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LEGO Racers: Reload
LEGO Theme:

Video Game, Racers






Single Player, Multiplayer


PC, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5

LEGO Racers: Reload is a custom video game of Racers and Speed Champions themes. It was created by Shiva.


The player progresses through various levels of Story Mode, based on racing against other drivers. Each completed level can be replayed in Free Play mode using cars, unlocked by the player. Unlike LEGO Racers: Street Showdown, LEGO Racers: Speed Champions doesn't have an open world with a game hub to roam freely, as well as its setting returns back to the motorsports rather than an illegal street racing. However, unlike LEGO Racers: Reload, Speed Champions doesn't provide the player with a gameplay as either a car, a motorcycle, a speedboat or a plane. Instead, the game offers other five types of car racing: asphalt circuit racing (Basic Speed Challenge), rally sprints (Off-Road Time Attack), classic 60s and 70s cars sprints (The Grand Tour), Formula One racing (F1 Fury), and speedy cars circuit racing (Ultimate Speed Champions GP).

Basic Speed Challenge provides the player with original car races on asphalt circuits. During that challenge racers drive cars, which are fast but not the fastest, and go through a course consisting of 3-8 laps. Off-Road Time Attack, on the other hand, rarely provides the player with driving on the asphalt, as it's more focused on the dirt track sprints which drivers have to pass while going through all checkpoints. Unlike the previous challenge, placement during final results of a race goes by whoever finishes with the fastest time. This is the only sprint challenge to have such resulting system, because the next one, The Grand Tour, bears an original system as a driver who finishes the first wins. There, however, aren't any circuits, as The Grand Tour is more focused on racing through various sprint races on the route from France to Germany, as well as it's focused on classic cars from 60s and 70s, rather than on modern cars. F1 Fury, on the other hand, once again returns to courses consisting of 3-6 laps, and only let the drivers drive Formula One type cars. Ultimate Speed Champions GP also provides racers with lap circuits, this time consisting of 1-2 laps. Only the fastest and modern cars are driven there.

While having the same protagonist, Ryan Rhoads, Speed Champions still differs a lot from Street Showdown. It returns to the motorsports setting, just like it was in Reload, however there aren't any other types of races other than five different car races. Instead, the player has an amazing opportunity of each type of racing cars without even having to buy it in an in-game shop, as all vehicles are unlocked throughout completing the storyline.









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