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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

LEGO Pirates: The Lost Legacy
The Lost Legacy Custom Game Cover.png
LEGO Theme:

Video Game,


User:Joža Bezeg


Action, Adventure


Single Player, Multiplayer


PC, Android


LEGO Pirates: The Lost Legacy is a custom video game of Pirates theme. It was created by Joža Bezeg.

Story on box

Ahoy, me maties!

After several decades of piracy, Captain Redbeard finaly got caught by Imperial soldiers and Imperial Guards - together. All of his ships were captured, his pirates retired just to stay free and Governor Broadside and Admiral Woodhouse are now friends. Now Redbeard has no choice, but to escape by himself (with a bit of your help). After that, he must get back his ships, find all of the crew and the most importaint thing - find the treasure, that his ancestors burried on GOLDEN LAVA island. Only you can help him! You're the LEGO maniac!

Game modes

You, as a player, progress trought the levels following a story. Before beating level 10, there is only a SINGLEPLAYER mode.If you choose singleplayer mode, you click NEW GAME and you will be starting over. Later you can choose PLAY button and you will be able to play levels, that you played yet. After beating level 10, you can choose MULTIPLAYER button. If you choose multiplayer mode, you have to type IP of a world and you're in. If you just want to visit random server, you have to type -RANDOM- and you will be in a random server (unless it is a private one).

Game look

The game look is based on the classic pirates line from 1989, to 1996. If you look closely, you can recognize some of the old sets (e. g. 6277 Imperial trading post, 6276 Eldorado fortress, etc.) There are 6 groups of locations: Imperial guards' buildings, Imperial soldiers' buildings, pirates' island buildings, armada buildings and Islanders' buildings.

Game teams:

Pirates' flag

  • Pirates are the first team and the main protagonist team. Their leader is Captain Redbeard. After Redbeard got captured during robbery, they all ran away and retired from being pirates, just to stay free. In the game, Captain Ironhook's and Redbeard's crews merged and helped each other. In every level, there will be 1-3 new pirates which you can play as. If you play with Ironhook's pirate, you will be 10% slower. Their symbol is Jolly Roger.

Imperial soldiers' flag

  • Imperial soldiers are the second team and the main antagonist team. Their leader is Governor Broadside. They and guards caught Redbeard during the robbery and from then on, they allied with guards. Levels 1-10 will have 8 of the regular soldiers. Sometimes, Lt. de Martinet will make a cameo. He is twice stronger than regular guards. Their symbol is blue flag with white cross, crossed cannons with crown above them and four fleur-de-lises.

Imperial guards' flag

  • Imperial guards are the third and the second antagonist team. Their leader is Admiral woodhouse. They were actually the first who saw Redbeard robbing. In the first levels, they will be very rare, but from 10 on, there will be maximum of 10. Their symbol is White and red stripes flag with crossed cannons and crown above them.

Conquistadors' flag

  • Conquistadors are the 4th and the third antagonist team. Their leader is Admiral Don Diego de Lego. They will only appear after level 15 on the Golden Lava island. Normally, there will be 7 conquistadors in one level. In the finale level, there will be three conquistadors - Admiral Don Diego de Lego, Captain Valiant and Sgt. Speedy. Their symbol is anchor with crown above.

Islanders' symbol

  • Islanders are the 5th team and the second protagonist team. Their leader is King Kahuka. They allied with the pirates a long time ago. They rarely appear in 8-10 levels. After level 10, there will be maximum of 10 islanders. Their symbol is paintful picture with face mask of king Kahuka.

Game Characters

Captain Redbeard's Crew

Renegade Runner's crew


Imperial soldiers