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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

LEGO Multiverse: Timelines Unleashed
LEGO Theme:

Video Game




Action RPG


Single Player, Multiplayer


PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

LEGO Multiverse: Timelines Unleashed is the third Custom grand project of Shiva, released for the 3th Anniversary of his Custom projects.


The player progresses through a number of quests following a linear plot, but can return to the quests later on in free play mode, using any of all of the playable characters they unlocked up until that point and in addition, there are a variety of side-quests to embark on. Player can also make up a party of several characters, giving each character in their party suitable equipment from their inventory. If player assembles a party, they take control of the party leader at first, however during action they can switch between characters to take control of anyone in the party.

LEGO Multiverse: Timelines Unleashed contains a large open world that also acts as the game's hub. The open world is the world combination of many other LEGO worlds, which are related to almost all LEGO themes. The player can freely travel from one world to another, by using special portals or by flying an airship Destiny's Bounty.

Just like in all Shiva's projects, there is a Character Creator, which lets the player create their own character using accessories of other characters able for them. There is also a Vehicle Designer, where the player can create and design as they want a vehicle of each type: it can be either a car, a ship or a jet.


"Time. Such a difficult thing to understand. Time can shape. Anyone who says you can't control time is definitely wrong. One word, one action. And you can change everything."
"What does that supposed to mean?"
"There is an infinite amount of different timelines including ours, my friend.
―The Greatest Sage Darth Smith and Shiva

The plot starts in the world of City, where a guy with a white collar and a badge of a FANDOM administrator chases a strange looking person in a suit and a white smiling mask. While chasing, administrator reports about this stranger to his fellow administrators and during this report we find out that the name of this administrator is Shiva and he is chasing one of the Anonymous, interdimensional gang of vandals and small-time terrorists. Finally, stranger leads Shiva into an ambush, where Anonymous gangsters try to defeat him but fail, as Shiva defeats them all as well. However, more gangsters come and trap Shiva, this time he can't handle them all. Soon enough, police force of City arrives and saves Shiva, as there is his fellow administrator Niall who leads the attack on Anonymous. Once the attack is successful and all gangsters are either captured or defeated, Shiva thanks Niall, but Niall says that it's not the first time he gets into such trouble and has to be saved again. Shiva doesn't know what to answer, so he suggests them both to make a report and deliver it to the office.

Now with a report on their hands, Shiva and Niall finally arrive at the FANDOM office which is located in the world of Brickipedia. There they give their report to the manager Shade who congrats them on catching another criminals and suggests to keep an eye out, as Anonymous is getting more and more dangerous these days. Then everyone in the office hears strong thunder noises and Shade realizes that it's "the Boss" calling him, so he only orders both administrators to continue their duty and leaves. Once Shiva and Niall leave the office, they both receive a message from Matau, their fellow administrator, that someone named Andy is vandalizing again and this time he has some teleporting device, so he can vandalize quickly in different worlds. Shiva then sees that Andy himself in his area and starts a chase, removing some of Andy's "works" on his way. Shiva chases down Andy through different worlds, and finally catches him up in the world of Bionicle, not without help of Matau himself, who arrives just in time to help Shiva. Then Shiva and Matau knock Andy out and break his teleporting device, although Andy still manages to escape from administrators anyway. Then Matau tells Shiva that their work day is finished for today and suggests him to go to the bar called Discord located in the world of Brickipedia, which all administrators visit every evening after their job.

At the bar, Shiva and Matau join some of their fellow administrators: Niall, Rodolfo, Quinton, Justine, Lord Weirdo XVII, Hawkodile and Printer. Soon they are joined by their other friends throughout the whole LEGO Multiverse. Everyone seems to have fun as usual, however Shiva seems a bit discomfortable. This notices Nuha, the Wind Ninja and his good friend, and she asks him, if everything was wrong. Shiva just says that he starts getting bored of his job as an administrator as everything he does there repeats day by day, so he just wastes his time there. Nuha then assures him that one day «something interesting happens or he is just going to lose his job». Shiva cheers up a bit.

At night, when Shiva goes to sleep, he sees strange dreams, involving him watching his reflection changing right in front of him: he sees himself but anything changes second after second, his hair, his clothing or even his species. When he wakes up at the morning, he tries to forget this and leaves for another workday. At the office, Shiva is called by Shade who tells him that he receives a protegé now who appears to be Nuha. Shiva is surprised but agrees to be her mentor. Now on their duty, they both have to keep in safety the world of City, which they are assigned to, however Shiva soon receives a strange message from Quinton, administrator of Ninjago, about the mysterious Anonymous outpost, which is heavily guarded. Quinton asks him and other administrators for help, so Shiva and Nuha immediately come over. At the location, Quinton says that three is enough, so trio raids the outpost. While Shiva uses his standard fighting and magic skills in the battle, Quinton and Nuha combine their powers, as both are Elemental Masters of Water and Wind respectively. Finally, trio gets at the top of the outpost, where everyone is defeated and Nuha notices a laptop. Shiva decides to check it and finds out that one of the FANDOM managers was messaging the outpost commander. Everyone starts suspecting something, however soon one of the defeated criminals somehow assembles back, stands up and starts running away from the outpost. Shiva quickly chases after him.

