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Ninjago:The Unfolded Series
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Bionicle:Brotherhood of Makuta, Adventures of John and Jack, Ninjago:Crux Prime, Ninjago The Second Generation, Ninjago:Threat From The Past, Ninjago:The Final Battle

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Ninjago:The Unfolded Series is a Custom theme by Rople. The theme itself is a combination of many different themes such as: Ninjago, Bionicle and Hero Factory. The years are from 2013 to (estimated 2016)


Makuta Era

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 1 (The Battle Begins)

2000 years ago on the Artidax island, lived the great god Gaardus. He was watching on the mountain when suddenly Ghost Hunter and Four-Arms attacked. They won and stole the golden parts Gaardus had. Gaardus sends a signal about his defeat a second before his death to the nearest island Matoran Island. The Matoran battle training was interrupted by Toa Iruini's news about death of Gaardus.

However, Two Young Men found the hideout of ancient Makuta Teridax. However the Jedi was captured by a mysterious Spirit.

On Year 2005 The golden parts has been found and hidden. Two of these Matorans have now became Toa. Their names are William Furno and Fury. These two are Ordered by Norik to go to forest and find the golden parts. But they encounter Lehvak. He tells that Makuta Teridax will find the parts and destroy the universe. Back in the HQ Furno's "Son" Tahu and Fury's "Son" Takuta tells to them that they want to join the action someday. Furno and Fury promise that one day they will get to action.

However in the next day Furno and Fury get to trouble with Ghost Hunter and Four-Arms but they need Tahu's and Takuta's help! Tahu and Takuta appear with small upgrades: Tahu has a jetpack and a fire sword. Takuta has Rocket launchers and little shurikens. They also has gained height with the upgrade. They fight Ghost Hunter and Four-Arms and they damage them both alot. Ghost Hunter and Four-Arms retreat and Ghost Hunter says: "We will fight serious next time!"

After 2 weeks of no alerts, Furno and Fury has gained Mata 2.0 upgrades. Furno has gained Nynrah Ghost Blaster to defeat Ghost Hunter and Fury has gained Jumping Heigh upgrade to deal with Four-Arms. They are going to find Ghost Hunter but they encounter Takadox. But later Lehvak appears to help him. Lehvak fights Furno while Fury fights Takadox. Furno defeats and kills Lehvak with help of Takuta. But Takadox infects Fury with "Venom Spike" attack. Fury becomes evil and fights Furno. Furno is losing but then Norik appears and fights Fury. Norik removes the spikes from Fury and Fury becomes good again.

Back in the HQ Furno and Fury meet their "Fathers". (Designers) Furno's "father" Vakama and Fury's "Father", the Toa of Light, Takanuva. Has found out that Makuta Mutran from the island of Karzahni is coming to Matoran Island! Furno, Fury, Takuta and Tahu are searching for Ghost Hunter to defeat him, but they find two golden parts! The Golden hilt and an armor piece. But then Ghost Hunter appear in front of them, revealing that the parts were real, but it was a trap. Toa battle Ghost Hunter, but Ghost Hunter flies away with the parts.

The Toa rest while Norik tries to find out where Four-Arms and Ghost Hunter are. The next day Norik has found where they are and the Toa go to defeat him. They Sneak through the Bomboo forest to see Mutran, who arrives in a dropship. On the way to HQ they meet Makuta Mutran, Four-Arms and Ghost Hunter and says them that they have done good work. They challenge Toa to fight. Four-Arms and Ghost Hunter are killed. Later on Toa are injured, but Norik tries to kill Mutran, but Mutran pierces Norik and Norik dies painfully.

The Toa deliver the sad news around the universe. Meanwhile Stormer has came to HQ to help them. Meanwhile Takadox sends them a signal that he has the remaining parts in the village inside a volcano! Toa arrive there and they face Takadox. Now without Norik, Toa must face a long, long battle. But Takadox ran out of his stamina and he was finished by Tahu and Stormer. Then Teridax appeared. He said that only him and Mutran were left. Toa attacked him but Teridax didn't see it coming so he was badly damaged, and teleported to his hideout. There he is fixed.

Toa got the parts, and ran back to HQ. Now, Golden Mask, Golden hilt, Golden Shield and the 3 armor pieces together should reveal the next Toa Of Light. Everyone tries, but are knocked back. Fury instead starts to shine. Fury is the Chosen One. He equips the golden parts and becomes The Golden Toa. (Toa Inika Fury). Fury finds out where Makuta Teridax is by his visions. They go to Makuta's hideout and finish this once and for all! The battle is long and hard, but finally Makuta Teridax and Mutran are defeated.

