turns back) See what I did there? Pretty cool, huh?

Ice-tanium: Cool. Yeah. (to Raven) Do you play Chess?

Raven: Yeah. I play Chess with the other Titans.

Ice-tanium: Back in Ninjago, I'm known as the "Chess Master Extraordinaire".

Beast Boy: Hey, Star found the remote!

Ice-tanium: That is very-- Wait, what?!

(Ice-tanium horrifyingly looks at the remote in Starfire's hand.)

Ice-tanium: Starfire, don't you-

Starfire: I always wanted to use the playing of the toy! (Controls Ice-tanium with the remote.)

Ice-tanium: (forced to move about) What are you doing?! (moves some books onto shelves, Starfire makes him clean the closet) Stop it! (forced to clean the dishes) You're a monster! (forced to clear the dust off)

(Beast Boy sneezes, making Starfire drop the remote, the batteries falling out. As Starfire tries to grab the batteries, the freed and angered Ice-tanium stares at her)

Raven: Well, it looks like the remote was controlling Ice-tanium.

Cyborg: Good thing, the hangout's cleaned.

Beast Boy: Yeah! It's all sparkly!

Starfire: I apologize for the remote incident. We are still the friends, right?

(Ice-tanium soon uses his Ice power on Starfire. Several minutes later, Starfire is encased in a block of ice, holding the remote as Ice-tanium is using it as a foot rest while sitting down and watching TV before taking the remote, sighing)

Starfire: (muffling)

Ice-tanium: (sarcastically) I'm sorry. You were saying something?

(Central City)

(Flash and Bouldergeist arrive in Central City.)

Flash: Bouldergeist, welcome to Central City!

Bouldergeist: Sure is a big place. Is Central City named after Central Park in New York City?

Flash: I don't know. It's just a name. Now if you excuse me... (He zooms off to do things.)

Bouldergeist: Barry, you sure are one fast hero.

(Two cars crashed into each other and bricks break apart.)

Driver 1: Hey, hey, hey, you hit my car! Who's gonna take care of this?!

(Flash noticed two drivers arguing and zooms towards them.)

Driver 2: Me?! You hit me! I'm gonna sue you for every brick you've got!

(Flash zooms around the cars, instantly rebuilding them and zooms off as they wave at Flash.)

Driver 1/Driver 2: Thanks, Flash!

Driver 2: That guy's fast.

(Flash waves back at the drivers. The next scene shows the wheel on the school bus fell off.)

Bus Driver: Well, it looks like the bus repairman will be here in about five hours. Then we'll be off to Star City for a fun time. (The kids groan.) Now, now. We could--

(Flash zooms around the school bus putting the wheel back on the bus and the kids cheer in excitement.)

Bus Driver: (Weakly) Thanks, Flash...

Kids: (Waving at the Flash.) Thanks, Flash!

(In an open head shot, Flash is zooming around Central City.)

Man 1: Thanks, Flash!

Woman: Thanks, Flash!

Man 2: Thanks, Flash!

Man 3: Thanks, Flash!

(The billboard man was about to put up a tile on the billboard but Flash puts all of them on which says "Thanks, Flash!" before zooming off.)

Billboard Man: Thanks, Flash!

Flash: Five minutes dragging Bouldergeist with me and look at all the good I've done. (His stomach grumbles.) Oh, I know that grumble, and it's saying "Donuts now!" And where are the best donuts? Gotham City!

(Flash does a u-turn and goes to Gotham City.)

(Gotham City)

(Flash comes out of Fox's Donuts with two donuts in his hands.)

Flash: Man! Bouldergeist is gonna love these donuts Fox has made in-- (He slips on ice and catches the donuts.) What in the?

Mr. Freeze: Why not take a breather?

Flash: Mr. Freeze? The only frosting my friend and I are interested in today are on these donuts. Give up now and we'll chalk it up to hysteria over global warming.

Mr. Freeze: How about something else? I know. Global freezing!

(Mr. Freeze shoots from his ice gun but time stops and Flash tosses two donuts in the air and walks over to Mr. Freeze.)

Flash: Global freezing? That doesn't even make sense. Come on, Freeze, you got better material than that. (He grabs the money bag from Freeze and drags him to where the laser is shot to.) How about chances of that are below zero?

(Flash lets go of Mr. Freeze and grabs the donuts as time starts moving again. Mr. Freeze gets frozen as two police cars arrive.)

Flash: Never mind. I can see my puns leave you "cold". (He laughs as the police officer walks up to him.) Cold. He's all yours, officer!

Police Officer: Thanks, Flash. Hey, you know what goes good with those donuts? You ever been to that Lampert's Milkshakes in Star City?

Flash: No. I can get Bouldergeist a milkshake!

(Flash zooms off to Star City.)

(Star City)

(Flash comes out of Lampert's Milkshakes with two milkshakes in his hand.)

Flash: Aww, man! Bouldergeist is going to love this milkshake! Back to Central City I go!

(Flash zooms off and noticed police cars chasing Catwoman on a motorcycle.)

Flash: Ooh, a chase scene. I love chase scenes.

(Flash zooms off and gives the donuts and milkshakes to a police officer in the passenger seat.)

Flash: Hold these for me. The donut and milkshake are for my friend.

(Flash zooms past the police car and Catwoman noticed him.)

Flash: Catwoman! You know, you're the second criminal of Gotham City that I've run into today. You guys have a club or something?

Catwoman: Yes. It's the Arkham Criminals Rebellion club!

(Catwoman throws three of her yarn ball bombs at Flash, who spins around and deflects them sending them flying.)

Flash: Ha! Missed me!

Catwoman: Cat got their tongue?

Flash: Yeah. Yours.

(Flash slows down as three yarn bombs fly towards Catwoman.)

Catwoman: Fiddlesticks.

(The yarn bombs blow up Catwoman's cycle, sending her flying on her butt.)

Flash: Well, that puts the "cat" in catastrophe!

(Flash grabs the milkshakes and donuts then zooms off to Central City.)

(Central City)

(Flash stops next to Bouldergeist.)

Flash: I'm back!

Bouldergeist: AHH!!!

Flash: (Laughing.) Sorry, I can't help it.

Bouldergeist: That's alright.

Flash: Well, (He hands Bouldergeist the donut and milkshake.) Here's your donut from Fox's Donuts and your milkshake from Lampert's Milkshakes!

(Bouldergeist drinks the milkshake.)

Bouldergeist: Wow! This milkshake tastes great!

Flash: I know. (Bouldergeist eats his donut.) That's why I have to do things.

Bouldergeist: Really?

Flash: Yup. Even stop Catwoman and Mr. Freeze. (He spots Mystery Incorporated.) Hey, it's the Scooby Gang! (whistles)

(The Gang looks at Flash and Bouldergeist)

Norville Shaggy Rogers/Scooby-Doo: GHOST!!!

Velma Daisy Dinkley: JINKIES!!

Frederick Herman Jones: Let's get out of here!

(Fred, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby ran off except for Daphne)

Daphne Ann Blake: Guys! Come back! (sighs) This happens every time.

Bouldergeist: Something okay?

Daphne Ann Blake: Uh... No. My friends are always spooked off when they saw someone who was a ghost. But you sure are not that scary as the other ones.

Flash: Bouldergeist, meet Daphne, the member of Mystery Incorporated. Daphne, meet Bouldergeist, the Spinjitzu Ninja of Ninjago and a member of the Justice League.

(Bouldergeist high fives Daphne)

Daphne Ann Blake: Jeepers, you're a member of the Justice League?

Bouldergeist: Yeah I am.

(Bouldergeist is then suddenly attacked by Plastic Man.)

Plastic Man: Don't worry, Flash! I got him now!

Flash: Plas, I wasn't—

(Aquaman arrives pushing Flash out of the way.)

Aquaman: Have no fear, my scarlet speedster! I'll defeat this perilous poltergeist underwater!

Bouldergeist: Did he just said... "WATER"?!?!?! I CAN'T GET WET!!!!!!

(Bouldergeist struggles to break free. Flash pulls Plastic Man off of Bouldergeist and uses him as a lasso)

Flash: That's it, Aquaman! You asked for it! You know what you're getting?

Aquaman: A thanks for saving your life?

Flash: A yo-yo shaped stretcher pummeling a king of Atlantis!

Aquaman: I don't know how you're... Uh-oh.

(Flash lassoes Aquaman with Plastic Man and pummels him.)

Aquaman: OW! Not in the face, not in the face!

Plastic Man: The Flash has gone berserk! Help!!

(Bouldergeist and Daphne watch as Aquaman gets beaten up badly.)

Daphne Ann Blake: Wait, why did you say, "I can't get wet", Bouldergeist?

Bouldergeist: Since I'm a ghost, water is my weakness. If a ghost from Ninjago touches water, they'll evaporate.

Daphne Ann Blake: Is that true?

Bouldergeist: Yeah.

(Flash stops pummeling Aquaman and Plastic Man.)

Flash: Plastic Man, Aquaman, I'm not being threatened by Bouldergeist!! He is a member of the Justice League and you attacked him for no reason?!

Plastic Man: We thought---

Flash: Apologize. Right. Now!

Plastic Man: Sorry for a mistake.

Aquaman: Hope you'll forgive us right?

Bouldergeist: Yes, and one thing I should do to you two. Ninja, GOO!!

(Bouldergeist uses Spinjitzu and sends Aquaman and Plastic Man flying.)

Daphne Ann Blake: Jeepers. What was that?

Bouldergeist: Spinjitzu. It's a martial art from Ninjago.

Flash: Now that I gave you a tour, how 'bout we head back to the Hall of Justice?

Bouldergeist: You bet!

(Bouldergeist holds onto the tow rope attached to Flash who zooms off.)

Daphne Ann Blake: Wait! How am I going to get there!? (sighs) Might as well take the bus.

(Daphne waits at the bus stop and the bus stops.)

Bus Driver: Two tokens.

Daphne Ann Blake: (holds out two tokens) Take me to Metropolis, please.

(Hall of Justice)

(Bluelectro is practicing his Yin-Yang Promise to Aquos on Flamenado.)

Bluelectro: Aquos. I-I wanted to ask you this for... a long time. Um, will you... be my Yang? (Holds up Yin and Yang token.)

Flamenado: No, no, no. You can't ask like that.

Bluelectro: I may be the fearless member of the Justice League, but I'm just a little nervous. And why not?

Flamenado: You have to ask with confidence. Like this. (Switches Bluelectro to his position.) Hey, Nya, how's it going? (Grabs Bluelectro's hand.) I've been thinking. You and me. We make a pretty good pair. So what do you say we make it official? (Slides around Bluelectro, grabs Yin and Yang token, and spins into a proposal stance.) Will you be my Yang? (Holds out Yin and Yang token.)

Bluelectro: (Takes token.) Uhhh... Yes?

Flamenado: See?