During a chase, criminal leads Shiva to the strange dark place with a big portal, several blueprints and some screens, where Shiva notices himself being watched on one of the screens. There criminal finally stops and disassembles back again, while Shiva is greeted by an old man, who calls himself the Greatest Sage Darth Smith. Shiva hardly believes that everything he witnesses is real, while Darth Smith explains him that this place is his secret laboratory of time. He shows Shiva that a big portal is a portal between different timelines, with randomly different occasions. As an example, Darth Smith shows Shiva a timeline where Shiva's version there is a half-raptor, which Shiva recognizes as one of his reflections from his dream. The Greatest Sage then tells him that he built that portal long ago when he discovered different timelines and used that to travel to a timeline which he called Alpha (while their timeline was called Prime). There he found his counterpart being CEO of some small company in the world of City and offered him to join Darth Smith in his adventures to other timelines. However, once his counterpart visited Prime timeline, it became obsessed with power and, having same magic powers as the Greatest Sage, was corrupted and possessed by pure evilness. Darth Smith had to fight his evil counterpart above the whole LEGO Multiverse and had to make a sacrifice to defeat it. Counterpart was weakened, but was not defeated, while the Greatest Sage, who was thought to be dead, had to hide in the Alpha timeline among the Circle of Sages in the world of Brickipedia.

Shiva is shocked to hear that informed but more he becomes shocked when he finds out who is this counterpart of Darth Smith. The Greatest Sage explains that due to it being weakened, his counterpart decided to build an interdimensional corporation called FANDOM with its prime target of taking control of the LEGO Multiverse, while distracting both forces of good and evil. CEO of FANDOM is an evil counterpart of the Greatest Sage. He hired forces of good as administrators, who are tasked to keep their assigned worlds in safety, while forces of evil were hired as the gang of Anonymous to always fight with administrators. Hearing this, Shiva decides to stop that mess and ultimately destroy FANDOM, so Darth Smith offers him to recruit some of his counterparts. Shiva says that at first he is going to recruit his fellow administrators.

Once Shiva reaches the surface back, he realizes that, while being in a laboratory, he lost connection with other administrators. While he was absent, Quinton reported to every administrator that he found out from a mysterious laptop that Anonymous was formed by FANDOM. Shade somehow found out about his reports, so he fired every administrator and now they are hunted by both Anonymous and FANDOM. Shiva gets attacked by a squad of FANDOM employees and Anonymous terrorists but is saved by Nuha. Then Nuha tells Shiva to quickly get aboard Destiny's Bounty which appears to be an airship belonging to Quinton and his fellow Elemental Masters: Zan of Ice, Jaymiddle of Thunder and Majorian of Fire. They fly away to rescue those who survived. At first, not without a fight, they save Weirdo XVII and Justine from the world of Friends, then they rescue Hawkodile from Cloud Cuckoo Palace and Printer from the world of Hidden Side. Finally, they aid Rodolfo in the world of DC Comics and, with him aboard, fly away to the world of City, to save Niall. There they witness how Niall beats everyone who attacked him and accidentally falls into the river. Citizens nearby are in panic, one of them calls emergency, reporting that a man has fallen into the river in LEGO City and orders to start the rescue helicopter, while his friend shouts «HEY!», seeing how Destiny's Bounty quickly rescues Niall from the river and carries him away. Finally, it heads to the world of Bionicle, seeking to save Matau, however on their way he reports, that he is already awaiting everyone at Discord.

At the location, survived administrators try to connect with others but are unsuccessful. Then they start discussing everything and try to understand what is going on. Shiva tells about what he has found out in a secret laboratory and offers to use help of their counterparts from other timelines, but his friends refuse due to being afraid that they can become corrupted too. Meanwhile, a spy, who has been secretly gathering information from former administrators, sneaks away without being noticed. He reports about timelines to someone he calls "boss".

Former administrators, now just warriors, continue thinking about what they can do. Overhearing their conversation, bartender Aurora May offers them to ask her friend for help. Matau, knowing who she is referring to, reluctantly agrees and tells everyone to follow him to the Grand Library of Brickipedia. There, they are greeted by three librarians: Jamesster, Nut and Dan Eagles. Matau tells Dan that he and others need his help in infiltrating FANDOM, while others search the library. Dan says that in order to infiltrate FANDOM, they have to remove their control points which FANDOM, as Dan thinks, must use to hold control of the worlds. Dan suggests to use his old computer, which he has been using while working for Alpha Team, and his hacking skills to track down those control points. While in progress, Matau tells Dan about what has Shiva told about secret laboratory, to which Dan replies that this information is way too dangerous to know. Finally, librarian tracks down those control points and finds out that those are only three inaccessible FANDOM outposts located in different worlds and, of course, the main office located in Brickipedia.

