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Midiscale is a fan made building scale standard, which shares many similarities with Minifigure scale, but at a smaller size.

For a MOC to qualify as being Midiscale, it should be reasonably proportionate to the Midifigure, which is the main building scale reference used when making MOCs in the scale.

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Scale Standards

"Scale standards" are preestablished size references for select objects and beings commonly found in a Midiscale world, the most important of these (as mentioned before) being the Midifigure.

  • Midifigures
    • Midifigures are one-by-one brick built figures, consisting of a one brick tall body, a one plate tall head, and a one or two plate tall hat or hair piece, totaling five to six plates tall.
  • Midiscale cars
    • Midiscale cars & trucks are always two bricks wide, with variations in length depending on the vehicle type, most often being six bricks long.
  • Midiscale trains
    • Midiscale trains by default should be three bricks wide in their widest area. Variations in width and length will depend on the train being replicated, but I think a three by sixteen freight/passenger train is a good start.

Midiscale Modulars

Midiscale modulars follow a simalar principle to Lego's official Modular Buildings, but at a smaller size.

The modular bases must be 16 plates deep, with a varying width of 8 or 16 plates wide. The modulars join together with TECHNIC pins connected to 1x4 Technic bricks which are located at the center of each side of the modular's base. As for the sidewalks, the default width is three plates.

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