Bluelectro: Wait. No, I can't ask like that. It doesn't feel right, it feels too—I don't know, cocky. And we can't use our secret identities while in costume (Pulls out rulebook.) as stated in the Justice League Rulebook page one.

Flamenado: How are you acting like Batman?

Bluelectro: He gave me a cape and my very own Utility Belt.

(Shaggy runs into Bluelectro's bedroom with Scooby)

Norville Shaggy Rogers: HIDE UNDER THE BED, SCOOB!! (Hides under the bed with Scooby)

Bluelectro/Flamenado: Shaggy? Scooby?

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Like, don't hurt us!! We're begging you!!!

Scooby-Doo: I don't want to get hurt!!

Bluelectro: Guys, it's only us. Flamenado and Bluelectro.

(Shaggy then realized Bluelectro from before. Shaggy and Scooby get out from under the bed.)

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Hey, you're that blue pirate that saved us in Gotham!

Bluelectro: Uh... I'm a Spinjitzu Ninja. And my name is Bluelectro.

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Like, why are you two acting weird?

Flamenado: We're not. Bluelectro's trying to find the right way to ask Aquos to be his Yang. (Bluelectro glares at him) Oh. Sorry.

Bluelectro: (Puts token in his pocket) It's supposed to be a secret, so don't tell anyone.

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Don't worry. We won't tell anyone!

Scooby-Doo: Yeah! We won't tell anyone.

(Aquos bursts open the door.)

Aquos: Tell anyone what?

Norville Shaggy Rogers: ZOINKS!!!

(Shaggy and Scooby get scared and quickly jumped in Flamenado and Bluelectro's arms.)

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Dude! Come on!

Flamenado: Aquos! What's on your wrists?

Aquos: Hmm? (Looks at her bracelets.) Those are my bracelets I got as an Amazon after---

Bluelectro: Saving Themyscira from Giganta and Vandal Savage. Yes, I know.

Aquos: What are Shaggy and Scooby doing here?

Scooby-Doo: We're hiding from the ghost!

Bluelectro: Ghost? You mean Bouldergeist?

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Like, yeah! That's the ghost we saw in Metropolis and Central City! He's gonna possess Daphne! (Cries)

Flamenado: (slaps Shaggy) Snap out of it, Shaggy! Bouldergeist isn't threatening anyone. (Pulls out phone and looks at text.) Huh. He texted me that he became friends with Daphne.

(Bouldergeist phases through the bedroom wall.)

Bouldergeist: Hey, guys!

Norville Shaggy Rogers/Scooby-Doo: GHOST!!!!!

(Bluelectro and Flamenado grab Shaggy and Scooby before they run off.)

Bluelectro: Calm down, you two. It's just Bouldergeist. He's a member of the Justice League.

(Daphne, Velma and Fred arrive in Bluelectro's room.)

Daphne Ann Blake: There you are. I have to take a bus to Metropolis.

Scooby-Doo: Daphne! You're okay!

(Scooby runs into Daphne and starts licking her.)

Daphne Ann Blake: Guys, I'm fine.

Frederick Herman Jones: We heard from Daphne that Bouldergeist isn't a threat after all.

Bouldergeist: Uh... You tried to pull my head off when I first saw you.

Frederick Herman Jones: Oh. Right. Sorry.

Bouldergeist: It's all right. Any friend of Daphne's is a friend of mine. (Turns to Shaggy and Scooby.) And you two as well.

Norville Shaggy Rogers: (Sighs) Man, oh, man. I guess we don't have a choice, Scoob. I can't believe we're friends with a gho--- err... I mean "Bouldergeist".

Bluelectro: So, Aquos, why are you still in my room?

Aquos: We have to get to the meeting room. There's something on the computer!

(Bluelectro, Flamenado and Bouldergeist follow Aquos. Mystery Inc. went with them. They arrived in the meeting room.)

Energon: Guys! There you are!

Flamenado: Energon! (Looks at Energon's ring.) Is that...?

Energon: Yep. It's my Lantern Ring. I'm a green lantern now. I even got a girl's phone number. I'm a Ladies' Man on Oa.

Bluelectro: So, Ice-tanium. How was your visit at the Titans Tower?

Ice-tanium: My calculations indicate that my visit was really exhausting.

Aquos: Really? I thought you'd be excited?

Ice-tanium: Not after Starfire controlled me with a remote control.

Cyborg: Ice-tanium, Starfire doesn't know that. She's still frozen in an ice block. (Looks at Bluelectro's cape and Utility Belt in shock.) Is that- How are you- YOU'RE BATMAN'S SIDEKICK?!?!?!?! (Faints.)

Bluelectro: (Sighs) Teenagers. (Zaps Cyborg.)

Cyborg: I can't believe---

Batman: Bluelectro is my sidekick. Yes, I know.

Velma Daisy Dinkley: (looks at Ice-tanium.) Jinkies! You have a robot?

Ice-tanium: It's very psychological that I'm a Nindroid.

Velma Daisy Dinkley: Clearly, the name "Nindroid" is a collaboration between Android and Ninja.

Ice-tanium: It's scientific that your weakness is losing your glasses when you trip or bump into a wall.

(Wonder Woman, Flash, Superman and Green Lantern arrive.)

Superman: Well, it looks like you already made Mystery Incorporated your friends, huh? And good job at being pals with Shaggy and Scooby, Bouldergeist.

Bouldergeist: (to Shaggy and Scooby.) What'd I tell ya? There's nothing to be scared of a Ghost Earth Spinjitzu Ninja.

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Like, dude. Scoob and I got away when we first saw you.

Bluelectro: I can't believe that I got to be part of the Bat-Family! And I drove the Batmobile before and after defeating Riddler and Two-Face!

Flash: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You got to drive the Batmobile?!

Green Lantern: Oh, sweet!

Cyborg: Are you kidding me?!?!

Bluelectro: Yup! Batman gave me the keys to the Batmobile!

Flamenado: Hey, sis, what's on the computer?

Aquos: Take a look at this!

(Aquos uses the computer.)

Lois Lane: Three hours ago, another city called "Ninjago City" has appeared (Bluelectro, Flamenado, Bouldergeist, Ice-tanium and Energon looked at the computer, surprised and excited.) between Gotham City and Metropolis! It appears that this new city might be the home of the Spinjitzu Ninjas of Ninjago! For the Daily Planet News this is Lois Lane signing off.

(The computer turns off.)

Flamenado/Bluelectro/Ice-tanium/Bouldergeist/Energon: NINJAGO CITY IS BETWEEN GOTHAM CITY AND METROPOLIS?!?!

Aquos: YES!! I can't believe Ninjago City is here!!! Our old friends and families are going to be excited to see us again!

Flash: What's "Ninjago City"?

Energon: It's our old home. How about we give you and Mystery Inc. a tour?

Cyborg: Booyah!!! Count me in!!

Superman: All right, Ninjas.

Wonder Woman: Absolutely.

Batman: Anywhere Bluelectro goes, I go.

Flash: Yep!

(Energon spots Jessica and walks up to her.)

Energon: Hey, Jessica. Want to go to Ninjago City? I know you have stage fright but I'll keep you safe. Okay?

Jessica Cruz: (Nods) Okay.

Frederick Herman Jones: Sure thing!

Daphne Ann Blake: O. M. G! That sounds like the best thing ever!

Velma Daisy Dinkley: Jinkies! That'll be great!

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Like, you want us to go to some crazy place filled with criminals?! Count me out!

Bouldergeist: Shaggy, Ninjago City's not full of criminals.

Norville Shaggy Rogers: There's no way you're getting me and Scoob to that city!

Daphne Ann Blake: I know how to get them there. (Pulls out Scooby Snacks Box.)

Norville Shaggy Rogers/Scooby-Doo: Uh-oh!

Daphne Ann Blake: Would you do it...

Scooby-Doo: Don't do it!

Daphne Ann Blake: For a...

Norville Shaggy Rogers: NOT THAT!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!

Daphne Ann Blake: (Pulls out a Scooby Snack.) Scooby Snack?

Aquos: What? She's bribing them with dog food?

Frederick Herman Jones: Oh, yeah. Daphne bribes Shaggy and Scooby with Scooby Snacks as a way to use them as live bait to lure in the monsters.

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Nuh-uh. We are not doing it for one Scooby Snack.

Daphne Ann Blake: (Pulls out another Scooby Snack.) Two Scooby Snacks?

Scooby-Doo: We're still ignoring you. And we don't want to do it for two Scooby Snacks.

Daphne Ann Blake: (Pulls out another Scooby Snack.) Three Scooby Snacks?

Norville Shaggy Rogers: (Opens both eyes. Looks at Scooby panting.) Okay, you got a deal.

Frederick Herman Jones: (Grabs three Scooby Snacks from Daphne and three Scooby Snacks from the Scooby Snacks Box. Shaggy and Scooby get excited.) Go long, guys!

(Fred throws the Scooby Snacks. Shaggy and Scooby ate three Scooby Snacks.)

Norville Shaggy Rogers: This place better have a snack bar. I'm so hungry.

Scooby-Doo: Me too. I can go for snacks from Ninjago City. (Laughs)

(On the way to Ninjago City)

(The Justice League and the Spinjitzu Ninjas are in the Javelin to Ninjago City)

Batman: So, you're from your hometown Ninjago City, correct?

Bluelectro: Yeah. It's really great that I might see my mother again. [V.O] Mom, I'm coming back home. (Slaps Cyborg's hand with his lightning elemental power.)

Cyborg: OWW!!!! Why won't you let me touch your Cape and your Utility Belt?! Just this once?!?!

Bluelectro: Probably because... You're too clumsy to be a ninja, Cyborg. I plotted, planned and reacted to a world of cowardly, superstitious criminals. Batman's both my sidekick and my mentor.

Cyborg: (Mouthing) Stupid Lightning Ninja.

Bluelectro: I anticipated that before you said it. (Zaps Cyborg again.)

Cyborg: (Shrieks)

Jessica Cruz: Ever since my friends are gone, I have a fear of being watched by millions of people.

Energon: I know. For a Ninjagonean like me, it's hard to live a normal life. At least we're green lanterns of Sector 2814. (Touches Jessica's hand.)

Batman: I called Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing to come with us to Ninjago City. Is Wu your mentor?

Flamenado: Yeah. He's the Master of Creation.

Flash: I thought he's the Master of Destruction?

Energon: That's my father Garmadon. My mother Misako is an archeologist.

Superman: Well, our old friends are still missing us when Batman spend his final day at their home.

Bouldergeist: What's it called?

Superman: It's a secret.

Green Lantern: (to Superman) Don't mind the Spinners, Superman. They don't even know what the Archipelago is.

Bouldergeist: Archi-What now?

Green Lantern: See?

Wonder Woman: Are there any female elemental masters besides yourself, Aquos?