Group decides to split up, as Justine and Weirdo XVII go to the first outpost, Hawkodile and Printer visit the second one, and Niall along with Matau and Rodolfo move to the third point. Meanwhile, Shiva along with Quinton and Elemental Masters decide to aid each group as well, however while Quinton and Elemental Masters will just deliver everyone to their assigned point, Shiva is going to aid everyone in combat. Moving to the first outpost, located in the world of Friends, Shiva, Justine and Weirdo XVII raid it, fighting FANDOM staff on their way. Soon, to their surprise, they confront aggressive Eagle warriors from the world of Chima. At the top of the outpost, former administrators notice one of the working computers and receive a message there, from their former employer Shade. He says that every administrator is being watched now by FANDOM spies and that FANDOM knows about secret laboratory too. CEO of FANDOM used a magic spell he learned long ago to summon two Shiva's counterparts from other timelines. Shade also threatens Shiva to give FANDOM a location of the secret laboratory. Shiva refuses, so Shade answers that they are still going to find it out, but by force. Then Shiva's counterpart emerges, appearing as the Bird Emperor, and attacks former administrators along with his Eagle warriors. Soon the Emperor is defeated with Justine claiming that there is only one Shiva to annoy her, while Shiva himself receives some mysterious power. He hears the voice of the Greatest Sage Darth Smith telling him that he has got a power of summoning and now he can summon his counterpart. Then former administrators finally shut down the first outpost and escape from it, while it is collapsing.

Destiny's Bounty heads to the second outpost located in the world of Hidden Side, where Hawkodile and Printer are trapped and surrounded by mysterious raptor ninjas. Shiva decides to take some of Elemental Masters with him to aid his fellow warriors, choosing Nuha and Zan. There, group faces many raptor ninjas and Shiva decides to find out who are they by summoning the Bird Emperor. The Emperor says that those ninjas belong to the clan led by another Shiva's counterpart, a half-raptor whom Shiva met earlier in a secret laboratory. The Bird Emperor decides to aid the group by covering them from rear, while the rest of the group goes further, to face the half-raptor himself. Soon they find him at the top, however half-raptor guards himself using magic fire wall. Nuha and Zan combine their powers to create an ice storm to remove that wall, so rest of the group fights with half-raptor. Soon the Bird Emperor summons one another counterpart, this time being a real raptor. Raptor Shiva and half-raptor Shiva engage in a combat, where raptor is victorious, and Prime Shiva finally defeats half-raptor and acquires a power to summon him. Raptor destroys the second outpost, so the group finally moves to the last outpost, located in the world of Bionicle.

There Shiva aids Niall, Matau and Rodolfo in fighting simple FANDOM staff and nothing more, which makes Shiva very suspicious. At the top of the outpost, former administrators find their friend Dark Yada, former French ambassador of the FANDOM, being captured. Once rescued, Yada tries to warn his friends about something, however he is late, as there appears the one whom Matau never wanted to see on that place… Meiko, second half-human half-Matoran along with Matau, Matau's brother. He is still defeated then, with Matau being remorseful about this.

Finally, the group assembles back and moves to the main office. While on their way, they notice the Grand Library being attacked by FANDOM. There, some staff members torture Dan Eagles, seeking to find a location of the secret laboratory from him. However, they soon witness how a bartender Aurora May and her friend Chris A. remove those staff members and rescue Dan. Then the group continues its way to the office only to witness it being raided by Anonymous, now led by administrators' old nemesis Andy. Andy, as a high-ranking member of the gang, found out that Anonymous was used with no intentions to get paid for their job, so he decided to start a riot against their former employer, becoming a new leader of Anonymous. Andy reaches CEO of FANDOM and they engage in a combat, while Shiva and his friends decide to interrupt the battle. While everyone fights staff members and gangsters in the office, Shiva and Matau make their way to the top, reaching CEO and Andy. There Shiva witnesses Matau's sacrifice once he unleashes the power of his Bionicle mask combined with the Force, making the Force Explosion. This destroys the office and weakens CEO of FANDOM more, however Matau is presumably destroyed as well and worse yet this explosion only somehow made Andy stronger, turning him into powerful dark lord. With his new powers, Andy unleashes his army of Anonymous to conquer the Multiverse, while former warriors and surviving FANDOM staff retreat.

