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"I am the reason! All of this happened because of my foolsihness. And by doing all of this what we are doing now together, Hero, I will redeem myself, thus undoing everything I've done to this world."

Mallock is a minifigure from Fantasia theme.


His usual variation carries similar appearance to Evil Wizard from Castle themes (besides bearing that wizard's name in a theme). Mallock is wearing black Magic Hat and has legs, colored in red, while his torso is colored same. Mallock has angry face expression, with his eyes being colored differently: one eye is red and another is usually black. He carries either two lightning bolts or his black staff.

Young Mallock doesn't wear a Magic Hat. Instead of this he has black spiffed-up hair with a curl in the front. He doesn't have a beard piece unlike his usual variation but still has his black staff. This variation has legs too, colored in earth blue. Torso has the sky blue color and some noble symbolics.


Despite his scary appearance, Mallock is kind, although a little nervous. When he kidnapped Sarah he tried to calm her down trying to explain a reason of kidnapping her, however scared princess didn't listen to the wizard. Even when fighting a Brave One, Mallock shouted that he didn't want to hurt him and asked him to leave him alone and take the princess back.

Sometimes Mallock is nervous, usually when somebody interrupts him or something is going wrong.


Mallock was a famous wizard from the Crown Kingdom, formerly an apprentice of Majisto. Despite having a woman to love, Malessia, and even two apprentices, Alexander and Hasha, Mallock still spent a lot of his time studying the arcane arts, doing researches even on forbidden powers. Once, during his researches, he came across the ancient recipe of Demon Potion, which could grant whoever it drank immeasurable magic power. Seeking to brew one, Mallock decided to retrieve one of the hardest to acquire ingredients, the Demon Horn. Thus, he opened a portal to the Demon Realm, however, due to lack of experience in forbidden magic arts, opening that portal had led to the Demon Crisis, when demons emerged from their realm through the portal and started slaying any living being on their way. Mallock and his fellow mages still managed to close the portal and infiltrate remaining demons, however many have suffered from the Demon Crisis, some people have lost their family members, wilds have lost some of its inhabitants, but most importantly, his love Malessia and his apprentice Alexander were among those who died. Despite never revealing true reasons behind the Demon Crisis, Mallock has disappeared, secretly seeking redemption.

Many years later, Demon of War from the Demon Realm became inspired by the Crisis and decided to start a war between two powerful provinces of the planet Kas, putting minds of those provinces' leaders under his control. He then chose the Dragon Kingdom and the Reman Empire to fight with each other. Mallock, knowing a reason of this war, used the situation to start brewing Demon Potion for once again. During his absence, he spent a lot of time studying the arcane, that's why he knew Demon Potion could help him to stop that war. Being completely alone, Mallock rose up an Undead Army using necromancy in order to ask them to collect important ingredients for his potion. One of the ingredients was Royal Blood. He kidnapped Princess Sarah to take her blood, however a Brave One took her back, defeating Mallock in a short battle. Seeing a big potential in him, Mallock offered Hero to join him in his quest.

Canonical ending

Crown Hero visits Mallock in his Skeleton Tower, much to his delight. Joining Undead Army, Hero is tasked by Mallock to retrieve ingredients for Demon Potion. Before Hero departs on his quest, Mallock puts a spell on Hero which makes every soldier of either Dragon Kingdom, Reman Empire or Lion Kingdom, killed by Crown Hero, an undead skeleton recruit for Undead Army.

The first ingredient is a Golden Feather, located in the nest of the Phoenix. Crown Hero gets to the nest and takes a Feather, fighting many Dragon soldiers on his way. The second ingredient is a Water Dragon Egg, located in the Dark Water Cave. Hero brings it too, with support of Captain Skellington and his Skeletonship crew, who help Hero in a ship battle with Reman battleship near the cave. Then Mallock requests to deliver a message to his skeleton spy, who disguises himself as usual skeleton lying in the dungeons of some Lion Kingdom fort. For that message, a spy trades a third ingredient for Mallock, this time an Orc King's Eye. Later, Hero leads a small skeleton squad in capturing that fort and releasing other skeletons from its dungeon. That was needed in order to retrieve another ingredient, Golden Eagle Claw, because Lion soldiers refused to hand it over peacefully.

Crown Hero gains Mallock's trust by retrieving those ingredients. Necromancer then explains real reasons behind the war, telling his long story. He then tells, that two more ingredients are required for a potion: Royal Blood[1] and Demon's Horn. Canonically, Hero kills William II of Lion Kingdom with his own permission, however he also has a choice to kill either Hasha I or Leonidas instead. Nethertheless, he brings Royal Blood to Mallock and temporarily makes another recruit for Undead Army from his last victim. After that, Mallock opens a portal to the Demon Realm again, this time without causing any trouble. Hero proceeds into the portal and ultimately defeats Demon of War, bringing his horn to Mallock. Mallock finally finishes his Demon Potion and creates the ultimate magic spell. With this spell wizard finally brings back to life every victim of the war or of the Demon Crisis, even his first apprentice Alexander and his love Malessia, thus undoing everything he has done before because of his foolishness. Because his Undead Army is not undead anymore, he decides to destroy his Skeleton Tower, however Dark Knight Tremor, who was leading Mallock's army before and who still remains undead, insists on keeping it safe, as Tremor may use it as his home.

Once Crown Hero is promoted to the Crown Champion by King Lars IV, Mallock becomes a court wizard of the Crown Kingdom and uses the rest of his power gained from Demon Potion to make himself young.

Lion Kingdom Ending

The King William II can't understand a reason of war. He takes the whole court to arrange a council to think about reasons and to decide his army's further plans. In one moment Mallock teleports into the castle, revealing his identity, and tells a true reason: Demon of War took control of the minds of Hasha I and the Emperor Leonidas. He also tells Crown Hero about his regrets that he didn't join Mallock, because Mallock could restore the world with Hero's help to its former grace. He then open a portal to Demon Realm for Crown Hero, so he can defeat Demon of War and bring peace to the world. Once Hero does so and even brings Demon's Horn as a trophy, Mallock disappears again.

Bad Endings

His fate is unknown during these routes. Mallock is never showed and reasons of war are only revealed at the end of both routes, once either Hasha I or Leonidas decides to use aid of Demon of War itself and uses magic to open a portal to his realm. There, however, Demon reveals his true intention to Crown Hero and decides to kill him instead of helping his leader, only to be slayed by Hero himself. Once Crown Hero escapes from Demon Realm, both Hasha I and Leonidas realize what have they done.

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  • Mallock bears a little resemblance to Xardas from Gothic video game series. Both of them canonically aid the player character, despite being necromancers and looking like villains.
  • Mallock is a reference to Evil Wizard from Castle (2007), but in the universe of Fantasia.


  1. Members of royal families of either Crown Kingdom, Lion Kingdom, Dragon Kingdom or Reman Empire either must drink a special Royal Drink once in their lifetime or are already descended from those who once drank it. This strange ritual is just a tradition to make royal blood somehow unique and bears no actual sense.
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