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Syndicate of Vengeance is an idea by Landoman9582. It is about a group of 8 teenagers who are persecuted by a criminal gang called the Syndicate of Vengeance.


After beginning dating the ex-girlfriend of a criminal gang member, Chris Blackstone finds himself and his friends in a hassle with a criminal gang called the Syndicate of Vengeance. Chris and his friends go on the run from the police after getting framed for murder and they become warriors, building epic vehicles and awesome mechs to survive.


Chris Blackstone (The main character in the series) Kyle Francis (Chris's best friend) Jason Allen (A friend of Kyle and Chris) Natalie Griffin (Jason's girlfriend) Zachary Phillips (The smart one of the group) Levi Daniels (The most popular of the group) Jane Vashkov (Chris's girlfriend) Samantha Martin (Chris's stepsister and Kyle's girlfriend) Michael Evans (Jane's ex-boyfriend and criminal gang member) Ekko The Mysterious (The leader of the Syndicate of Vengeance) Lord Valuagon (The secret boss of Ekko, former Turkish mercenary) Daniel Blackstone (Chris's brother) Linda Valuagon (Lord Valuagon's daughter and Levi's girlfriend) Ned (A Syndicate member) Koss (A Syndicate member) Acro (A Syndicate member) Kacro (A Syndicate member, Acro's brother) Musa Del Amo (A former Turkish military general and Syndicate member)

Wave 1 Sets

Four-Wheeler Attack (58 pieces, includes Kacro and Levi) Syndicate Bike (232 pieces, includes Ned and Jason) Kyle's Truck (277 pieces, includes Kyle, Levi, and Koss) Bike Chase (341 pieces, includes Zachary and Acro) Chris Blackstone Mech (321 pieces, includes Chris, Jane, and Musa Del Amo) Syndicate Headquarters (451 pieces, includes Chirs, Jane, Michael, Ekko, and Linda) MORE SOON

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