Aquos: Huh? Oh, yeah. My mother Maya was the Master of Water and Bluelectro's mother Jennifer was the Master of Lightning. She's been stranded in the Realm of Oni and Dragons for twenty years!

Bluelectro: She's right, Wonder Woman. My mother was stranded in that realm but she got back to Ninjago City after we defeated the Iron Baron.

Wonder Woman: Merciful Minerva.

Cyborg: Is there another cyborg ninja besides yourself, Ice-tanium?

Ice-tanium: It's "Nindroid". And there is one Nindroid of whom I share a relationship with. Her name is P.I.X.A.L.. It's short for "Primary Interactive X-ternal Assistant Life-form". She's the Samurai X.

Cyborg: (Singing) 🎵 P.I.X.A.L. and Ice-tanium sittin' in the tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! 🎵 (gets zapped by Bluelectro and shrieks again.) Really, man?!

Bluelectro: Not very nice to tease his relationship with P.I.X.A.L., Cyborg.

(Mystery Inc. are in the Mystery Machine on the way to Ninjago City as the radio plays Hex Girls "Good Bad Girls".)

Hex Girls (radio): Listen up! This won't take long! Stop right there, don't try to run! We'll really gonna give it some! So watch out boys cause here we come!

Norville Shaggy Rogers: (simultaneously) Man, oh, man. I'm so hungry. Good thing (pulls out box of cookies.) I have one box of cookies.

(Scooby nudges the box and ate all the cookies.)

Hex Girls (radio): Brings it, boys!

Norville Shaggy Rogers: (simultaneously) Like, dude! No fair!

Scooby-Doo: (snickering)

Hex Girls (radio): We're the good bad girls! We're the good bad girls! We're the bad good girls!

Daphne Ann Blake: (simultaneously) You know what's strange? Those ninjas themselves. I mean, who are they? Really.

Frederick Herman Jones: (simultaneously) Who knows?

Hex Girls (radio): Don't push or you'll run out of luck!

Velma Daisy Dinkley: (simultaneously) We've met them in Metropolis for the first time. Now we've been saved by Bluelectro in Gotham City. And we saw Bouldergeist in Central City.

Hex Girls (radio): We're the good bad girls! (Yeah [3x]) We're the good bad girls! (Yeah [3x]) We're the bad good girls! (Yeah [3x]) Don't push or you'll run out of luck!

Daphne Ann Blake: (simultaneously) What I heard from Bouldergeist is that they have experienced martial arts.

Hex Girls (radio): Watch out here we come! Got you on the run!

Norville Shaggy Rogers: (simultaneously) Like, I didn't know they're good painters.

Hex Girls (radio): Good bad girls! We're the good bad girls! We're the bad good girls!

Daphne Ann Blake: (simultaneously) No, the ninjas are experienced fighters. Their martial arts must be called "Spinjitzu".

Scooby-Doo: (laughs) Spinjitzu's a funny word.

Velma Daisy Dinkley: (simultaneously) How is Spinjitzu a funny word?

Daphne Ann Blake: (looks at the sign.) Wait, Fred, stop the van!

(Fred stops the Mystery Machine and the Gang looked at the sign written in Ninjagan words as he turns off the radio.)

Velma Daisy Dinkley: Jinkies! The sign has mysterious letters.

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Man, that is really bad haiku. Or good haiku? I can never tell.

Daphne Ann Blake: Not Poem, a secret code. (Writes decoded words) Ta-da!

Frederick Herman Jones: (Reads) "Welcome to Ninjago City"! Hold the phone, how did you figure that out, Daphne?

Daphne Ann Blake: It's a Ninjago code. That's my first time decoding ninja language.

(Mystery Inc. then look at Ronin and R.E.X..)

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Zoinks!

Scooby-Doo: Ruh-roh.

Ronin: You kids feeling okay?

Frederick Herman Jones: No, sir. We're just going to enter Ninjago City.

Ronin: Are you? (They nod) That van of yours is really "hippie".

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Did he just called me a hippie?!

Scooby-Doo: (holds back Shaggy) Settle down, Raggy!

Frederick Herman Jones: It's called the Mystery Machine.

Ronin: I guess I believe you, if you're more mysterious than the Serpentine. (The Scooby Gang looked at him confused) What? No money?

Frederick Herman Jones: Sorry, we're just gonna get moving. Thanks for the chat, Mr...

Ronin: Name's "Ronin".

(Ronin takes off.)

Scooby-Doo: Phew. That was close.

(On the Javelin)

(Energon and Aquos then spot Ronin and R.E.X..)

Energon: Is that who I think it is?

Aquos: (gasps) IT'S RONIN!!

Cyborg: Who?

Energon: One of our friends! Hey! Ronin!!

Bluelectro/Aquos/Flamenado/Ice-tanium/Bouldergeist: Ronin!!!

(The Ninjas wave at Ronin.)

Ronin: Huh? (Looks at the Ninjas) Ninja?! You came back! (Spots Justice League) What the? Looks like they got new buddies. (communicates with the Javelin) It's great to see you again!

Flamenado: And we're really excited to see you and Ninjago City again!

Ronin: (Chuckles) I know, Kai. I still remember you, Nya, Cole, Jay, Zane and Lloyd. (Looks at Bluelectro's cape and Utility Belt) Jay, what's with the cape and the belt?

Bluelectro: It's my Utility Belt and Cape. I go with the name "Bluelectro" now.

Aquos: Mine's "Aquos"!

Flamenado: Mine is now "Flamenado"!

Energon: I am "Energon"!

Ice-tanium: I am now "Ice-tanium"!

Bouldergeist: You can see that I'm a ghost again, but I love being one again! And my name is "Bouldergeist"!

Robins: (chuckles) Nice names, for a couple of Modern-Ninjas. Oh, yeah. Who are your buddies?

Energon: Ronin, this is the Justice League. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, Jessica and Green Lantern! Justice League, this is Ronin!

Superman: It's a pleasure to meet you!

Ronin: The pleasure is all mine. Follow me to Ninjago City! Masters Wu, Garmadon, Ray, Maya and Jennifer are going to be happy!

(They follow Ronin to Ninjago City. They enter Ninjago City.)

(Back at the Museum, Wu, Jennifer, Ray, Maya, Misako and Garmadon looked at a new picture of all the Ninja and P.I.X.A.L. they took in front of the Museum.)

P.I.X.A.L.: Misako, Masters Wu, Garmadon, Jennifer, Ray, Maya, come quickly! (She leaves.)

Master Garmadon: P.I.X.A.L.?

Master Wu: (Drops the picture and he, Garmadon, Misako, Maya, Ray and Jennifer race after P.I.X.A.L.) What is it?

(The five masters and Misako exit the museum and see the Javelin with the Ninjas inside.)

Master Jennifer: My son, he's here!

Master Garmadon: Lloyd!

Master Ray: Our children are back!

Misako: I don't believe it!

Master Wu: It's them! They're back!

(In the Javelin)

Bluelectro: I can't believe we're going to be reunited with our friends and my mother!

Aquos: (Spots Borg Industries) Hey! There's Borg Industries!

Bouldergeist: (Spots Rufus MacAllister's Doomsday Comix) There's Doomsday Comix!

Flamenado: (Spots Ninjago Museum) There's the museum!

Energon: (Spots Dareth's Training Dojo) And there's Dareth's Dojo!

Wonder Woman: Beautiful.

Batman: Amazing.

Cyborg: Wow!

Green Lantern/Flash: Whoa!

Bouldergeist: (Looking down) Keep an eye out for our friends and masters.

Cyborg: (to Aquos) Is there any fro-yo?

Aquos: What? No! It's where our vehicles are made before we left Ninjago City!

Flash: How can you tell which one's your friends?

Energon: Master Wu has a beard, but my father doesn't. P.I.X.A.L. is a Nindroid like Ice-tanium, Ray and Maya are Flamenado and Aquos' parents and Jennifer is Bluelectro's mother.

Batman: It looks like I'll have to get my tracker and--

Ice-tanium: (Spots P.I.X.A.L., Wu, Garmadon, Ray, Maya, Jennifer and Misako who waved at them) I found them!!

Superman: Well, I better land then, I don't want you guys to be impatient.

(Superman lands the Javelin. The Ninjas leave the Javelin and saw their parents, P.I.X.A.L. and Wu.)

Energon/Ice-tanium/Bouldergeist/Aquos/Bluelectro/Flamenado: Master Wu!!

Master Wu: (He, Ray, Maya, Garmadon, Misako, Jennifer and P.I.X.A.L. hug each of the Ninja.) Nya! Kai! Zane! Cole!

Master Jennifer: Oh, Jason! (Hugs his son tearfully in happiness.) You've returned!

Bluelectro: Mom, it's great to finally see you again!

Misako/Master Garmadon: (They hug Energon.) Lloyd!

Energon: Mom, Dad!

P.I.X.A.L.: (She runs up and jumps on Ice-tanium.) Zane!

Ice-tanium: Whoa-ah! (Laughs.)

Misako: It's been two years since you left Ninjago City, Ninja.

Aquos: Two years? Whoa.

Ronin: She's got a point there, guys.

Master Garmadon: (looks at Bluelectro.) Jay, what are you wearing? (points at the belt and cape.)

Bluelectro: That's my cape and this is my Utility Belt.

Ronin: Lloyd told me that they're in a team of superheroes called the Justice League and--

Master Wu: Justice what?

Superman: Justice League. I'm Superman. And this is Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash and the Green Lanterns.

P.I.X.A.L.: My processors indicate that your words are 100% right.

Superman: The Spinjitzu Ninjas have their own superhero identities. Jay is Bluelectro, Nya is Aquos, Kai is Flamenado, Zane is Ice-tanium, Cole is Bouldergeist and Lloyd is Energon. They saved us from Darkseid. Ninjas, show them your new powers.

(Bluelectro creates a lightning hover bolt, Aquos creates bubble bounce, Flamenado covers himself in fire, Ice-tanium skates around, Bouldergeist knocks on the ground, creating a small Ghostquake and Energon heals Misako's scratch with his healing powers.)

Master Garmadon: Very impressive.

Master Jennifer: Beautiful.

Master Wu: Very amazing.

Bouldergeist: Yeah. We've unlocked those powers before we joined the League. Wait a minute. Where's Dad?

Ronin: He left behind a letter. I guess you should read it.

Bouldergeist: (reads the letter.) "Dear Cole, I heard that you conquered your fear of singing. So, I decided to hang up my cane and travel the world to see the music theatres across each countries. I also heard that you became a superhero. I am very happy with you. Love Dad." Whoa. Dad is travelling around the world?

Master Wu: Yes he is. One question. Why are you a ghost again?

Bouldergeist: Oh yeah. This might have happened when we woke up in Metropolis.

(Batgirl and Robin arrived.)

Bluelectro: This is Batgirl and Robin.

Batgirl: Hi! It's my first time here.

Robin: Hey.

Cyborg: Where's Nightwing?

