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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

LEGO Morphers

Trigger Happy the Gremlin

Morphers is a LEGO theme created by Trigger Happy the Gremlin. Morphers is about villages of cybernetic humans who use multicolored wheels to morph with each other. This is done by taking two, three, or four minifigures apart and putting their parts together. Additionally, the minifigures use printing and easily peeled off stickers to make more complex morphs. In addition to twenty seven sets, there is also a Collectable Minifigures series of Morphers.


Generation 1

  • Morphers Florence Set
    Florence Set: Includes Florence and a lava background.
  • Vanessa Set
    Vanessa Set: Includes Vanessa, a Norpher, and a fire background.
  • Zoe Set
    Zoe Set: Includes Zoe, a rock platform, lava, and metallic hands.
  • Kristian Set
    Kristian Set: Includes Kristian, a Norpher, and a mountain.
  • Sebastian Set
    Sebastian Set: Includes Sebastian and a Fruit Nut Tree.
  • Sheldon Set
    Sheldon Set: Includes Sheldon, his home interior, and ceramics.
  • Tess Set
    Tess Set: Includes Tess, a Norpher, and her house's interior.
  • Zak Set
    Zak Set: Includes Zak, an Urban Mountain Background, and a Poop Pit.
Vincent Set
Vincent Set: Includes Vincent and an Urban Mountain Background.
  • Sid Set
  • Luke Set
  • Fiona Set
  • Jake Set
  • Gordon Set
  • Chuck Set
  • Krish Set
  • Ted Set
  • Baylee Set
  • Glender Set
  • Glenn Set
  • Torsten Set
  • Fritz Set
  • Scarlet Set
  • Howard Set
  • Maggie Set
  • Meryvn Set
  • Winston Set
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