Then the whole place starts to rumble. Every single Villiain they had defeated has revived! They combine with Teridax and Mutran, becoming one, invincible, Makuta Ultratus! The Ultimate Final Battle has begun! Toa battle him at all powers they have, until Ultratus freezes everyone (except Stormer who is immune to ice) and fires a giant ball of darkness, what can kill anyone. Stormer realizes the situation, jumps high to the air in front of the ball of darkness and sacrifices himself so Fury could live. The Toa have been "Melted" and Furno quikly runs to Stormer. Stormer thanks Furno for everything and dies. Furno and everyone else become very angry. They start to attack Ultratus with mega attacks. Fury attacks last destroying his armor, ripping his head off and ultimately killing him.

Furno takes Stormers only piece left, his helmet. Then the whole island starts to rumble. Takanuva says, that the whole place is going to destroy! Toa run quickly through the loney bridge to a small island. The bridge however collapses when Fury is coming last. Fury hangs in the ledge while Furno tries to help him. When Furno gets to the edge, Fury falls and possibly dies. Everyone can't handle their sadness. Matoran island gets destroyed, and the Toa are stranded on the island, wandering to nowhere...

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 2 (Teridax Returns)

8 years after the final battle against Teridax, our heroes have now wandered with the moving island to nowhere. They are a BIT bored after 8 years of only sitting and sleeping. Until they saw this island covered with cities called: Metru Nui. They started swimming to there but the way was long and heavy. They made it to Le-Metru. There they were amazed about the whole place. Later they met Turaga Matau who tells them to come to his temple... Or more like "Office." Anyways the Toa see a little message on a pillar that says: "The Makuta shall rise again..." That meant that Makuta isn't dead after all! Toa vow that they will find Makuta AND destroy his spirit too! Before the Toa leave he gives all of them an upgrade. Vakama must turn into a Turaga to protect his future, while Takuta and Tahu get a Toa Mata upgrade, Furno gets a Toa Nuva upgrade, but Takanuva stays the same. The Heroes get outside and see this dark red "Toa" with an golden armor! Is it Fury? Toa go after him. After a long chase, Toa relize that the runner was Fury! How he can be alive? Fury tells, that he used his forcefield power so he could shield himself from the falling debris. Toa go back to Matau, there he tells that this new threat called Vezon. He also told that Makuta Icarax was the one behind Teridax's revival. He also told about Kanohi Ignika what could be created when the six Makoki Stones are gathered. They went all around Metru Nui without result, but instead they helped citizens of Metru Nui. They later found out, that he was hiding underneath Metru Nui. They entered the Coliseum. They went to the Matoran Pod chamber where Vezon was waiting. Toa fought Vezon, what dealt big damge to the chamber. Vezon was defeated and he dropped the map for Makoki Stones. At the same time Tahu and Takuta got a 2.0 upgrade! There was 1 in the center of each territory. Toa visited every single center of the territory. After the stones were found, the heroes headed back to Coliseum. And it created the Kanohi Ignika. It chose its wielder, Tahu to become Toa Ignika. Everyone was flabbergasted. There was also news that Teridax and Icarax had arrived to Ga-Metru. They went to there and they met Icarax and Teridax, for the last time. They fought them both. Teridax had body of Gaardus for a while. But then, Icarax and Teridax fell to a Antiprotodermis lake, where they merged and became Ultimate Teridax. He attacked with his huge wings what damaged Takanuva alot. Later Ignika slashed Teridax's chestplate open, which revealed his heart. Teridax tried to merge Takanuva with him, but Ignika destroys his heart, killing Teridax once and for all. Now above weakened Takanuva and Teridax's corpse, appeared a black hole. These both were sucked into the black hole. Gaardus was revived, because Teridax used his body and he (Gaardus) got a heart. Gaardus told that the black hole was created by... Von Nebula. Meanwhile Von Nebula threw Takanuva into a prison and started to create a Data-based projection of Teridax.

Adventures of John and Jack Season 1 (Nexus Danger)

Young man Named John Skywalker (Age 14) goes to his first day of summer job to Sunset Town mine. But before this, he gets his ordinary cup of coffee from Coffee Corner what is owned by Mac. John meets Jack O'Mahon and his boss Max in the mine, but these three must face a danger that could destroy their mine. A threat called Monster Arm and Crystal King. Their only weakness are the Red Crystals, and with these they defeat Monser Arm by knocking him to a pool of dark matter. And they defeat Crystal King with... Dynamites! However, Crystal King was not defeated, and grabs Max into his Giant arm. Max has a remote to destroy the mine, so he tells John and Jack to leave the mine. John finds an abandoned droid and decides to take it with him. Jack then takes a red small crystal. Max presses the remote button and the explosives explode, fortunately John and Jack escape in time but Max is trapped in the Mines. The droid gave John and Jack a flashdrive. John, Jack and the droid went to into Coffee Corner. They tells Mac that Max is trapped in the mines. They later went to John's apartment and John searched the flashdrive. He found about the "Shadow Clan" what could be a threat. John cleaned and kept the droid. Jack went home.

