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Lehvak is an mutated bohrok and one of the servants of Makuta Teridax


Lehvak was an peaceful living creature over 900 years ago, but it was corrupted and transformed by Dark Matter. He later joined Teridax. But in the fight against the Toas with Takadox, he was killed by Furno

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Novel

Lehvak is appearing in the novel.

In the novel,Lehvak first appears in First Encounter, when Furno and Fury find a piece of Metal in the nearby Jungle, after a short battle Lehvak retreats back to Teridax.

Later in Chapter 6.Venom Spike, Lehvak returns alongside Takadox, but Furno with help of Takuta destroys Lehvak's Krana-Mask, alongside Lehvak's body.


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