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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Mad Hatter is a custom Arkham City minifigure created by Wertys under Wertys Productions.


Mad Hatter's face has a toothy grin, slight facial hair, twitchy eyes, eyebrows, and hair. He has a brown and green jacket with a bowtie. He has short, brown legs. His hat is green and has "10/6" on it.


Jervis Tetch appears in Batman:Arkham City as part of an assignment. In this continuty Tetch is a truly deranged figure, responible for the kidnapping and murder of a number of young women who he saw as incarnations of Alice. He is shown to have a weak perception of reality and denies the murders he commited, using his obsession with mind control and Alice in Wonderland to bury his guilt. It is revealed in the Arkham Stories that the Hatter was stripped of his beloved hats by Quincy Sharp during his time as warden of Arkham, but Professor Hugo Strange visited the Hatter, gave back his hats and convinced him to continue his research into mind controlling drugs. Tetch exceeded Strange´s expectations and eventually was asked to use his techniques to manipulate Sharp into finalising plans for Arkham City. To motivate him further, Strange supplied him with a female assistant with a resemblence to Alice, something Tetch could not resist. Tetch's mind control technology would be utilised by Strange to ensure the loyalty of his TYGER special forces.

Shortly after Batman rescues Vicki Vale from the Joker's snipers after they crashed her helicopter, Batman gets contacted by Alfred telling him that the cure that Lucius Fox had been working on has just been dropped in to Arkham City ready for him to collect. When Batman injects himself he passes out and wakes in Mad Hatter's lair in Park Row, strapped to a chair and surrounded by various inmates wearing rabbit masks and under the Hatter's control, all a part of the Mad Tea Party. The Hatter reveals that what Batman thought was "the cure" was in fact a hypnotic suggestion that he tricked Batman into taking, then attempts to control Batman with a special mask that resembles a frightening rabbit/bat hybrid version of Batman's cowl the Hatter created for him. Unfortunately for the Hatter, Batman breaks through with sheer will and after a fight with the Hatter's mind controlled gang, he eventually defeats him and flattens his hat.



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