They all end up at Discord bar, exhausted and sad. Shiva and CEO of FANDOM argue about everything what happened, however their argument is interrupted by Aurora who tells everyone to have some rest at the second floor. Everyone does so, except Shiva, who remains at the bar section alone with several customers. One of the customers, however, sits by Shiva's table, and Shiva recognizes him as survived Matau, gone in hiding.

Matau tells Shiva that if everyone assembles their powers, they will be able to defeat Andy and finally bring peace to the Multiverse, however they'd better acquire some powerful artifacts at first, as there is Challenge Tower located nearby. Shiva asks if Matau is going to join them, but he just answers: «Time will show». Later on, Shiva and his fellow warriors embark on the adventure to Challenge Tower. Climbing the tower, they defeat many guardian souls on their way, releasing them for being chained to the tower for so long, including those who once were their fellow administrators before their apparent death. Atop the tower, warriors face Deika, yet another half-human half-Matoran and a brother to Matau. Once he is defeated, he tells everyone that they are truly worthy warriors and gives them their ultimate weapons. Then warriors leave the tower and head back to Discord, where they find out that one of Andy's superior officers, Terri Eaglon (also known as Mystery Man), now holds control of the world of Hidden Side. Enraged by this, Printer heads alone to his world swearing to remove Terri. He is still then aided by his fellow warriors, once he is trapped by several Anonymous crooks. Together, they clear Terri's new palace, however instead of fighting him, Printer calls Terri's father, Mr. Eaglon, who comes and takes his son home, swearing punishment for him. 

Before leaving, former administrators are met by Matau. He tells them that there is another superior officer, Amessz, who holds control of the world of LEGO Island. This angers Niall, who once captured and imprisoned Amessz long ago. Warriors move to Amessz, only to be trapped at the local racing stadium which was turned into a gladiator arena. There warriors honestly battle with other combatants, however once the champion of arena emerges, who appears to be Pepper Roni, combatants refuse to fight, enraging spectators who attack them. Using the situation, Niall, assisted by Rodolfo, engages Amessz in a battle, and both warriors ultimately defeat yet another Andy's minion. Witnessing defeat of their officer, crooks flee from the world of LEGO Island, while warriors retreat to Discord, where they meet Deika and Matau. The latter tells them that his brother informed him of Andy's plans to summon the legendary creation, using help of Meiko: only Matorans or half-Matorans can wear Bionicle masks and Meiko is the one, possessing the Mask of Summoning which is able to summon that creation. Deika then tells that there is a legend of Mask of Creation and Mask of Ultimate Power, however it is only a legend. Shiva thinks that those could actually exist in other timelines and suggests Matau to finally use help of the secret laboratory, to which Matau replies yes. Meanwhile, overhearing their conversation, CEO of FANDOM, who still remained at Discord, decides to secretly follow them.

At the laboratory, the Greatest Sage Darth Smith quickly finds out a timeline with both legendary masks and opens a portal to lead warriors there, also giving Shiva a device to transport back. Once they step into the portal, they appear at the altar with two masks, guarded by Ekimu the Mask-Maker. Matau challenges Ekimu in order to prove himself worthy to claim both masks and solely defeats the Mask-Maker, taking masks and leaving along with the others. Upon returning to the laboratory, heroes witness CEO of FANDOM finally absorbing all the powers of the Greatest Sage Darth Smith. CEO then leaves the laboratory and heads somewhere, seeking revenge on Andy. Darth Smith then tells Shiva to stop him and not to forget about his powers of summoning his counterparts.

Finally, warriors head to the world of Bionicle, witnessing the summoning of Makuta Teridax. Shiva decides to face him alone, despite being just a minifigure comparing to Makuta's titan size. While they both battle, CEO of FANDOM and his new army emerge and confront the summoned army of Anonymous. Quinton, with Elemental Masters, Dan, Aurora May and Chris A. aboard, rescues his fellow warriors on his Destiny's Bounty, however airship still sometimes gets attacked by FANDOM or Anonymous forces. Meanwhile, Shiva still battles with Makuta, although it is hard for them both due to two fighting armies surrounding them. Shiva summons his two counterparts, a half-raptor and the Bird Emperor, to cover him. The latter even summons one another counterpart, which is a real powerful raptor, to aid them. At that point, Destiny's Bounty reaches Meiko wearing Mask of Summoning and using it to summon more crooks. Matau challenges Meiko for a final battle, where he is victorious. He asks his brother for a reason of his betrayal, who answers him that he just wanted the world not to be under FANDOM's control, after FANDOM killed most of his and Matau's siblings, only leaving them both and Deika alive. Meiko then gives Mask of Summoning away to Matau and escapes somewhere.