The next day, John left the droid to home to find more information. John and Jack met in Coffee Corner. They told Mac what they have found. At the same time an old man in the cafe senses 2 new elements: Darkness and Volcanic. The man asks John And Jack outside. The man tells about himself. They also meet Nya. Sensei Wu asks John and Jack to come to his monastery. John wants to but Jack is a little bit confused.

Sensei Wu tells that they will meet his 5 students, but 1 at time. Later in the monastery, Sensei gives John and Jack their new Gi suits and sends them to a mission to Gnarled Forest. Their objective is to infiltrate Mandalorian HQ. John and Jack leave, but however 5 minutes later Wu gets imprisoned, and the Golden weapons are stolen except Nunchucks of Lightning are safe, because Wu sent Jay to help John and Jack.

John and Jack arrive near Gnarled Forest by bus in their Gi suits. After they arrive, they sneak in near the defenses. Jack suggests to find a way past the defenses, but John slips and Mandalorians detect them. But suddenly Jay appears to help John and Jack, but Jay's weapon is taken. Jay, John and Jack are sent to Mandalorian HQ prison. Pre Vizsla introduces himself to the prisoners, and asks His Boss that can he start the attack to the Crux Moon.

Later Vizsla starts the attack to release Asajj Ventress, Stone Monsters and Savage Opress. The attack was successful. However Sensei Wu hears shouts. Zane and Kai has came to rescue Jay and others! Zane has a jetpack-glider with him. Zane and Kai fight the Mandalorians, until a heavy-class Mandalorian appears, but he is struck down by Cole. Cole knows where the Golden Weapons are, but they are guarded by Asajj and Lord Garmadon.

Pre Vizsla escapes and Cole frees Jay and the others. Cole tells the location of The Ninja Temple, and they head there. However in The Temple, there are more Mandalorians! The Heroes arrive to the temple, only finding out that Lord Garmadon is working for Darth Vader. Asajj is ready to destroy the weapons. But Cole throws a rock to Asajj's head, fainting her. Garmadon gets angry and calls Mandalorians to capture Sensei and others. Cole is climbing the stairs but trips and grabs the ledge. A Mandalorian almost kills Cole, but Sensei saves him. Jay tries to attack Garmadon from behind, but Garmadon hits Jay. Garmadon almost kills Jay, but Lloyd appears and uses his powers to disarm Garmadon. Garmadon uses smoke bombs to escape. Sensei gives the Ninjas their ZX suits.

Later they find Garmadon's hideout. Garmadon sees Lloyd and tries to use his Dark Matter spell to make a clone of Lloyd, but Zane comes infront of Lloyd, making an evil clone of Zane. Dark Zane battles Zane. Whilst Garmadon revives Monster Arm into his Dark Matter possesed form. Jay Stays to battle a Rock Monster, John and Jack Deals with Monster Arm, Cole and Zane try to defeat Dark Zane and Wu and Kai take on Garmadon. Lloyd helps John and Jack. Dark Zane pushes Cole off the bridge, but he grabs the ledge. Dark Zane focuses on defeating Zane, but Lloyd sees the moment to defeat Dark Zane, and he backstabs Dark Zane, fading him to the air. Zane pulls Cole up. Meanwhile Sensei and Kai run over to Garmadon. Garmadon pushes Kai down to a rock, but theres a plank in there. Kai puts the plank to the right place to reach back to Garmadon. Meanwhile John and Jack pushes Monster Arm to lava, killing Monster Arm and causing a lava wave. Kai runs back up, before the lava swallows the plank. Kai and Wu are struck down. But a ancient Golden Statue is revealed. Lloyd walks to it and the Statue grants Lloyd Limited Amount of Golden Power. He uses it to defeat Garmadon. Jack puts Garmadon into handcuffs and takes him away. Later in Sunset Town prison, John sees from the radar a escaped prisoner in Ice Mountain...

The Heroes arrive to Ice mountain, but are taken to Ogel's Underwater Base Of Operations. Ogel decides to leave there and go to his Ice Mountain Base. Lloyd focuses his powers to overdrive the machinery. Skeleton Drones try to capture the Ninja again, but they fail. Jay activates the self-destruct of the base, and Ninjas run (and swim) away to the shore quickly. Ninjas climb a hard way to the top of the Mountain. Zane gets a signal from the top. He decrypts it and finds out that someone called Von Nebula needs his last part of solid Dark Matter. Ninjas see a rocket fly into space. Later on Ogel sees the Ninja and sends his drones to capture them. Ninjas find a way to destroy the mainframe of the base. Zane freezes him onto a wall and asks that where Darth Vader is. Ogel tells that he is at the Imagination Nexus. Zane tells then that police will pick him up soon.