(Bluelectro noticed Dareth pulling Nightwing's leg.)

Dareth: Captured this bad guy myself. He was too easy.

Nightwing: "Bad Guy"?! I'm a crime fighter, you dork!

Bluelectro: Hey, Dareth. Remember us?

Dareth: Ninja?! Whoa! Nice looks.

(Superman noticed Dareth behind him.)

Superman: Is he always this annoying?

Aquos: No. He's even worse when he uses "Zoo-jitzu" to annoy others.

Dareth: Blue Boy doesn't look so tough. He'll be (Superman groans in annoyance.) cowering in fear once I defeat him. I, Grand Sensei Dareth, call upon the greatest animal to give me strength, the Dragon. Heeyah! (He hits Superman, but screams in pain. Everyone laughs at him.)

Energon: (to Cyborg.) Dareth falsely refers to himself as "Grand Sensei", which is not a real title. He is the biggest chicken in Ninjago City.

(Green Lantern and Flash start clucking in mockery at Dareth.)

Dareth: You should stop wearing costumes. It's not even Halloween yet. (to the Justice League.) You are a couple of very weird kids.

(Bluelectro growls at Dareth and uses Spinjitzu on him. Dareth screams like a girl.)

Bluelectro: No one. And I mean, NO ONE, says that to my partner. (glare at Dareth.) Got it, Dareth? (Dareth fearfully nods.)

(Skylor approaches the Ninjas.)

Skylor: Welcome back, you guys. (turns to the Justice League.) You must be the Justice League. Hey, Hot-Stuff.

Flamenado: (blushes.) Good to see you again, Skylor.

(Aquos gasps after noticed Mystery Inc. arriving.)

Dareth: Man, (points at Energon and Jessica.) I can't believe-- (Aquos covers his mouth.)

Aquos: (whispering.) Shh! You can't say our secret identities in public while we're in our costumes.

Dareth: (whispering.) Nya, I'm talking about the girl with Lloyd.

Aquos: (Whispering.) I know. But, it's "Aquos". Jay's "Bluelectro". Kai's "Flamenado". Zane's "Ice-tanium". Cole's "Bouldergeist". And Lloyd's "Energon". Got it?

Dareth: (Whispering.) Yeah. Got it.

Master Wu: Ninja, care to give these fellow heroes a tour?

Bouldergeist: Sure thing.

Ice-tanium: Affirmative.

Aquos: Okay.

Bluelectro: Mm-Hmm.

Energon: Yeah. Sure.

(Bluelectro and Batman go with Jennifer, Bouldergeist goes with Mystery Inc., Energon goes with Jessica in private, Ice-tanium and P.I.X.A.L. lead Cyborg to the Borg Tower, and Flamenado and Aquos stay with their parents, while Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Dareth went to the museum.)

(Bluelectro is walking with his mother.)

Bluelectro: Mom, I was very happy to see you again.

Master Jennifer: I know, Jason.

Bluelectro: Mom, I'm Bluelectro. Why did you call me by my secret identity? It's not a bad thing. (see's her shedding a tear. Bluelectro stops walking.)

Batman: Your mother is very quiet.

Bluelectro: Yeah. It must be because my birth father died when I was a baby. She and I have our own same weakness called "Endless Griefs". (Batman tries to walk to her, but Bluelectro puts his arm in the way and shakes his head.) Stay here. I need to talk to her in private.

(Bluelectro follows his mother. Batman sheds a tear.)

Batman: Poor fellow. Very emotional, but a strong ally. (Sniffles.)

(Bluelectro walks up to his mother.)

Bluelectro: Mom, are you okay?

Master Jennifer: Yes, I thought we'd never see each other again. Your friend is very kind.

Bluelectro: Batman? (Jennifer nods.) He's my sidekick after I saved him and the Justice League from Darkseid.

Master Jennifer: You and your friend are like brothers, Jason.

Bluelectro: Brothers?

Master Jennifer: Of course. Has he lost his parents before he joined the League?

Bluelectro: Yes.

Master Jennifer: I see. (looks at the token in Bluelectro's hand.) What is this trinket?

Bluelectro: My Yin Yang Medallion. I'm going to ask Nya to be my Yang.

Master Jennifer: That is a very sweet thing to ask.

Bluelectro: Listen. While Dareth and Mystery Inc. are around, call me by the name "Bluelectro", I'm a member of the Justice League.

Master Jennifer: Don't worry, Jason. (kisses his forehead.) I'll call you that in the meantime.

Bluelectro: Thank you, Mom. I owe you one.

(Bluelectro heads to the museum.)

Master Jennifer: Hmm. Bluelectro?

Batman: Brothers?

Master Jennifer: Hmm? (looks at Batman.) Aye. He is very loyal to his fellow ninjas. You and Jason have a brotherly bond.

Batman: I understand that you loved him, Jennifer.

Master Jennifer: He is my son. You are a great ally, Batman.

Batman: Thank you.

(Energon tells Jessica about the Sons of Garmadon while walking in the streets.)

Energon: And they call themselves the "Sons of Garmadon". And they had this creepy symbol that looked like my father. As soon as I saw it, I knew it. But, I realized that this man I was chasing was actually my father. He escaped from the destruction of the Cursed Realm to help me. There was this girl named Harumi. And my friends and I thought she was friendly, but she has a strong hatred towards Jay. I found out that she only wanted to bring the Overlord back to Ninjago to destroy us and kill Jay after she killed his foster parents to have him suffer in his Endless Griefs.

Jessica Cruz: Why did she want to kill Bluelectro in the first place?

Energon: She thought he killed her birth parents, which is caused by the Great Devourer. Luckily for us and Ninjago, his powers were restored and killed the Sons of Garmadon and Empress Harumi to bring peace back to Ninjago.

Jessica Cruz: Green is my favorite color.

Energon: [He chuckles.] Being a green lantern, did you ever imagine hanging out with the other lanterns before you were given a tour of Ninjago City?

Jessica Cruz: Guy is not a good person. Before I met you, I always dreamed of being with you.

Energon: Before we joined the League, Bluelectro and Father went to search for the final Oni Mask after they went through "Strangler's Path."

Jessica Cruz: Did you say "Strangler's Path?" That's cheery. Why is it called that?

Energon: Places like these always have colorful names. Half the time, it doesn't mean anything. The Caves of Despair, Blind Man's Eye, Hiroshi's Labyrinth. Probably just some bored mapmaker with a wild—(his Deepstone Armor glows and Energon is now in his lantern uniform.) Whoa! My lantern uniform looks just like Hal's. (walks to Jessica.) Jess, you okay?

Jessica Cruz: It's nothing. I still have stage fright whenever I go. Everywhere I go, everyone watches me.

Energon: Jessica, it's okay. It doesn't matter if you have stage fright or not. You're a Green Lantern. I don't care if your fears are holding you back, you and I are stronger together.

(Jessica kisses Energon on the lips, making him shocked.)

Jessica Cruz: Should I not have done that?

Energon: I'll take that as a yes. (he and Jessica smile. Energon and Jessica got nudged by Brad and Gene.)

Gene/Brad Tudabone: LLOYD!

Energon: Brad and Gene. Good to see you guys. (gestures to Jessica Cruz.) This, Green Lantern here, is my girlfriend.

Jessica Cruz: You guys are so nice to him.

Brad Tudabone: We use to be bad.

Energon: Brad, Gene, me and my girlfriend need to talk in private. Also, call me Energon.

Brad Tudabone: Okay. See ya!

Gene: Nice outfit, Energon!

(Brad and Gene left.)

Jessica Cruz: "Bad"?

Energon: It's a long story. When I arrived at Darkly's on my first day, I didn't know how things worked around here and everyone made fun of me. Brad even put fire ants in my bed. But when everyone was gone, he said he was just trying to teach me how things go. And after that, he took me under his wing, and he taught me the art of revenge.

Jessica Cruz: Why would he do that?

Energon: It's because deep down, he's not all evil. And Brad's not the only one. All of the students at Darkly's had a secret good side that stays quiet out of fear, because it thinks it's alone. But it's not. And I'm living proof.

Jessica Cruz: I trust you, Lloyd. Do you think we should—

(Energon kisses Jessica, which takes her by suprise but begins to enjoy it as they proceed to make out in embrace. Meanwhile, Flamenado and Aquos are with their parents.)

Flamenado: Dad, it's great to see you again.

Master Ray: Indeed, son. While you were outside of Ninjago, I crafted these.

(Ray shows him and Aquos the Scythe of Quakes, Nunchucks of Lightning, Shurikens of Ice and Sword of Fire.)

Flamenado: I... I don't believe it.

Aquos: What are those?

Flamenado: I think Father crafted the four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu.

Aquos: (picks up Nunchucks of a Lightning.) Whoa. These looked like the same Golden Weapons before I became a Water Ninja.

Flamenado: Yeah. So weird. But, incredible.

(The two left to find the Justice League.)

Aquos: Too bad Energon and I are the only ones without our very own Golden Weapons.

Flamenado: Look on the bright side, sis. You're a Water Ninja now.

(Flamenado and Aquos spotted Jake.)

Aquos: Isn't that your #1 fan?

Flamenado: Yeah. That's Jake!

Jake: [turns to the siblings and runs up to them.] Kai! Nya! [hugs Flamenado.] You're back!

Flamenado: [chuckles] Good to see ya, kiddo. It's been two years.

Jake: I know, I can't believe you came back! Who were those guys you're with?

Flamenado: You're talking about the Justice League, buddy. My name is Flamenado, Nya is Aquos, Jay is Bluelectro, Zane is Ice-tanium, Cole is Bouldergeist since he is a ghost again, and Lloyd is Energon. You sure haven't changed a lot, Jake.

(Flamenado gives Jake a playful noogie, Jake starts laughing.)

(Ice-tanium, P.I.X.A.L. and Cyborg are in the Borg Tower.)

Cyborg: So, this is Borg Tower!

Ice-tanium: Yes, Cyrus created P.I.X.A.L. after Energon purified Garmadon, Bouldergeist, Aquos and Bluelectro to save Ninjago City.

(Cyrus arrives and shocked after spotting Ice-tanium.)

Cyrus Borg: Zane! Welcome back! It's been so long, I hardly recognize you.

Ice-tanium: Good to see you too, Cyrus. (gestures to Cyborg.) Cyrus, meet Cyborg. Cyborg, this is Cyrus Borg.

Cyrus Borg: Another Nindroid? Wonderful!

Cyborg: I'm a cyber organic being. Also, good to see ya!

P.I.X.A.L.: The other Elemental Masters Paleman, Tox, Griffin, Neuro, Shade, and Karlof heard about the Ninjas' return.

(Cyborg passes a note to Ice-tanium, who opens it and reads it.)

Ice-tanium: "See you later, Alligator"?

Cyborg: After a while crocodile. I better find the others.

(Cyborg leaves the tower. P.I.X.A.L. jumps on Ice-tanium's back.)

