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LEGO Dautoville


LEGO Dautoville has a continuation named LEGO Dautoville V.


In a big city LEGO of the name of Dautoville, are threatened by criminals " Ninja " but two minifigures made a commitment to protect their city : Bob Shenk and Sibast Ouhon... Both friends are going to be confronted with grave danger, the return of the prisoner Richard Louis has a heart attack of moving (minifigures). Rigor Scap, the auto-baptized mutant 01 will try to kill both friends but his women will help them has to escape from Dautoville. Bob reaches sent dismissed a shooting of 02 on one of the bombs(sprays) which explodes and but at the end in the (murder) of Rigor.

The map of Dautoville

One year later, Rigor is judged then imprisoned. But the gambling club (belonging to the maffioso), is going to try to make Rigor Scap escape to copy its power to inject him has powerful minifigures. Eric le Karov is transformed too and terrorizes the city, but both heroin saves the city in spite of Annah and Vince's death.

7 months later the city is attacked by aliens...


Dautoville 1 and 2

Dautoville 3

Rigor S3.png
Policeman Dautoville1.png
Mr Kyter.png
BOB ssb.png
Annah LSsb.png
Vince Ssb.png
Sibast Osb.png
Léa Osb.png
Guard Coast dautocity.png
Eric LK.png
Ripeirot guard.png
E le K.png
Rigor Scap B.png
T O A.png
Baker D.png
Bob Sbo.png
Annah LSs09.png
Vince SDEAD.png
Soldier XX.png
Flint K.png
Bob Sm.png
Sibast Om.png
Vince Smutant.png
Soldier XXm.png
Hans tB.png
C3po D.png
Rigor Scap (burnt)Policeman 1Mr.KyterPoliceman 2Policeman 3Policeman 4Bob Shenk (Beach)Annah Louis-Shenk (Beach)Vince Shenk (Beach)Sibast Ouhon (Beach)Lea OuhonGuard Of coastEric Le KarovGamblig club guardJean-Jack RipeirotRipeirot's guardEric Le Karov (Soldier XX)Rigor Scap (Soldier 01, burnt)Dr.HaarNewsdealerTrader of meatsTrader of animalsBakerBob Shenk (Civil 2)Annah Louis-Shenk (Soldier 09)Vince Shenk (Injured)Soldier XXFlint UikujBob Shenk (Biker)Sibast Ouhon (Biker)Vince Shenk (Mutant and Gold body)Soldier XX (With hat)Hans the bestC-3POSoldier 11

Dautoville 4

King Kor.png
Queen F.png
Prince I.png
Princess U.png
SGT Poss.png
Bob Se.png
Alien Sk.png
Man Para.png
King KorQueen FlantPrince IgsPrincess UlbHorpPoliceman 4Sgt. PossCaptain OrgSSS SoldierAlienCommander GoshBob ShenkChase McCainGrashAlien skeletonMan paralyseB14-F9


Dautoville 1 and 2

Dautoville 3

Dautoville 4

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Bob_S.png +, Rigor_S3.png +  and King_Kor.png +
Richard_L.png +, Sibast_Osb.png +  and Alien.png +
RL_Guard.png +  and Léa_Osb.png +
mR;R.png +, Guard_Coast_dautocity.png +  and Bob_Se.png +
I Ninja O.png +, Eric_LK.png +  and McCain.png +
Vince S.png +, GCGuard.png +  and Grash.png +
Elite ninja.png +, JJRipeirot.png +  and Alien_Sk.png +
Ripeirot_guard.png +  and Man_Para.png +
Annah_LS.png +, Policeman_Dautoville1.png +  and Queen_F.png +
HUGO_s.png +, Mr_Kyter.png +  and Prince_I.png +
Lili_S.png +, Police1.png +  and Princess_U.png +
God_tD.png +, Police2.png +  and Horp.png +
Sibast_O.png +, Police3.png +  and Police4.png +
Lea_O.png +, BOB_ssb.png +  and SGT_Poss.png +
Gui_O.png +, Annah_LSsb.png +  and Org.png +
Tac_tC.png +, Vince_Ssb.png +  and SSS.png +
Bob Shenk +, Rigor Scap (burnt) +  and King Kor +
Richard Louis +, Sibast Ouhon (Beach) +  and Alien +
Guard of R.Louis +, Lea Ouhon +  and Commander Gosh +
Mr.Robert +, Guard Of coast +  and Bob Shenk +
Ninja infiltrated +, Eric Le Karov +  and Chase McCain +
Vince Shenk +, Gamblig club guard +  and Grash +
Elite Ninja +, Jean-Jack Ripeirot +  and Alien skeleton +
Prisoner +, Ripeirot's guard +  and Man paralyse +
Lea Ouhon +, Bob Shenk (Beach) +  and Sgt. Poss +
Guillaume Ouhon +, Annah Louis-Shenk (Beach) +  and Captain Org +
Tac the Cat +, Vince Shenk (Beach) +  and SSS Soldier +