The Ninjas arrive to Imagination Nexus. They found out that the whole place is buzzing with Mandalorians. Heroes battle their way to the top. Darth Vader captures the Ninja, becuse he wants to battle John and Jack. Jack battles Savage Opress, and John battles his father. Jack destroys Savage's Vehicle and captures him. John battles Darth Vader on the bridge on the roof, and he almost fells down. But John jumps up, kicks back, whips around and spins, using Spinjitzu for the first time, and destroys Darth Vaders helmet, turning him back to normal.

Ninjas and the others celebrate their victory and the balance between Imagination Nexus and the world. Anakin promises to continue his Jedi Career as a Jedi Master.

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 3 (Operation:Black Galaxy)

About 2 weeks later from the events from the 2nd season, the Galaxy accepts Takanuva's and Teridax's Death. A tribute for Taknuva is held, but in reality Von Nebula, an evil mastermind has taken Takanuva to the center of the Galaxy. Takuta gets a new job from Makuhero City to create new weapons. His first creation the Blaster is a success. He has also worked on a Vulcan Barrel modification, but Takuta ran out of parts. But unfortunately the whole factory has ran out of parts. Furno tries the new course that Hero Factory has. Fury has been creating his vehicle Lighting Fury. Whilst Furno is also planning to make his own vehicle, Z-3 Fire Striker. Vakama sees a vision about the missing Surge and Bulk. Who are heading towards Hero Factory...

They arrive to Makuhero City. But strangely, they give out parts. Takuta sees their red eyes. Somethings wrong...

However the next day they attack Makuhero City. Toa upgrade themselves, and start the battle against them. Surge and Bulk escape after a long battle. They tell Von Nebula that Toa are doing vehicles. Von Nebula says that he has a trap ready.

The Next Week, Toa pick up a signal from the Center of the Galaxy. Fury decrypts it and Von Nebula talks about Teridax and Takanuva. Furno and Fury quickly finish their Vehicles and Launch off to space. They arrive to the center of The Galaxy to rescue Takanuva and stop Von Nebula. They infiltrate his base, but run over to Surge and Bulk. Bulk and Surge bring Furno and Fury to Von Nebula. They are thrown to Jail with weakened Takanuva. Furno sees a vent door and sends a fireball to the vent, and it destroys the controls for the door. Furno and Fury run quickly to their Vehicles with Takanuva and go back to Planet Crux. Von Nebula, Surge and Bulk go after them. Furno jumps to Nebula's Vehicle and Surge and Bulk fights him. Furno turns Bulk and Surge back to normal just before landing to the Planet. Bulk, Surge and Furno bring Takanuva quickly for charge and XL-upgrade. Furno, Fury, Takuta and Ignika upgrade to XL-forms.

Toa Heroes fight Von Nebula. After a long time, Von Nebula has destroyed 5% of Makuhero City. Von Nebula however runs away to his secret lair, because he got his last shipment of Dark Matter to his hideout. Data-Teridax is also complete.

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 4 (Golden Future)

After Von Nebula was defeated, he retreated back to his evil lair to Power Up himself using Golden Power and Dark Matter. He revived Teridax as a Half-Living Digital being. Von Nebula created his Triwalker and once again attacked Makuhero City with Teridax. Heroes upgraded themselves to XL-2 Heroes. Furno, Fury and Takanuva wondered why Teridax was alive. However, after a long Battle, Heroes defeated Teridax, decoding him, and wiping out Data-Teridax for good. Von Nebula however, used his missiles to destroy a skyscraper, blocking Heroes way to him. Then Von Nebula started to charge his powers to destroy Makuhero City once and for all, but the Heroes used the Ultimate Power of Light to stop his attack, and destroying Von Nebula and his Triwalker Once and for all.

One week later Furno rebuilt Stormer's body and put it to charge. He knew that one day, Stormer would return.

Adventures of John and Jack Season 2 (Return of The Overlord)

John and Jack are packing their stuff form their homes and start to move to Ninjago. Anakin is also coming with them.

Later when John, Jack and Anakin arrive to Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo, and Sensei Wu tells them about True Potential. Wu said that one day, John and Jack would find their True Potential.

Peace however does not last long when Lord Garmadon escapes Sunset Town Prison. The security cameras didn't pick up anything special.

The Next day Garmadon attacks the Monastery with the help of mysterious Stone Army. The whole army destroys the Monastery and steals the Golden Weapons. Ninjas hurry and follow Garmadon to the Golden peaks, where he combines them to form the Mega Weapon. Garmadon escapes with the army to the Island of Darkness using the Weapon.

Now that the Ninja are hopeless, they have made a deal with "Grand Sensei" Dareth, that they can train at his Dojo. Sensei tell about the Temple Of Light, where they can restore their Elemental Powers, but the only bad side is, that it's located on The Island Of Darkness.

One day, Kai mysteriously disappears. He was taken by a mysterious Entity called Cragger However, another mysterious entity, Laval, Gorzan and Eris saved him, and taught Kai about CHI's powers. Kai and his new frinds set off to find the stolen Golden CHI from Wolf cave, but they end up facing Worriz. Cragger runs away with his Speedor, but our Heroes won't give up. They take the Golden CHI and chase him. Cragger attacks Lion Temple fully CHI'd up, but was easily defeated by Kai's CHI Attack. Laval thanked Kai, and brought him back to Island of Ninjago.