Still battling with Teridax, Shiva presumably knocks him out, however he stands up again. Destiny's Bounty flies over, and Matau suggests everyone to aid Shiva by using the Mask of Creation and creating a giant mech to battle with Teridax. Once he uses the Mask, however, he only generates disassembled parts, but Shiva's counterparts, who notice that, suggest to build a mech themselves and offer their help. Everyone builds a giant Voltron, which easily helps Shiva knock Makuta out. However, once Shiva gets aboard Voltron, Teridax stands up again and Matau realizes, that Makuta can be defeated only by one creature, whom he summons using the Mask of Summoning. Mata Nui then appears and takes care of Makuta Teridax, while warriors aboard Voltron head to the powerful CEO of FANDOM and confront him. Once Voltron beats CEO up, Shiva emerges from a mech and deals a final blow on CEO, ultimately defeating him and acquiring his powers. Then he finally challenges Dark Lord Andy himself. Shiva and Andy clash in an ultimate duel, where Shiva comes victorious, finally defeating his old nemesis and bringing peace to the whole LEGO Multiverse.

In an epilogue, everyone returns to their homeworld, now each one as a hero. Matau talks to Turaga Matau, who raised him, and finds out he and his siblings were created as an experiment being half-humans half-Matorans. Turaga tells Matau to be ready for a next meeting with Meiko. Niall employs at LEGO City Police Department, while Justine and Weirdo XVII employ at "boring jobs" in the world of Friends, and Rodolfo as well returns to the world of DC Comics and continues keeping it safe as a super hero Lightning Hawk. Hawkodile returns to Cloud Cuckoo Palace and becomes a royal guardsman there, while Printer decides to have some rest for a while in the world of Hidden Side. Finally, Quinton and Elemental Masters return to the world of Ninjago to continue their training. Soon they notice that Nuha is absent and decide to look for her at the place, where Shiva left, at the secret laboratory. There they witness a conversation between Shiva and the Greatest Sage Darth Smith. Darth Smith tells that Shiva has inherited his powers and now he may take his place as a guardian of the timeline. The Greatest Sage also suggests Shiva to find a protegé for himself, and then Nuha appears, offering herself on that place. Shiva agrees to be her mentor once, however Elemental Masters, who have been watching all along, emerge from hiding and say that they want to train under Shiva's wing too, to which Shiva happily agrees.

Shiva also asks Darth Smith about Alpha timeline, which CEO of FANDOM came from. Darth Smith tells that there is absolutely different person bearing his name, while his true counterpart is considered to be that person's younger brother, who is more passive. Shiva still decides to visit him and warn him about the danger of timelines, so he activates a portal and goes right into the place where his counterpart is located. Shiva finds out that his counterpart is a musician named Ian, who more prefers his creative lifestyle to the heroic actions. Then his heroic older brother appears and Shiva tells them both about the timelines and its danger. Then, during their conversation, he tells them: «Didn't know, you are so different from each other, although it happens to the most siblings», making Alpha Shiva and Ian confused as they never knew they were brothers. Once Prime Shiva realizes that, he tells them that they have a lot to talk about.


Story Characters

Character Description Based off Image

Once an administrator of the world of City and an employee of FANDOM, Shiva finds out that he and his fellow administrators have been used as puppets of their employers all along. Now uncovering the truth about FANDOM, Shiva leads a rebellion against the corporation he has been working for. Shiva has an ability to use magic and summon his counterparts from other timelines; he also prefers swords as weapons.

Shiva Kuzunasee Realshiva.png
Nuha, the Wind Ninja

Shiva's protege and an Elemental Master of Wind. She aids Shiva and his friends in fighting against FANDOM forces. As an Elemental Master, Nuha has an ability to do the Spinjitsu with the element of Wind, also having an ability to fuse her powers with powers of another Elemental Master. As weapons, Nuha prefers swords and javelins.

Lloydnuha12 Nuhawindninja.png

Being an administrator of the world of Brickipedia, Niall was assigned to be the Head Administrator, tasked with keeping safe worlds and also administrators as well. After losing his job at FANDOM, he joins Shiva to destroy their former employer, wishing to keep the Multiverse safe. Niall has an ability to use various police tools, including handcuffs, shocker and a grappling hook, preferring batons and guns as weapons.

Lavertus Nialle.png

Half-human half-Matoran, he was created as an experiment and named after Turaga Matau who raised him in Le-Matoran tribe. At unknown point he became an administrator of his homeworld of Bionicle, being unaware that most of his siblings were killed by FANDOM staff by unknown reasons, only leaving alive only him and his two brothers: Meiko of Ta-Matoran and Deika of Av-Matoran. Because of his origins, Matau holds the power of Bionicle masks, as he can equip them and use their effect. Because of that, he doesn't use weapons at all. He is also able to use the Force as a secondary ability.