P.I.X.A.L./Ice-tanium: (Both giggle.)

(Scene goes to Bouldergeist and Mystery Inc..)

Bouldergeist: (smells fresh air.) Ahh. Nothing like fresh air in Ninjago city.

Frederick Herman Jones: Wow, Bouldergeist. I can't believe Ninjago City is a wonderful place!

Bouldergeist: Thanks, Fred.

Daphne Ann Blake: You sure are excited to come here.

Bouldergeist: I know.

(Bouldergeist spotted Nuckal and Kruncha.)

Nuckal: The black ninja!

Kruncha: RETREAT!!

(The skulkin runoff.)

Velma Daisy Dinkley: Jinkies! Who were they?

Bouldergeist: That's Nuckal and Kruncha. What are those skeleton knuckleheads doing here?

Scooby-Doo/Norville Shaggy Rogers: Skeletons?!

(Bouldergeist grabs Scooby and Shaggy, before they run off.)

Bouldergeist: Calm down, you two. They're gone now. No bones about it.

(Shaggy and Scooby laugh.)

Frederick Herman Jones: Why were those two here?

Bouldergeist: They're Skulkins, Fred. Believe me, I know. [spots a Starfarer comic book on the table near a note. Bouldergeist reads the note that says: "After your return to Ninjago City, enjoy this Starfarer comic book I have left for you."] No way! A Starfarer comic book!

Velma Daisy Dinkley: What's Starfarer?

Bouldergeist: Starfarer is one of the best comic books in Ninjago City! The best comic book store Ninjago City has is Rufus MacAllister's Ninjago Doomsday Comix!

Daphne Ann Blake: Why would anyone call a comic book store "Doomsday Comix"?

Bouldergeist: That's the name of it.

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Like, you should read my Blue Falcon comic book!

Scooby-Doo: And Dynomutt: Dog Wonder!

Bouldergeist: Who's Blue Falcon and Dynomutt?

Norville Shaggy Rogers: He's half-man, half-falcon. Well, mostly man. All man. I guess it's just the suit that's falcon. And his wonder dog sidekick, Dynomutt. Like, they solve crimes and save the world together.

Bouldergeist: Who came up with the name Dynomutt?

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Dynomutt is not just a dog, but a cyborg dog! He has extendable limbs, concealed gadgets and can transform into anything!

Bouldergeist: You gotta show me how he does it in that Blue Falcon and Dynomutt comic book you got.

(Scene goes to Bluelectro, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin in the Ninjago Museum.)

(Flash spots a book.)

Flash: Bluelectro, what's that?

Bluelectro: Hmm? (looks at the book in Flash's hands.) Oh. (Grabs it and opens it.) It's a book of memories with me and my adoptive parents, Ed and Edna ever since I was a baby.

Cyborg: Aww, he's so tiny and cute!

Bluelectro: I'm basically twenty years old, Cyborg. Anyway, before I became a ninja, they've always taken good care of me.

Green Lantern: What are they like?

Bluelectro: They're inventors. Ed is always a nice man and a kind adoptive father. He encouraged me to fight against Nadakhan who has kidnapped my girlfriend and marry her so he could get infinite wishes. Edna had always make good crump cakes during the Day of the Departed. The place they raised me was the largest supply of scrap metal in Ninjago called the Scrapyard.

Superman: You lived in a scrapyard?!

Bluelectro: I used to live in a scrapyard, until it was destroyed by the Sons of Garmadon and Empress Harumi. I was really upset for losing them. I hope they're in a better place.

Wonder Woman: Don't feel sad. You used to be a rookie like your friends and your girlfriend. But now you and the other ninjas are powerful members. It's a rightful decision to look further into the future instead of the past, Bluelectro. You will be a great ally of Batman's bat-family

Bluelectro: Thank you, Wonder Woman.

Dareth: Sparky is always getting himself into--

Bluelectro: That reminds me. I have a some videos of our past that shows some of our embarrassing moments. Including yours, Dareth. That's what you get for making fun of me.

(The projector turns on and shows the flashbacks of the Episodes of Ninjago. "Home".)

(Past Ice-tanium entering the bathroom despite Past Bouldergeist doing some private business.)

Past Bouldergeist: (Embarrassed) Do you mind?!

(Past Bluelectro, Past Aquos and Past Ice-tanium were watching a romantic movie. They get angry when Past Ice-tanium starts laughing. Past Flamenado goes to the fridge, but finds Past Ice-tanium inside.)

Past Flamenado: Ahh! Holy baloney!

Past Ice-tanium: I'm sorry. I consumed the last of the deli-meat. Cheese?

(Next shows "Can of Worms".)

Past Bouldergeist: You know, whether it was in a lesson book or not, we used the destructive power of rumors to our advantage.

Past Flamenado: And now the Serpentine are further away than ever from getting their act together.

Past Bluelectro: You know, I don't think we would've gotten out of there if it hadn't been for Zane.

Past Ice-tanium: Don't thank me. Thank Lloyd. If it hadn't been for his "laundry skills," we all would've been found. (Everyone laughs and Past Young Lloyd comes in with Past Ice-tanium's white gi.)

Past Young Lloyd: Well, it took me twenty loads, but your suit's no longer pink. And to show that I'm sorry, Cole, I got you a can of nuts.

Past Bouldergeist: Uh, haha, yeah. Don't think I don't see what this is. When I open this, a bunch of snakes are gonna pop out, right? Yeah, no thank you. (He opens the fridge, only to have snakes pop out. Everyone laughs.)

(Next shows "Tick Tock".)

Past Ice-tanium: (He turns the Funny Switch on.) Hello, my baby. Hello, my honey. Hello, my ragtime gal. Send me a kiss by wire. (Past Bluelectro laughs while Past Ice-tanium turns the funny switch off and sighs.)

(Next shows "The Royal Blacksmiths".)

Past Ice-tanium: I have butterflies in my stomach.

Past Bluelectro: Aww, come on. That's just nerves.

Past Ice-tanium: No, I really do have butterflies. (He opens his panel to release three butterflies.)

Past Bluelectro: Okay, uh, glad he got that out of his system.

(Next shows "The Rise of the Great Devourer".)

(Past Bluelectro uses Spinjitzu and enter the Passage car of the Serpentine Train and blows away the Serpentine.)

Past Bluelectro: Haha! Where'd everyone go?

(Next shows "Pirates VS. Ninja".)

(The Past Ninja are training Past Young Lloyd at the dojo.)

Past Bluelectro: You must be light on your feet. Hiyah!

Past Bouldergeist: When you strike with your fists, concentrate. You may be small, but you're strong.

(Past Young Lloyd strikes the boards, making an earthquake. Everyone gasps as they are flown back.)

Past Bluelectro: That was the power of the Staff of Quakes. And you did it without the Golden Weapon!

Past Ice-tanium: That must be why you have the potential to be the greatest Ninja. You can harness all of the Elemental Powers.

Past Young Lloyd: Really? Cool.

Past Master Wu: With this power, you must be careful. You must control it before it controls you.

Past Dareth: I have to admit, not bad for a kid. But instead of ten boards, how about fifty? Stack 'em, boys. (Wu sighs.) And perhaps if I, Grand Sensei Dareth, can break through them all, you will allow me to join your team and become…(puts on a Ninja hood)...the Brown Ninja!

Past Bluelectro: (Snickers) The Brown Ninja? You gotta be joking!

Past Bouldergeist: Sorry, pal. Club's already full.

Past Dareth: Okay, okay. Then maybe this demonstration of my superhuman strength may persuade you. Jeffy, Phil, are we ready?

Past Jeffy and Past Phil: Yes, Grand Sensei Dareth.

Past Dareth: Observe. I call upon the greatest animal to give me strength, the Dragon. Heeyah! (He hits the boards, but screams in pain. Everyone but Past Jeffy and Past Phil, laughs at him.)

Past Bluelectro: Oh, man.

(Next shows "The Art of the Silent Fist".)

(At nightfall, the Ninja sit down with the other students for training. They gasp when they see Past Garmadon's shadow has four arms. This turns out to be someone else, who opens the door for him.)

Past Master Garmadon: Ah, my son. So glad you could join us.

Past Energon: Hey, it's been a while, Father.

Past Bluelectro: (Whispering to Past Bouldergeist) Check out the new Sensei. Looking sharp.

Past Master Garmadon: Silence! (He hits him with his staff.)

Past Bluelectro: Ow!

Past Master Garmadon: Close your mouth and open your ears. Tonight's lesson is the Art of the Silent Fist. To fight without fighting. May I have a volunteer?

Past Energon: How about me?

Past Aquos: The Ultimate Battle: Round Two!

Past Master Garmadon: Attack me. But please, no powers. I happen to like my monastery. (The kids laugh. Past Energon charges at him, but Past Garmadon dodges, making him run into a table.) You see, the key is balance. Let your opponent fight himself. (He dodges more of Past Energon's attacks.) Let the enemy tire himself.

Past Energon: Argh! (Past Garmadon yawns then dodges.) Huh? (Past Energon slams into a support column.)

Past Ninja: Oh!

Past Master Garmadon: Pupils, I give you the most powerful Ninja in all the land, the Golden Ninja. (The kids laugh, but the Past Ninja facepalms.)

Past Bluelectro: Ugh, Lloyd.

(Next shows "The Invitation".)

Past Flamenado: "Secrecy is of the utmost importance. Tell no one, or suffer the consequences."

Past Bluelectro: "If you ever want to see your friend again, meet on the pier at midnight and leave your weapons behind. (Their fortunes explode, and Past Bouldergeist belches.)

Past Bouldergeist: Uhh. At least I know I was invited. (Everyone laughs.)

(Next shows "The Greatest Fear of All".)

(Past Energon stops a truck, but deflates a kid's ball in the process.)

Past Energon: Sorry, kid. No time to explain.

Past Kid: Wow. Hey, let's play Dragons!

(Next shows "The Temple on Haunted Hill".)

Past Bouldergeist: (He opens the door and the Falcon flies out.) AAH! (Past Ice-tanium plays the groaning sound on the Falcon and everyone laughs at him.) A prank? Really?

Past Flamenado: Heh, we were just trying to help you relax.

Past Bluelectro: Yeah, heh. You should have heard yourself scream! (Past Ice-tanium plays a recording of Past Bouldergeist screaming and everyone laughs again.)

(Next shows "Pause and Effect".)

Past Bluelectro: And where does the slug fit in?

Past Energon: What slug?

Past Bouldergeist: Aah! That one! (He tries to get the slug off his shoulder.) Ew! Ew! Ew! It's so big! So gross! (Past Energon and Past Bluelectro laugh.)

Past Aquos: Hey, guys. What'd we miss?

Past Bluelectro: Hahaha! Cole freaking out over a slug.

Past Ice-tanium: And Lloyd laying out the plan of attack.