3 Days later, Ninjas took off to The Island of Darkness to defeat Lord Garmadon. However the ancient evil Overlord was powerless, which gave the Ninja a chance to get to Temple of Light to restore their Powers. Ninjas got new KX (Kimono EXtreme) suits and Elemental Blades. Garmadon used Mega-Weapon and created Garmatron, a tank, that could change the World forever...

Ninjas battled Garmadon, and broke the Mega-Weapon back to 4 Golden Weapons with the Elemental Blades. Overlord posessed Garmadon to power up both of them. Lloyd unleashed Golden Power, becoming the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. He channeled some power, making the Golden Dragon. Overlord and others retreated to Ninjago City by a portal.

Ninjas equipped The Golden Weapons and Elemental Blades, making them to find their True Potential. The Ninja Powered up and teleported to Ninjago City, only to find out, that the whole city is transformed. Ninja needed to climb up to the tower, but only Lloyd could. Lloyd saw the Overlord in his true form, and his Father as the Dark Lord, Overlords Right Hand. Lloyd battled Overlord, and He won, turned his Father back to a Mortal Human and Ninjago back to normal. However much of Ninjago City was in ruin.

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 5 (Quest for Toa-Blades)

Some time after Von Nebula was defeated Once and for all, miners at Makuhero City found some mysterious fossils. They brought them to Mata Nui-island. The analysis result was, that they were the skeletons of Rahkshi-Beings.

Few days later, from the mountains of Ko-Koro, a mysterious entity, who calls himself "Rahkshi King" rises from his long slumber.

Back to Makuhero city, Heroes get new XL-3 upgrades. Stormer is once again alive, thanks to Furno. They proceed to Mata Nui. Takanuva finds a scroll about the location of "Toa-Blades"

They needed to travel all the way to Mount Cavora, where the Toa-Blades were forged. Now with powered up by CHI, nothing could stop the Heroes.

An infection created by Rahkshis took over most of the Matoran Universe. Toa needed to find the old lair of Teridax in Mata Nui to awaken the great spirit. Mata-Nui's body awakens, but it doesn't destroy the Matoran Universe. Instead he sends a smaller body of himself to help the Heroes. Mata Nui gathers energy and disinfects the Matorans, that were infected by Rahkshis.

Heroes are shocked only to find out that they need a help of their old enemy to defeat Rahkshi King. Heroes have no other choice but to revive Teridax from dead. Heroes give him A Quaza core to keep him on their side. Teridax and Mata Nui, now reunited, must defeat Rahkshi King.

Heroes, Mata Nui and Teridax go to Ta-koro to battle Rahkshi King. Everyone is knocked down, but suddenly, Miserix, the first Makuta, arrives and hurts Rahkshi King badly.

Rahkshi King escapes to Crux moon and calls his old friend, Masterflux to destroy the Heroes. Teridax goes back to his eternal slumber, and Mata nui gives to Heroes their Toa-Powers back. Mata Nui's body goes back to where it was. Miserix gives them upgraded Toa-Blades, because the Blades were unstable.

Heroes didn't know, that The Final Battle is near...

Adventures of John and Jack Season 3 (Mission to Space)

After Cyrus Borg started to rebuild Ninjago City to new New Ninjago City, there was peace once more in Ninjago. Until Garmadon told the Ninjas that he placed Doomsday Devices all around Ninjago before he was defeated. Now with Temple Of Fortitude as their home, Ninjas were ready for anything.

One day a invasion of Sith Troopers arrived to Ninjago, but the Ninjas defeated them easily, making them retreat. Ninjas visited the Temple Of Spinjitzu in the island of Artidax to Power Up their Powers.

Doomsday devices first appeared to the Construction Site of New Ninjago City, but Ninjas couldn't destroy them. They used their Elemental powers to stop the Devices, but the Devices retreated. Ninjas found out that the crystals in their Golden Weapons were stolen, so the ninjas paid a visit at Sensei Garmadon's monastery to train themselves and to find out where the crystals are. Nya told the location of the Samurai X cave. John took the Ultra Striker. The Heroes paid a visit at the small Island Where the Crystals were hidden. Captain Soto, a pirate Captain who took the crystals was there. Ninjas battled Soto. Later he was wrapped with a rope by Jack. Ninjas took back the crystals.

Kai heard about the Outland trouble at Land Of Chima. A Scorpion called Scorm was planning to get all of the CHI. Kai stopped him easily just using his Powers and CHI.

