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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

DD&W Heroes
Ddw heroes
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Super Heroes



LEGO DD&W Heroes is a theme based on Super Heroes created by Dadaw


Year 1


A Teenage at 11th grade named Rex Stone was was taken by Professor Jake Silver and some other people in an experiment to give people super powers but something happend and they had to send them back before everything was ready. Rex found out about his super powers and saw that he is able to make shock wave and make stone and metal float and sometimes even other stuff but he couldn't allways reach that state. he decided to use his super powers to fight crime and with the help of 2 scientist who helped the Jake Silver to stop Jake's plan.

The 2nd Cat

A teenager at 8th grade named Mark Doil, not many people could see it in him, but he was good at jumping and like to help people when they needed, he wanted to help people in diffrent ways but he ain't had the ability to do that, until one night, he was about to sleep and he found himself in a secret basement that was being built secretly for 4 years by the 1st Cat who wanted to trick the Dark Dragon, a creature that was created by his friend Jonathan Rager accidently 20 years ago and he sent Mark Doil to stop the Dark Dragon because Mark Doil was intiligent enough to come up with great plans and he knew how to fight when needed.


LINK have nothing to do with the other heroes on the theme and it's a standalone part of the theme. Read the plot in LEGO LINK: The Videogame


Year 1


Year 1

Image Set Name Number of Pieces Minfigures Price
DDW Stone vs. Fire Gravitizer: Stone vs. Fire 165 7$

Video Games

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