Past Bluelectro: Hehe. But mostly Cole freaking out.

(Bluelectro turns off the projector.)

Bluelectro: You were wondering why I have both of my eyes before I joined you.

Superman: Great Scott, Bluelectro! I never knew that you and your friends were Ninjas in Ninjago City.

Cyborg: (laughing from the flashbacks.) That was hilarious! You tickled my funny-bone!

Wonder Woman: Was Energon like this when you were found by Wu, Bluelectro?

Bluelectro: No. We first found Lloyd in Jamanakai Village when he was a kid.

Flash: I didn't know that.

Green Lantern: That kid has grown after the uh...

Bluelectro: Tomorrow's Tea's Effects when the Grundle was destroyed.

(Aquos, Energon and Jessica arrive. Green Lantern looks at Energon's new Lantern uniform.)

Green Lantern: He-he-hey! Love the new outfit you got there, Energon.

Energon: Thanks, Lantern.

Superman: Speaking of Wu, where is he and Garmadon?

Aquos: Supervising the Murals.

Wonder Woman: Murals?

Bluelectro: They're paintings of Ninjago's History.

Dareth: (Slides in front of Cyborg.) Ooh, ooh, I want to see. (Walks out.)

(Scene goes to the Walls of Murals.)

(Everyone gazes at the murals.)

Bluelectro: Wow.

Batman: Fascinating.

Flamenado: Will you look at that?

Master Wu: It is the history of Ninjago.

Master Garmadon: A history in which all of you played a significant role.

(Gazing at the memories.)

Past Master Garmadon: (Season 8 painting) I will always be by your side, son.

(Jessica leans against Energon who smiles at her.)

Past Kai: (Season 7 painting) Change anything, change everything.

(Velma and Fred took pictures of the Murals with their cameras.)

Past Master Jennifer Gordon: (Season 10 painting) You have a heart of a Lightning Ninja, and a soul of a Spinjitzu Master. Only you can restore the Lightning Element and peace to Ninjago. That is who you are, son.

(Bluelectro puts his hand against the Season 10 painting gently.)

Bluelectro: (Whispering.) Mother.

(Shaggy and Scooby gazed at the Seasons 5, 6 and 9 paintings.)

Past Morro: (Season 5 painting) You think you can hurt a ghost? I can possess anything!

(Shaggy and Scooby get startled in fear by the paintings.)

Past Nadakhan: (Season 6 painting) Wish it all away.

Past Empress Harumi: (Season 9 painting) You want this city, Lloyd?! Then you can have it in ruins!

(Scooby jumps in Shaggy's arms as the two start shaking in fear.)

Bluelectro: (Laughs.) Hey, that's us! (Dareth and Flamenado look at each other in confusion.)

Aquos: And there's Pythor. And Morro.

Dareth: (Runs to mural blocking Fred's view.) Where am I? (Runs around.) Where am I? I-I'm in here somewhere, right?

Frederick Herman Jones: Hey, Dareth! I can't see!

Dareth: Okay, I'll keep looking.

Frederick Herman Jones: That's not what I meant!

Dareth: (Runs to the Season 9 painting of Ninjago.) Ooh, I think I see me. There's a brown spot here, and it looks just like me. Woohoo! (Fred groans.) You are way too hippy, Scarf-Boy.

(Shaggy gets snapped and throws Dareth at a pile of trash. Shaggy then approaches Dareth, cracking his knuckles in a biker attitude.)

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Listen here, punk. (Grabs Dareth by the neck.) I don't want to hear another peep out of you when I hear the word, "Hippy". Got that? (Dareth nods fearfully.) Now, scram or I'll break all your bones. And I mean it.

(Shaggy lets go of Dareth, who runs off crying.)

Frederick Herman Jones: Well, there's something you don't see everyday.

Bluelectro: Mom, look. (Points at the Season 10 painting.) That's where you and I are reunited back together.

Master Jennifer Gordon: You have a good eye, son. (Realizes her sentence.) No offence.

Bluelectro: It's cool.

Flamenado: Huh. (Walks toward Pilot Season painting.) What's that?

Bluelectro: The Tornado of Creation.

Batman: Tornado of Creation?

Bluelectro: Yes. (turns to Flamenado.) Don't you remember? We all came together and formed that Ferris wheel.

Flamenado: Oh yeah. Can't believe that worked.

Superman: Wu, are you sure you want to commemorate this moment? I mean, the Ninjas had better ones.

Master Wu: It is a part of our history. When all hope seemed lost, you confronted destruction with creation. (Balances his staff on his hand.) Balance was restored. That is the power of Spinjitzu, which we must always—

(Cyborg's Mobile Trouble Alert goes off.)

Bouldergeist: That's a nifty ringtone you got there, Cyborg.

Cyborg: That's no ringtone, Bouldergeist. It's my Mobile Trouble Alert!

(Cyborg projects a screen, showing the Legion of Doom about to conquer Ninjago City.)

Superman: Great Scott! It's the Legion of Doom!

Aquos: Legion of Doom?

Jessica Cruz: They're a group of villains, Aquos.

Energon: What are they planning this time?

Batman: Now that you mentioned it, Energon. It appears that--

Bluelectro/Batman: Lex Luthor has assembled the Legion of Doom to conquer not just Ninjago City but Gotham City as well as Metropolis and the entire planet!

Bluelectro: Jinx! (Batman turns to Bluelectro.) You owe me another doughnut. (Batman smiles at him.)

Flash/Green Lantern/Cyborg: Uh-oh!

(Shaggy and Scooby ran off to hide.)

Frederick Herman Jones: Shaggy, Scooby, come back!

Velma Daisy Dinkley: If Shaggy and Scooby are in the streets, then they'll be an easier target for the Legion of Doom!

Daphne Ann Blake: Jeepers!

Aquos: Don't forget Dareth. He always gets himself into a whole lotta trouble.

Cyborg: Well, it's not like that the Ninjas are gonna give us powers of their elements to help them stop the Legion of Doom!

Bluelectro: What did you just say, Cyborg?

Cyborg: Uhh... Nothing.

Bluelectro: Wonder Woman, your Lasso!

Wonder Woman: Why? What's wrong with it?

Bluelectro: There's nothing wrong! Use it to make Cyborg spill his beans!

Cyborg: Wait, WHAT?!

(Wonder Woman lassoes Cyborg.)

Wonder Woman: Alright, Cyborg, (the Lasso lights up.) what did you just said about the Ninjas?

Cyborg: I said that the Ninjas are gonna give us powers of their elements to help them stop the Legion of Doom!

Bluelectro: Give you some of our elemental powers?

Flamenado: Come to think of it, Cyborg is right!

Batman: If the Ninjas gave us half of their Elemental Powers, we'll all be able to use the power of both Spinjitzu and their Elements!

Bouldergeist: We never transferred some of our powers before. But when that happens, you better be careful.

Energon: I never transferred the Energy element to two Green Lanterns before. Hope you two are ready.

Green Lantern: Don't worry, we'll handle it.

Jessica Cruz: This is my first time... Hope I'm ready.

Energon: Remember, everyone is watching us from those billboards.

(Jessica noticed what Energon said, but shakes her head and smiles.)

Flash: We've handled tougher situations than this before!

Master Ray: Bluelectro! Flamenado! Bouldergeist! Ice-tanium! [throws the Sword of Fire to Flamenado, Shurikens of Ice, Scythe of Quakes to Bouldergeist and the Nunchucks of Lightning to Bluelectro.] Use these!

Bluelectro: The Golden Weapons! Master Ray, you made these from the Golden Armor?

Master Ray: Exactly. Hopefully you still remember how to use them. [Bluelectro, Flamenado, Bouldergeist and Ice-tanium nod at him.] Good.

Master Wu: Ninja, transfer your Elements to the seven Justice Leaguers!

(The Spinjitzu Ninjas nod and shoot their Elemental Powers to the sky. Ice-tanium then noticed from before when Chen has used his staff to steal the Ninja's Elemental Power.)

Ice-tanium: I almost forgot to mention. Transferring some of our Elemental Powers to seven of you is extremely painful.

(Jessica raises her eyebrow.)

Superman: WHAT?!

Wonder Woman: (gasps)

Cyborg: (shrieks)

Flash: Huh?!

Green Lantern: You're saying that this is gonna hurt badly?!

Ice-tanium: Yes...

Batman: Uh-oh.

(The Elemental Powers struck upon each Justice Leaguer. Batman gets struck by Bluelectro's Lightning Power. A stream of Aquos' Water Power flow inside Wonder Woman's mouth. Superman gets burnt by Flamenado's Fire Power. Cyborg gets frozen by Ice-tanium's Ice Power. Flash gets surrounded by Bouldergeist's Earth Power. Green Lantern and Jessica Cruz get hit by Energon's Energy Power. The Elements are absorbed into the Justice League. A ball of fire is conjured on Superman's hand, to which he shakes it off. A water sphere is conjured by Wonder Woman. Batman conjures up lightning. Jessica and Green Lantern conjure up Energy orbs. Cyborg conjures up a small stream of ice. Flash conjures up a sphere of small rocks.)

Superman: Great Scott! The Elements are transferred!

Bouldergeist: It worked! Ha-Ha-Ha! It actually worked!

Energon: Batman has the Lightning Element like Bluelectro, Wonder Woman has the Water Element like Aquos, Superman has the Fire Element like Flamenado, Cyborg has the Ice Element like Ice-tanium, Flash has the Earth Element like Bouldergeist, and the Green Lanterns have the Energy Element like me!

(Cyborg's Mobile Trouble Alert goes off.)

Cyborg: Whoa! Two Mobile Trouble Alerts in one day!

(Cyborg projects a screen of Lex Luthor.)

Lex Luthor: Hello, citizens of Ninjago City!

Superman: Lex Luthor!

Frederick Herman Jones: Is it "Luth-er" or "Luth-or"?

Batman: Luthor, but with the "O" sound like an "E".

Lex Luthor: I, Lex Luthor, leader of the nefarious Legion of Doom demand the Ninjas to surrender to us immediately! If you refuse, we'll just have to conquer Ninjago City by force!

(The projection of Lex Luthor disappears.)

Cyborg: Not cool.

Flash: Well, the introducing part wasn't so bad, but the conquering part I'm not so crazy about.

Daphne Ann Blake: But, what about Shaggy and Scooby?

Wonder Woman: And the citizens of Ninjago City?

Energon: Ninjas, Justice League, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Flash: Thinking what?

Bouldergeist/Bluelectro/Energon/Aquos/Flamenado/Ice-tanium: We're gonna jump up.... We're gonna kickback... And we're gonna whip around and spin are way through and stop the Legion of Doom from conquering Ninjago City!

Superman: Excellent idea!

Bluelectro/Aquos/Flamenado/Ice-tanium/Bouldergeist/Energon: Let's do it to it!