ToaMatau2004 Matautoa2k4.png
Matau (Hiding)

Sacrificing himself to defeat CEO of FANDOM and Andy of Anonymous, Matau actually survived and went into hiding. Now his hands are fused with the Force, and, combined with his Bionicle powers, this makes him very powerful warrior.

Toa Kopaka Nuva Matauinhiding.png

Originating from the world of DC Comics, Rodolfo seems to be nothing more than just a plane pilot... until he takes on his mantle of Lightning Hawk! Along with that, he once was one of the FANDOM administrators, assigned to his homeworld, however once the truth about his employer was revealed, Rodolfo joined his friends and former co-workers in a rebellion against FANDOM. His ability is taking the mantle of Lightning Hawk, that's why he doesn't use weapons in combat.

Lightning Hawk

The Multiverse needs a hero... that's why Lightning Hawk is here! This dude can fly and strike powerful lightnings, dealing a lot of damage to his enemies, while in a melee combat he uses sharp gauntlets. Rumors say, that Lightning Hawk once defeated the whole gang of criminals in few seconds, and once you see hin in combat, you definitely start believing those rumors!

Lightning Hawk.jpg

Quite ladies' man, Quinton was once a boat captain, who got into some serious accident resulting in him losing his arm and discovering his abilities of an Elemental Master of Water. Later on, he ended up in becoming an administrator of the world of Ninjago, working for FANDOM, and, along with Shiva, he was the first to find out true intentions of his employers, leading to him and his fellow administrators into a death trap. Now he pilots an airship Destiny's Bounty, which was reconstructed from his wrecked boat, and thus aids his friends in a conquest against FANDOM. As an Elemental Master, Quinton has an ability to do the Spinjitsu with the element of Water, also having an ability to fuse his powers with powers of another Elemental Master. As weapons, Quinton prefers swords and staves.

Quinton1721 Quinton1721.png

Formerly hard-working administrator of the world of Friends, she worked in pair along with Lord Weirdo XVII. Even after losing their job at FANDOM they continue work together and join Shiva's rebellion against FANDOM, even though Justine is often annoyed by Shiva's behavior, despite respecting his deeds and his lack of fear. Justine has an ability of using her Purple Brick, which can be used in both offensive and supportive ways, as it can do magic damage and also can magically heal and do the x-ray vision. As weapons, Justine prefers staves and golf clubs.

Purplebrick333 Justinepurplebrick.png
Lord Weirdo XVII

Justine's former colleague and her co-administrator, Weirdo XVII, too, loses his job at FANDOM, as its true intentions were discovered, and joins his former co-workers in a rebellion against their employers. Highly professional, he always does his tasks clearly and in time, possessing an ability to use unicorn's magic. Lord Weirdo XVII also uses swords and daggers as weapons.


Resident of Cloud Cuckoo Palace, he was assigned to be its administrator, once he employed at FANDOM. Just like other former administrators, he had to rebel against his employers in order to keep his and other worlds in safety. Hawkodile has a strange ability to generate bananas. Those bananas can be eaten to get a healing effect or can be thrown at enemies to deal physical damage. He also uses weapons in a melee combat, preferring hammers.

Banana.spread10 Bananaspread.png

The last among the surviving former administrators of FANDOM, formerly being an administrator of the world of Hidden Side. He became an administrator after a kid named Terri Eaglon (often nicknamed as Mystery Man) was fired from the office. Printer may look like a scary old man but it is actually a facepaint to look scarier, just to fit in his homeworld. He actually has an ability to turn into the real ghost with a real face of some scary old man and a real ability to go through walls, fly and scare enemies away. As weapons, he prefers swords only, just like Shiva.

Printer89 Printer89.png
Zan, the Ice Ninja Shiva's good friend and an Elemental Master of Ice. He aids Shiva and his friends in fighting against FANDOM forces. As an Elemental Master, Zan has an ability to do the Spinjitsu with the element of Ice, also having an ability to fuse his powers with powers of another Elemental Master. As weapons, Zan prefers swords and shurikens. ice ninja Zaniceninja.png
Jaymiddle, the Lightning Ninja Shiva's another good friend and an Elemental Master of Lightning. He aids Shiva and his friends in fighting against FANDOM forces. As an Elemental Master, Jaymiddle has an ability to do the Spinjitsu with the element of Lightning, also having an ability to fuse his powers with powers of another Elemental Master. As weapons, Jaymiddle prefers swords and axes. Jaymiddle Jaymiddle.png
Majorian, the Fire Emperor Yet another Shiva's good friend and an Elemental Master of Fire. Unlike other Elemental Masters, he is not a ninja and is a Roman soldier instead. He aids Shiva and his friends in fighting against FANDOM forces. As an Elemental Master, Majorian has an ability to do the Spinjitsu with the element of Fire, also having an ability to fuse his powers with powers of another Elemental Master. As weapons, Zan prefers swords and javelins. Emperor Majorian Majorian.png
Dan Eagles A librarian at the Grand Library of Brickipedia. He can be asked about almost anything existing in the Multiverse, as he knows way too much. Dan was also an Alpha Team agent back in the day before he got retired and ended up being a librarian. Helps Shiva and his friends during the final battle, offering his ability to use spy tools, including shocker, grappling hook and x-ray vision goggles. Eagleeyedan Agentdan.png
Aurora May Rora is a bartender at the bar Discord and an old friend of Dan. She knows everyone in the world of Brickipedia and knows many rumors, which she can be asked for during free roam. She can be also asked for some side quests and she will provide the player with locations of some quest givers. Because of this, she doesn't have any special ability while being playable, not counting her combat skills. She rescues her old friend while he was tortured by FANDOM staff along with Chris A., and also helps Shiva and his friends during the final battle. auroramay Auroramay.png
Chris A. Chris A. is a public person, usually residing at the Discord bar. He is a good friend of anyone, especially of Aurora and Dan. He has an ability of the mighty fist and because of this he doesn't use weapons at all, because his fists may strike stronger than any weapon. Helps Shiva and his friends during the final battle. Chris A. Chrisafandom.png