The Doomsday General, Cryptor finished his Doomsday Machine and arrived to Destroy Ninjago Once and for all. Jack had a new Mech, that had a weapon which combines his and John's elemental Blades. The Doomsday Machine had a forcefield, which made it difficult to destroy it. However Jay discovered it's weakness, which was the front part of the Machine. Cryptor retreated to a Comet, while leaving The Ninja to defeat Doomsday Devices.

John and Jack took 2 Spacefighters and went off to space to battle Cryptor. Cryptor had a Doomsday Cannon, which could destroy the whole Planet. Cryptor took his Spacefighter and chased John and Jack. Then they came near an asteroid and John had an idea to go toward the asteroid and spilt up. John and Jack did that and Cryptor exploded with his spacefighter. John and Jack destroyed the Cannon with their Jedi Powers.

Ninjas celebrated their victory without knowing that Cryptor was still alive in space...

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 6 (Menace Returns)

Now that Rahkshi King has sent Masterflux and Dragonus to Karda Nui to destroy the Matroan Universe, Toa have finally learned the Secrets of the Toa-Blades. However, Toa hear the sounds of the ground and hurry to Karda Nui. Toa test their new powers to slow Masterflux and Dragonus down. Masterflux sends Dragonus to attack the Toa.

Later on a huge Energystorm comes to Karda Nui and a bolt hits Dragonus,Takanuva,Furno and Ignika, disabling them for a bit. Fury, Takuta, Surge, Stormer and Bulk fight Masterflux. Masterflux unleashes Von Nebula's and Teridax's powers, killing Fury.

Masterflux then stikes the core with his weapons, getting more power. Furno and the others awake. Furno throws a piece of Dragonus to Masterflux's weapons and stops Masterflux for a bit. Ignika is unable to revive Fury. A Earthquake shakes the Matoran Universe, marking that all of Matoran Universe is about to be destroyed.

Masterflux and Dragonus combine to become Hyperflux. Toa are thrown to nowhere. Only to see their home to be destroyed...

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 7 (Battle for Crux)

Toa landed on the island of Artakha. Takuta remembered the bearer of Mask Of Creation, Artakha, who lives on this island. Toa run to City of Artakha to ask for help and warn the Matorans about Hyperflux. Artakha activated the city's defense system to fight against Hyperflux. Hyperflux didn't see that coming.

Stormer asks if there are any dropships remaining in Artakha. Artakha says that only 1 dropship is left. Stormer takes the dropship and tells the others to hop in. Stormer flies above Hyperflux. Stormer tells others to jump on Hyperflux. Toa land on him. Stormer jumps off the dropship and crashes it on Hyperflux. Furno saw a weak spot on Hyperflux. Furno stabbed it with his Toa-Blade. Hyperflux was weakened. Then the defense system destroyed Hyperflux but Masterflux survived. He destroyed the defense system. Toa run to him and asks him to surrender. Masterflux grabs his weapons, challenging the Toa for a final battle.

The sky darkens and Masterflux charges his powers and attack Toa with his new powers. Toa use their "Toa-linkshield" to block Masterflux's attack. Toa charge up their powers, but they accidently cause a explosion between them and Masterflux. Toa are hurt, but Masterflux is still in his fullest. Furno takes his Toa-Blades and blocks Masterflux's attack. Then Furno asks Masterflux why he wants to destroy the Universe, if he was created in there. Masterflux then says that he hates being a slave under Mata Nui's control. Fury says that nobody is Mata Nui's slave. Furno knocks the Weapons off Masterflux's hands and destroys them.

Toa combine their Toa-Blades and call upon their true power. They use their Mask powers too. A beam of Ultimate Light grabs Masterflux, takes him to space and to the surface of the sun. "Will I... Will i die here?" Masterflux says and explodes into millions of pieces. The sky turns back to normal, Karda Nui fixes itself. The Brotherhood Of Makuta has broken.

Toa celebrate their victory. Later they talk to Artakha, where he thanks them for breaking Makutas Brotherhood once and for all. Artakha also said that they will keep Miserix's life, even he is a Makuta. Artakha also tells that Matoran Island has been restored. Surge and Bulk want to back to Makuhero City, but they said that they want to see the island too.

Toa flew to Matoran Island, and it was just like before Ghost hunter and Four-Arms destroyed Gaardus for the first time. Toa say the Three Virtues and promise to keep fighting for Matoran universe.

Meanwhile in The Comet, Cryptor has gained his Nindroid form and says that his Doomsday Devices were too weak. Unfortunately, he had Zane's blueprints and intend to use them to make Nindroids. Cryptor first needs to wait about 2 months for the perfect place to activate his jetboots and fly back to Crux...

End of Makuta era.

Archeus Era

Ninjago: Crux Prime

2 Month's after The Last Makuta's fall, The Ninja have decided to have a vacation. Kai and Sensei Wu visit Ignacia at Four Weapons, Zane and P.I.X.A.L develop new Security Robots for the City, Jay, Nya, John and Jack go to Drome city to watch the 15th annual Drome City Championships. Anakin, Cole, Garmadon and Lloyd are renovating The Temple of Fortitude in New Ninjago City.