Bluelectro/Batman/Aquos/Wonder Woman/Flamenado/Superman/Ice-tanium/Cyborg/Bouldergeist/Flash/Energon/Green Lantern/Jessica Cruz: Ninja Go!

(The Spinjitzu Ninjas and Justice League perform Spinjitzu and split up to stop the members of the Legion of Doom.)

(Scene goes to the southern section of Ninjago City.)

(Penguin, Catwoman and Deathstroke were stealing jewels from a jewelry store.)

Penguin: [laughing.] Who knew that jewels in Ninjago City are much more precious than the ones in Gotham City! [turns to Catwoman.] No offence, Catwoman.

Catwoman: Watch your tongue there, Penguin. Some of these jewels have my paw prints on them.

Bluelectro: [offscreen] Not on our watch, Catwoman!

(Penguin, Deathstroke and Catwoman were alerted by Bluelectro, who is right behind them with Batman.)

Penguin: Batman?!

Deathstroke: And... [turns to Bluelectro.] wait, I remember you! You defeated us in Gotham! Didn't you?!

Bluelectro: The name's Bluelectro, Strokedeath!

(Catwoman and Penguin laughed at what Bluelectro called Deathstroke.)

Penguin: [laughing.] "Strokedeath"?! That's hilarious!

Catwoman: [laughing.] You have "cat to be "kitten" me! You used to be called "Strokedeath"?! That's so funny!

Deathstroke: Would you two just shut up?! [Catwoman and Penguin stop laughing.] Now, where was I? [turns to Batman and Bluelectro.] It's two against three, Batface!

Bluelectro: "Batface"? Madame Mantis used to call you "Batface"?

Batman: Yup. Right when I was a student at Madame Mantis' dojo.

Bluelectro: Fight now, talk later.

(Deathstroke pulls out his katanas. Penguin calls out his Robo-Penguins. Catwoman retracts her claws.)

Bluelectro: [pulls out his Nunchucks of Lightning.] Ready, brother?

Batman: Always, brother.

Penguin: Robo-Penguins, attack!!

(The Robo-Penguins charge towards Batman and Bluelectro, who conjure up their Lightning Elemental Powers.)

Bluelectro: The Blue Lightning Warrior strikes thunder...

Batman: And the Dark Knight casts shadows on criminals!

Bluelectro/Batman: Ninja Go!!

(Batman and Bluelectro use Spintjizu on the Robo-Penguins and the three criminals, who are sent flying onto a wall.)

Bluelectro: Not bad, for Madame Mantis' student.

Batman: Same goes for you, Fritz Donnegan #1 Fan.

(Batman and Bluelectro fist bump.)

(Scene goes to the Western section of Ninjago City.)

(Flash and Bouldergeist were looking for Shaggy and Scooby.)

Flash: Shaggy, where'd you go?

Bouldergeist: Scooby-Doo, where are you?

(Flash and Bouldergeist heard Shaggy and Scooby scream.)

Flash: Looks like Captain Cold and Trickster found 'em first! Let's see where the screams come from!

(Flash and Bouldergeist run to where the screams came from. They found Shaggy and Scooby cowering in fear by Captain Cold and Trickster.)

Captain Cold: You got 15 seconds to tell us where you hiding these gems, pal! Or else it's the cold front for you and your mangy mutt!

Norville Shaggy Rogers: Like, can't we settle this like gentlemen?

Scooby-Doo: Or a game of Go Fish?

(Shaggy and Scooby spot Bouldergeist and Flash in excitement.)

Trickster: [turns to Flash and Bouldergeist.] Uhh, Cold?

Captain Cold: Not now, T!

Trickster: But, Cold--

Captain Cold: [turns around and spotted Flash and Bouldergeist.] I said-- Flash and Bouldergeist?! How d'you know where we were?!

Flash: We heard Shaggy and Scooby screaming for help.

Captain Cold: In fact, I got a better idea... Time for a brain freeze! [shoots his Cold Gun at Bouldergeist, who is frozen and phases through it.] Oh, right. I forgot about that.

Trickster: Time for a [pulls out stink bomb.] smelly-- [gets hit by Flash's Elemental Earth power and looses the stink bomb.] OW! Aww, crud.

Flash/Bouldergeist: Ninja Go!!

(Flash and Bouldergeist use Spinjitzu and send Captain Cold and Trickster flying.)

Bouldergeist: They don't stand a ghost of a chance!

(Shaggy and Scooby excitedly hugged Bouldergeist, who collapses on the ground.)

Bouldergeist: (laughing) Scooby, that tickles!

(Scene goes to the Eastern section of Ninjago City.)

(Wonder Woman and Aquos are fighting Harley Quinn, Joker, Black Manta and Cheetah, who were holding Karlof, Griffin, Shade, Paleman, Neuro and Tox hostage.)

Wonder Woman: Petrified Pandora! Joker, Harley Quinn, Black Manta and Cheetah are holding those citizens hostage!

Aquos: Those aren't citizens, Wonder Woman! Those are the elemental masters from the Tournament of Elements! Karlof: Master of Metal, Griffin: Master of Speed, Paleman: Master of Light, Shade: Master of Shadow, Neuro: Master of Mind and Tox: Master of Poison!

Karlof: Karlof happy Water Ninja returned to Ninjago City!

Neuro: Is that really you, Water Ninja?

Aquos: That's right! And the name is Aquos!

Shade: A Spanish word for aqua. Really impressive.

Griffin Turner: You sure came here, fast! I gotta see that "Flash" fella.

Tox: Hope you're bringing toxic on these clowns!

Paleman: She's right! Those clowns are no joke!

Aquos: [conjures water spheres.] I call dibs on the ugly jester!

Harley Quinn: HEY! I know other baddies who are uglier than me! [realizes her sentence.] Oh, wait, that's wrong.

Joker: "Water" you standing around for? [laughing maniacally, but stops when Harley Quinn, Cheetah and Black Manta just stared at him.] What? It's the only joke I can come up with.

Aquos: That's because you're the biggest joke in Ninjago City! [Harley Quinn, Cheetah, Black Manta, Wonder Woman and the six elemental masters laugh at Joker.] That's right. Who's the comedian now? [gestures to herself.] Me.

Joker: [blows raspberries at Aquos.] Cheetah, get the water lily! Harley, Manta, Wonderless Woman is all yours!

(Cheetah lunges herself at Aquos and Wonder Woman fights Harley Quinn and Black Manta.)

Cheetah: Long time no see! You're gonna regret drenching me!

Aquos: It's nice seeing you too, but if my memory serves correct, I believe last time I said I wasn't gonna play nice! [pulls Cheetah's hair, causing her to yelp in pain.]

Harley Quinn: That's why you should never invite anyone who are "cheetahs". [chuckles nervously.]

Cheetah: You pulled my hair?! WHO TOLD YOU TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!?!

Aquos: An old rival of mine who is called "Dogshank". The kind of warriors that pull hair? Just the kind that are woefully undersized!

(Wonder Woman is deflecting lasers from Black Manta.)

Wonder Woman: You'll have to do better than that, Black Manta!

Black Manta: I already have.

(Aquos noticed a missile heading towards her.)

Aquos: YIKES!!!

(Aquos jumps out of the way.)

Aquos: Wonder Woman! Missile at 12:00!

(Wonder Woman glanced at the missile but gets hit. Smoke clears but Wonder Woman is charred and her hair is messed up. Wonder Woman noticed and is angered.)

Harley Quinn: Uh-oh!

Wonder Woman: [angered at Harley Quinn and Cheetah.] THAT! WAS!! MY PERFECT HAIRSTYLE!!!

(Wonder Woman lunges herself at Cheetah and Harley Quinn and a massive fight ensures.)

Aquos: Now that's what I call a cat fight!

(Wonder Woman, who's hair is back to its normal style, lands next to Aquos and the two conjure water spheres.)

Harley Quinn: I think you better take back what you said about the water joke, Mr. J!

Joker: I already did!

Aquos: Welcome to Ninjago City, villains!

Aquos/Wonder Woman: Ninja Go!!

(Wonder Woman and Aquos use Spinjitzu and defeat the four villains, freeing the six elemental masters.)

Tox: Nice one!

(Scene goes to the heights of Ninjago City.)

(Hal, Jessica and Energon are fighting Sinestro.)

Jessica Cruz: [tries to control her ring.] Come on, ring! I need to stop Sinestro!

Green Lantern: Energon, I'll handle the baddies on the ground! Can you and Jessica handle Sinestro?

Energon: Roger that, Hal!

Green Lantern: I always wanted to say it. Ninja Go!

(Hal uses Spinjitzu and flies to the ground of Ninjago City, leaving Jessica with Energon.)

Jessica Cruz: Energon, Hal just left us!

Energon: I know, but you need to control your fear before it controls you. I've transferred some of my Energy element to you! Try using it!

Jessica Cruz: Okay!

(Jessica conjures an energy orb and throws it at Sinestro, successfully hitting him.)

Jessica Cruz: I did it!

Energon: Nice one, Sugar!

(Jessica giggles at what Energon said. Sinestro shakes his head and prepares his ring.)

Sinestro: You green lanterns are going to fear my power!

(Sinestro's ring glows.)

Jessica Cruz: We can't beat him separately!

Energon: I know, but I got an idea! We need to combine our powers. Yours and mine! Jump on my shoulders! And repeat the Green Lantern's Oath!

(Jessica jumps on Energon's shoulders and the two start spinning, while glowing green.)

Energon: In brightest day!

Jessica Cruz: In blackest night!

Energon/Jessica Cruz: No evil shall escape our sight! Let those who worship evil's might, beware our powers! Green Lanterns' lights! Ninja Go!

(Jessica and Energon used synchronized Spinjitzu and defeated Sinestro in one blast.)

Jessica Cruz: I can't believe it! I did it! [Energon puts his hand on her cheek.]

Energon: "You" didn't just do it. "We" did it. Together.

(Energon and Jessica kissed in embrace.)

(Scene goes to the Center of Ninjago City.)

(Superman and Flamenado are fighting Lex who is in his mech.)

Superman: Let's see if you can take the heat, Luthor! [tries to conjure up his fire element but no avail. He looks at his hand, but conjures it, charring his face and ruining his hairstyle.] This happens every time.

Flamenado: This could be getting used to, Sups! Just use your Heat Vision!

Superman: Great idea!

(Superman uses his Heat Vision and destroys a missile launcher.)

Lex Luthor: Sleep tight, Superman!

(Lex's mech shoots a kryptonite ray on Superman, weakening him.)

Superman: [straining] No...! Kryptonite...

(Flamenado starts steaming and his eyes burn.)

Flamenado: Hands. Off. Of. THE MAN OF STEEL!!!

(Flamenado breathes fire, destroying the mech's kryptonite ray and Superman regains his strength.)

Superman: Thanks, Flamenado! Wanna give him a sunburn?

Flamenado: Flame on!

Flamenado/Superman: Ninja Go!