Character Description Image
Andy A high-ranking member of the gang Anonymous, interdimensional vandal. An old nemesis of every FANDOM administrator, especially Shiva's. Andyvillain.png
The Bird Emperor Shiva's counterpart from another timeline. He somehow controls all birds existing in his timeline, even Eagle warriors from the world of Chima, who appear as his elite warriors. The Emperor is a great magic user, so he proves himself to be a real challenge to fight. Shivaevilemperor.png
Half-Raptor Shiva Shiva's another counterpart from another timeline. In his timeline he exists as a leader of a deadly clan of raptor ninjas. He can use magic, but is more stronger physically, he's powerful enough to fight with bare hands. Shivafreakinraptor.png
Shade One of the managers of FANDOM, extremely loyal to his corporation. May appear as a smiling and charismatic man, however behind his smile there is a creepy person who will do anything for his corporation. Timeshademanager.png
Deika Half-human half-Matoran, one of Matau's surviving siblings. Belonging to Av-Matoran, he was placed as a guardian of Challenge Tower until someone could prove themselves worthy for Tower's gifts. Toadeikaoflight.png
Terri Eaglon Also known as Mystery Man. A power-hungry kid, who joined Anonymous in order to conquer his homeworld of Hidden Side. Terrieaglon.png
Amessz Dangerous interdimensional terrorist and a superior officer of Anonymous. Took control of the world of LEGO Island, enslaving almost everyone residing there. He even turned a local racing stadium into a gladiator arena, where as a champion Amessz placed Pepper Roni, the one he has been a fan of for so long. Amessz.png
Ekimu The legendary Mask-Maker from another timeline, he created Mask of Creation. Ekimu is challenged by Matau, who came to prove himself worthy to obtain his mask along with Mask of Ultimate Power. Ekimu 3.JPG
Makuta Teridax Terrifying pure evil creation. Teridax was summoned by Meiko to make him follow, however Makuta couldn't be controlled by Mask of Summoning (because that mask can only summon, not control), so he started his own conquest for the world of Bionicle. He was challenged by Shiva solely and couldn't defeat him, despite being much bigger in size. Makuta wallpapah.jpg
Meiko Half-human half-Matoran, one of Matau's surviving siblings. He witnessed his other siblings being killed by FANDOM staff, that's why he joined Anonymous, being unaware that this gang was formed by FANDOM as well. He was among superior officers under Dark Lord Andy, unwillingly fought twice by Matau. Toameikoevil.png
CEO of FANDOM Counterpart of the Greatest Sage Darth Smith from Alpha timeline. His mind was corrupted due to his greed and lust for power once he agreed to join his Prime counterpart in his experiment through other timelines, so he tried to conquer Prime Multiverse, using his powers, however the Greatest Sage weakened him, making his counterpart form a corporation called FANDOM in order to conquer the Multiverse. Later, CEO of FANDOM finally absorbed his counterpart's powers, becoming powerful once more, only to be challenged by Shiva and his friends. Fandomceo.png
Dark Lord Andy His dream of conquering has almost become successful. He has an unlimited power which he somehow acquired when he caught a wave of the Force Explosion caused by Matau. Now with his armies of Anonymous he is conquesting for finally achieving his long dream, however his arch enemies still dare to get in his way. Andydarklord.png

Other characters

Character Description Based off Image
The Greatest Sage Darth Smith

The most intelligent and the wisest creature in the LEGO Multiverse, Darth Smith created the world of Brickipedia to place his knowledge about the Multiverse. He also created a portal of timelines, which can be used to travel to other timelines, and brought his counterpart from Alpha timeline for an experiment, however it became corrupted, seeking to conquer the Multiverse. The Greatest Sage had to sacrifice himself to defeat his evil counterpart, however he survived and managed only to terribly weaken it. Now in hiding, he has to recruit Shiva to save the LEGO Multiverse from his evil counterpart and its corporation called FANDOM.