Many days pass without any trouble, until Cryptor arrives back to Planet Crux dressed in a Heavy Armor. He crashes to the Sea of Sand. His armor broke into pieces, but Cryptor survived. He needed to go to Borg Industries to produce his new army: Nindroids! Cryptor builds a Nindroid Saw-Blade at a cave from the remnants of his armor and runs to New Ninjago City. The city is alerted, and the Security Robots built by Zane and P.I.X.A.L are put to use. Cryptor, thanks to his new weaponry and outfit, he destroys some Robots. Cryptor puts the modified Zane's blueprints to the Assembly Machine and starts producinng Nindroids. The Ninja have even more challenge in the fight now. Cryptor pre-programmed some Nindroids to capture Cyrus Borg, the mastermind behind New Ninjago City. The capturing Nindroids hack and steal a Hovercopter and successfully capture Borg, and infects P.I.X.A.L with a computer Virus. Cryptor is picked up by the Hovercopter. And the Nindroids stun the Ninja for a while.

Later when the Ninja wake up, Zane starts cleaning the Virus from Pixal. Zane notices some strange messages in the code and writes them down. Kai asks if he can try making new weapons for them. All but Jay agrees. The night rises upon New Ninjago City and Zane and Pixal decide to guard Borg Industries if Cryptor returns. Kai, in the design room, finished up his prototype of the new weapon and decides to try it. But unfortunately, it was infected by a virus. The weapon zaps Kai, taking him over by rage and anger. Zane and Pixal hear Kai's shouts from the room and hurry there. Kai's eyes are purple colored. Zane tries freezing Kai a bit but he uses his fire to melt it. Pixal decides to remotely access the weapons systems to erase the virus. She succeeds. Kai is returned back to normal.

Under New Ninjago City, in the Sewers, Cryptor and a mysterious figure dressed in white have stolen a Hard drive from Borg Industries while Zane and Pixal was taking care of Kai. The mysterious figure puts the Hard drive into a console, revivng an old enemy of the Ninja... The Overlord! Cryptor also gives The Overlord Borg, who has some Robotic devices installed to him. Now Overlord takes over Borg's mechanical chair, making him become OverBorg. Cryptor orders the Nindroids to the Island of Darkness to destroy the Temple of Light. Overlord tells Cryptor and The Mystrious figure that even greater evil is sleeping in the Mountains. Ninjas get a message from Wu that he saw Nindroids destroying Temple Of Light in his visions. The Ninja get their Gear and go in there right away. The Ninja succeed arriving to the Island before the Nindroids, giving them a surprise from the coast, making the Nindroids go back.

Few days later, Kai gets a message from Laval, who asks Kai to come and help them. Kai tells the others he is needed once again in Chima. He takes his mech and sets off to Chima. After a hour Kai arrives to Chima. To his surprise, over half of Chima was taken over by ice. He arrived to the Lion Temple, where he reunited with his friends living in Chima. They told Kai that a Sabre-tooth Tiger named Sir Fangar was behind it all. Not that he has an army, he has hired Nindroids for help. Laval told the others to head to Phoenix Temple. On the way there was lots of Ice Tribe members, Nindroids as well. Kai used his mech to make the battle easier. Laval, Eris, Cragger, Gorzan and Worriz grabbed Kai's mech as he lauched a grappling hook to Mount Cavora. They made it safely. In there Kai was greeted by Fluminox, leader of the Phoenix. Fluminox said to Kai that he was their only hope to restore the fire wing armors. Kai agreed. Fluminox told Kai history about Sir Fangar and how he became evil in the first place. Kai promised to use his skills to find the Fire Wing armors. Kai already sensed something... One armor was near, somewhere near the jungle. Kai took his mech and others traveled with their Speedorz. They arrived to a place with a tree and a rock with some carvings. Laval said that it was his and Cragger's favourite place, Forever Rock. Worriz dug the first armor from the ground. They took off to the beaver's junkyard, where they found the second armor. Kai already sensed the final armor, near the Wolf Camp. They headed there. To their surprise the armor was going to be delivered back to Ninjago. But Heroes of Chima took the armor. They arrived back to the Phoenix Temple, where Fluminox told about The Great Illumination, the only way to save Chima. Phoenix Temple was soon intruded by General Cryptor and Sir Fangar. Cryptor leaves finishing off Fluminox to Sir Fangar. A blast from Cryptor's new weapon made by Pythor push Kai and others to the Lion Temple. There they are assisted by Bears and Beavers. Bladvic, leader of the Bear tribe joins Laval and others. Kai summons his Elemental Dragon to give others air support as they fly nearer to Mount Cavora. Sir Fangar is fighting Fluminox in the Temple, while other Phoenix are being held as prisoners. Kai's dragon is shot down. But he uses his True Potential for revenge. Laval and his friends get in to Cavora and successfully unleash The Great Illumination, melting the Ice and curing Sir Fangar and his army from evil. Laval thanks Kai and gives him a bag of CHI as a reward. Fluminox thanks everyone, whilst Kai thanks others for being good friends. Kai says that he needs to go back to Ninjago, but Kai promises to visit Chima sometime.