(Flamenado and Superman use Spinjitzu and stopped Lex's mech from moving.)

Lex Luthor: Curse you, heroes!

Flamenado: And that's why you should never play with kryptonite!

(Scene goes to the Northern Section of Ninjago City.)

(Cyborg, P.I.X.A.L. and Ice-tanium are fighting Gorilla Grodd and Captain Boomerang.)

Cyborg: Pix, watch out for Grodd's mind control. He can control humans. And Ice-tanium, Captain Boomerang is not your average Australian from the Outback. His boomerangs are highly explosive!

P.I.X.A.L.: Cyborg, no need to worry. I got a secret weapon.

(P.I.X.A.L. calls in her Samurai X mech.)

Gorilla Grodd: Very impressive technology. But not impressive enough! [tries to control the Samurai X mech but no avail.] What?!

(P.I.X.A.L. presses the button on her Samurai X suit, launching missiles from her mech at Gorilla Grodd.)

Gorilla Grodd: Uh-oh.

(The missiles hit Gorilla Grodd, causing him to lose his helmet.)

Ice-tanium: Ninja Go!

(Ice-tanium uses Spinjitzu, sending Grodd into a wall.)

Captain Boomerang: G'day, loves! Back down under, you mates are goin' out for [pulls out his boomerangs at Cyborg.] a spin!

Cyborg: Uh-oh! [dodges a boomerang thrown by Captain Boomerang.]

Captain Boomerang: And another! [throws another boomerang.] And another! [throws another boomerang.] And another! [throws another boomerang.]

Cyborg: Ninja Go!

(Cyborg uses Spinjitzu and deflects the boomerangs away.)

Cyborg: Miss me, CB!

Captain Boomerang: Oh, did I?

Cyborg: Yeah, you did.

(Cyborg jumps out of the way, and the boomerangs flew towards Captain Boomerang.)

Captain Boomerang: Crikey!

(The boomerangs hit Captain Boomerang, sending him flying into a wall from the explosion.)

Cyborg: That puts the--

Ice-tanium/P.I.X.A.L./Cyborg: "Boom" in boomerang.

(Cyborg fist bumps Ice-tanium and P.I.X.A.L., but then gets a call from Superman.)

Superman: [On communicator.] Cyborg, did you finish off, Grodd and Boomerang?

Cyborg: Yeah, why?

Superman: [On communicator.] You got to come back to us quick! Lex Luthor and the Doom Legionnaires are heading to destroy the Wall of Murals!

Cyborg: Hang tight, Man of Steel! We're coming!

(Scene goes to the Wall of Murals.)

(Cyborg, Ice-tanium and P.I.X.A.L. reunite with the League, Auxiliary Ninja and Mystery Incorporated.)

Lex Luthor: Rest in Pieces, old man!

Master Garmadon: I may be old, but I am not returning to my evil ways! Ninja Go!

(Garmadon uses Spinjitzu, deflecting the lasers from Lex's mech, but gets hit by a missile.)

Energon: Father! (He runs up to Garmadon. And the two head for the doors and barricade them.) You okay?

Master Garmadon: Yes, son. I may have oni blood, but deep down in my heart, there's always a good side within me. (He see's the barricade about to be destroyed by Lex's mech.) Bouldergeist, help Karlof barricade the door!

Bouldergeist: (Uses his lava arm to put up the barricade on the door with help from Karlof.) Huh-ah! (The door rattles, under the banging of Lex's mech. P.I.X.A.L. and Robin take up a stance in front of the citizens.) That's not gonna last for long.


Bluelectro: Forever. Forever. (Shaggy's last word echoes in his mind as he glances at Aquos.) Aquos. (Turns to her.) I have to ask you something important.

Aquos: What? Now? (Jennifer stares at Bluelectro.)

Bluelectro: (Energon looks at Bluelectro, curiously.) Yes, now. (Gets down on one knee, inhales slowly and starts talking patiently. The Justice League, the rest of the Ninja and Masters Wu, Ray, Maya and Garmadon turn to look at him.) Aquos, you make me so happy everyday. (Aquos shakes her head and stares at Bluelectro, confused.) When we're not together, I miss you so much that it feels like part of me is missing. (Pulls out the token, and splits it in half, holding one half out to her.) Will you be my Yang?

Aquos: (Gasps, taking the token from Bluelectro.)

Wonder Woman: Did he just proposed to her in a middle of a battle?

Frederick Herman Jones: (Comes up behind Wonder Woman.) Hold the phone. He's asking her to marry him?

Cyborg: (Joins Fred.) Who proposes in a battle like that?!

Bouldergeist: (Joins Cyborg and Fred.) Now you're asking?!

Flamenado: (Joins Bouldergeist, Cyborg and Fred.) We seriously need to talk about your sense of timing, Bluelectro!

Bluelectro: There... (Sheds a tear from his right eye.) There may not be another time.

Aquos: (Looks at Bluelectro.) Yes! (Jumps into Bluelectro's arms and hugs him.) Of course! Yes, yes, yes! Oh! (Bluelectro hugs her back.)

Flamenado: (Winks at Daphne.) I taught him how to do that.

Daphne Ann Blake: Jeepers.

Master Jennifer Gordon: That is very beautiful, my son.

(The door and barricade slowly break down. Energon looks at the mural on the wall. He observes the Pilot Episodes painting.)

Karlof: Karlof can't hold longer!

Flash: Lex Luthor's mech is almost in!

Cyborg: We're going out with a bang! (Shaggy jumps in Scooby's arms and they huddle in fear.)

Superman: Alright, team. Let's give 'em—

Energon: (Smiles in realization.) A tornado!

Superman: Exactly! Let's give them a tornado! Uh—wait, what?

Energon: What's the opposite of destruction? Creation! (Points to the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Pilot Season painting.) Don't you get it? Creation—the Tornado of Creation! It's the one thing that Flamenado, Bluelectro, Bouldergeist and Ice-tanium used as their last resort—the power of creation! But all of us this time, or it won't work.

Frederick Herman Jones: Hold the phone, how did you know?

Flamenado: Yeah. It was a miracle, it worked the first time!

Energon: Okay, I'm guessing. But what do we have to lose?

Ice-tanium: He's right. We have nothing to lose.

Bouldergeist: What the heck. I'm in.

Flamenado: I love crazy ideas. Let's do it!

Bluelectro: We're one now, Aquos. Let's do it together.

Aquos: Okay!

Master Garmadon: I may be the Master of Destruction, but I'm always with my son and my brother.

Energon: It has to be all of us.

Wonder Woman: But we're not part of Ninjago.

Energon: No, but you and the rest of the Justice League will be a part of the history of Ninjago as the rest of us. (the Justice League smile)

Superman: You're right, Energon.

Flash: This is going to be sweet!

Jessica Cruz: Okay, I'll do it with you, Energon. (Energon nods and they look at each other. Lex's mech break through the barrier.)

Bouldergeist: Here goes nothing! Ninja, GOO!! (He does Spinjitzu.)

Flamenado/Superman/Bluelectro/Batman/Flash/Ice-tanium/Cyborg/Aquos/Wonder Woman/Energon/Green Lantern/Jessica Cruz/Master Wu/Master Garmadon/Master Ray/Master Maya: Ninja, GOO!! (They do Spinjitzu. Jennifer looks at the photo of her husband, then the Season 6, 8, 9 and 10's paintings.)

Master Jennifer Gordon: (In her head) I never used Spinjitzu, after what my son did to save our home. They're missing one more Spinjitzu tornado. Mine. I haven't used it after a murderer killed my husband. (sheds a tear) I have no choice. Here goes nothing. (Out loud) Ninja, GOO!! (She does Spinjitzu. Everyone's Spinjitzus merge into one tornado. The Legion of Doom get sucked in. Everyone stopped using their Spinjitzus. The Legion of Doom are now in a makeshift cage. The Golden Weapons' lights die out, de-powering them.)

Flamenado: We did it! (Everyone cheers.)

Bluelectro: (Goes up to his mother and hugs her. She smiles tearfully.) Thank you, Mom. I never saw your Spinjitzu until now.

Master Jennifer Gordon: I know... "Bluelectro". (She and Bluelectro smile.)

Wonder Woman: They truly do have an unbreakable bond.

(The Ninjas and the Justice League clean up the museum.)

Superman: Great Scott. Those elements pack quite a punch.

Batman: I have to admit, it was actually fun.

Bluelectro: Now you know how I feel before I joined the Justice League

Master Wu: Ninja! Trouble! (They see him.) Come quick!

Flamenado: Already?!

Cyborg: Aww man! (Wu leads them outside, where everyone is celebrating.)

Music: Go!

Commissioner: I already thanked you, but the people want to thank you also.

Master Garmadon: And the Justice League are now heroes of Ninjago City.

(Aquos beckons Mystery Incorporated and P.I.X.A.L. since they helped the citizens as well. As Bouldergeist dines on cake, the Justice League wave happily, while the others Aquos and Bluelectro, Energon and Jessica, Ice-tanium and P.I.X.A.L., as well as Flamenado and Skylor, share a loving reunion. The Ninja see Wu leaving.)

The Fold: It's time for training and we're getting started. It's on, you know. And we wanna see you whip and shout it. We rock, you roll! They say, go slow. And everything just stands so still. We say go, go. We're ready for the fight, we know the drill. Monday morning and we feel defeated, seems so long ago…

(Scene goes to Ninjago City at midnight as fireworks are shot in the sky.)

(Bouldergeist changes to mortal form. The Ninjas see Master Wu.)

Bluelectro: You okay, Master Wu? You seem upset about something.

Master Wu: Since your farewell two years ago, the Auxiliary Ninja have learned Spinjitzu and defeated the Oni.

Energon: The First Spinjitzu Master tried to make the perfect realm, and because of the Overlord after his resurrection, there may never be lasting peace.

Master Wu: Our world isn't perfect. That doesn't mean we give up on it.

Flamenado: Tell us, Master, back in the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, were the vision of our future selves nothing but lies?

Master Wu: I hate to say it, but yes. What concerns you, Ninja?

Aquos: If you're right, being part of the Justice League might be our true future after all. (Gestures to herself and her fellow ninjas.) We rock. (Gestures to Wu.) You roll.

Bouldergeist: Monday morning and we feel defeated. Seems so long ago.

Bluelectro: Tuesday's comin' we just keep on beatin'. 'Til we're in our zone.

Ice-tanium: Wednesday mornin' and we soon discover. We gotta push our game.

Flamenado: We slept through Thursday just to get it over.

Energon: The whip's a day away.

Master Wu: Since Garmadon and I were training the Auxiliary Ninja to learn Spinjitzu, the Murals of your journey reminded me of your return. And they're right. Welcome back home, Ninja.

(The Ninjas embraced Wu and watched the fireworks.)

Energon: Even though we're still members of the Justice League, there's no place like home.

(They continue watching the fireworks as the movie ends.)

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