Darth smith, founder of Brickipedia Greatestsagedarthsmith.png
Anonymous Once a gang of interdimensional vandals and small-time terrorists, Anonymous have become a dangerous army with intentions of taking the Multiverse under their control, when their new leader Andy became a powerful dark lord. Originally formed by FANDOM, Anonymous have split from their employer when it came to realization that the gang was not going to get paid. Unknown FANDOM users Fandomuserunknwon.png
FANDOM Staff At first, they seem to be hard-working office planktons, employing at corporation with intentions of keeping the worlds safe. However, in reality, those are deadly warriors, working for their boss in order to make him the powerful figure above the LEGO Multiverse. FANDOM staff members Fandomstaff.png
Raptor Ninjas Deadly clan of raptor ninjas from another timeline, led by half-raptor Shiva. Serve as enemies only during one quest. Reptile from Mortal Kombat franchise Raptorninja.png
Dark Yada

Once a FANDOM employee and its French ambassador, Yada lost his job despite not being an administrator and even was kidnapped under orders of his former employer, hidden in one of FANDOM secretive outposts. He was rescued by Shiva, Niall, Rodolfo and Matau.

Dark Yada Darkyada.png

Blobby is a kind shape-shifter and healer, usually residing at Discord bar. Blobby loves everyone, and everyone loves Blobby. As a healer, he has an ability to regenerate his own health and to do the Magic Kiss which can heal his allies. Also as a shape-shifter, he can shapeshift like Mister Fantastic or Plastic Man.

blobby Blobbymltvrs.png
Guardian Soul They appear only at Challenge Tower as enemies. Once defeated, a guardian soul is released from being bound to Tower. Some of dead administrators were among those souls. Clear-lego-minifig-by-fine-clonier.jpg
Master Lomaster Former FANDOM employee and its Russian ambassador, who lost his job despite not being an administrator. Lomaster is an Elemental Master of Earth, however he doesn't usually participate in other Elemental Masters' quests, preferring to spend time with his friend Acey at their training yard called Brawl Stars. Chris A. sometimes trains with them. Мастер Чен, a.k.a. Mandalorian Masterlomaster.png
Acey, the Acid Ninja Good old friend of Lomaster, who usually spends time with him at their training yard called Brawl Stars. Acey is an Elemental Master of Acid. Lord of souls Aceymasterofacid.png
Dadaw An artist and comics maker, good old friend of Shiva, who usually spends his time at Discord bar. He has an ability to use strange LINK orbs from his comics, which can be aid in battle in both offensive and supportive ways. Dadaw Dadaworbs.png
Neo Administrator of the world of Marvel. Killed during FANDOM's hunt on administrators. He has a legacy stand, which can be used to take his side quests. Completing those quests will reward the player with Neo's player token. MLG Neo-Futurist SigFig3.png
Race Lord Administrator of the world of Racers. Killed during FANDOM's hunt on administrators. Just like Neo, Race Lord has a legacy stand located in his homeworld, which can provide the player with racing challenges. Upon completing all those challenges, the player is rewarded with his player token and a racing attire for Shiva. RaceLord Nrgracelord.png
Davie504 The legendary bass player from YouTube, Davie ate magic pineapple pizza and was somehow transported into the LEGO Multiverse. Upon meeting the player, Davie asks them to find his bass, and once the player does that, he becomes a playable character with an ability of the Mighty Slap: Davie slaps enemies with his hand away from the battlefield. Davie504 Davie504.png
Raptor Shiva Giant and scary raptor from another timeline, he can be used as a third summon for Shiva, and if the Bird Emperor and half-raptor only do magic and physical damage respectively, this big raptor is powerful enough to do both kinds of damage. He also gives a side quest called Chrome Dinosaur, where the player plays a mini-game as Raptor Shiva similar to the one in offline mode of Google Chrome browser. Shiva Kuzunasee Raptorrrrrrgreen.jpg
Ian Shiva's Alpha counterpart. He is a creative person, spending his time with his notebook, where he either draws or writes songs and poems. However, despite being so passive, Ian actually wields strong powers of telekinesis and fire magic, which can make him almost invincible in the battle. Ian, IRL counterpart of Shiva Ianr.png
Alpha Shiva Hero of the Alpha timeline and the Grand Master Builder. Possesses a magic bag which can store almost anything inside itself. Despite being Ian's older brother, they were both unaware about this until Prime Shiva told them about this in an epilogue. Shiva Kuzunasee Epicquestshiva.png