John decides to visit Ed and Edna's scrapyard to find some metal, for their new creations. Whilst he finds some good scrap, he finds a map by accident. It shows a picture of contients and crystals. John takes all the scrap he can and return back to the city. Back in the city he shows the map to the team. Nya noticed one crystal was located in Drome City, where 15th annual championships are restarted in two days since everyone was wrecked in the race. Jay, Jack and Nya decide to win the race and get the crystal. John, Cole and Zane try to find the crystal from the Nexus Tower. Jack, Jay and Nya build Thundertank and Battlecycle as fast as they can from the scrap and other parts they have spared. It took a couple of hours. John, Cole and Zane took Cole's Drill to go underground. Jack, Jay and Nya left Ninjago, and headed toward Drome City. In there, many competitors around the planet have came to win 100,000 credits and mystery prize, which could be the crystal. Even Nindroids competed. They have hired a skilled racer called "Hunter X" to increase their chances to win. Hunter X looked at Jack before the race begun. Jack had a bad feeling. The race begun, and all of the racers drove toward the jungle. Many racers were knocked out in the first meters. Our heroes did well in the jungle. Next up was the Icy Peaks, one of the hardest parts of the race, Jay and Nya encountered some Nindroids, but thanks to their weapons, The Nindroids didn't expect them and were knocked down. Up ahead was more mountains and jungles. The road was off-road this time. Thundertank and the Battlecycle did well in off-road. They arrived to the Desert canyon, the hardest part of the race. Hunter X drove next to the Thundertank. Jack looked at him. Jack controlled the bike near Hunter X and activated the autopilot. Jack jumped to his bike. Jack bluffed Hunter X so Jay could shock Hunter's bike. This however failed and Jack was forced to jump back to his bike. Jack deactived the autopilot. Hunter started shooting Jack with his laser gun. Jack dodged them and rammed Hunter's bike. Hunter dropped his gun. Jack shot missiles to the canyon's wall. Jay, Nya and Jack quickly go forward before the rocks fall. Hunter X seemed stuck, but he managed to escape. The finish line was ahead in the main city. Jack saw an opportunity and poured lava infront of Hunter's bike, by using his powers. His tires melted. Jay shocked his bike and Nya shot missiles near him, making him go out of the race. Jay, Nya and Jack drove to the finish line. They celebrated and Jack said that he needs to talk to Hunter X Jack drove to him. Hunter said that he will still lose even though the race is over. Jack removed Hunter's helmet only to see that it was Max Stone, the person that was thought to be dead for months. He was possessed by machinery. Jack removed them and Max changed back to normal. Max was puzzled. He wanted to know where he was, but he knew what happened to him after the cave exploded 2 months ago. Jack said that he was a Ninja, master of Volcanic power and asked if Max could join them. Max accepted and went to the finish line with Jack. Jack, Nya and Jay participated to a press conference. After that, Jack, Nya, Jay and Max went back to Ninjago.

Cole, Zane and John arrived to Nexus tower. In there they asked the workers if there was a crystal inside, they said that there are many crystals. They revised that it was a specific crystal. They said the they locked the crystal was locked to a vault, that can be only opened by passing a trial, that only a Spinjitzu master can solve. The guide took them there. In the door, they needed to identify themselves to the Grand Guard of the Vault, they were allowed to pass through. They needed to solve a code by using Spinjitzu to reveal numbers. They found out the code and opened to door. The crystal was waiting for them. They took the crystal and thanked the guide. Later outside they contacted the others and asked them to come to Nexus. Later on the Ninja gathered to outskirts of Nexus and united the crystals. It revealed that something was under Nexus. Cole jumped in his drill and started drilling through the ground. It took a good while until Cole hit something unbreakable. Lloyd used his powers and broke the unbreakable stone. The gang jumped down to the chamber. Zane used his eyes to light the way. They arrived to a dark, empty, big Chamber where are 4 pillars. Garmadon, Anakin and Wu wondered what was the table for in the chamber. Kai set his hand on fire by using his powers, and shot a ball of fire toward one pillar and the pillar seemed to react. Kai tried again and it did react. Kai ran to the pillar and touched it. The pillar's middle started to burn and glow red light. The other 3 Ninja tried it too. The Pillars were active and the chamber's torches lit. The table activates a hologram projection of Nexus City. A voice called for the Ninja. It was Crux. Crux told them to not to be afraid of him. Crux introduced himself. Wu asked Crux to tell all his story. Crux put the lights out from the chamber and activated Holographic projection about The Beginning of Time. Crux told how everything went. He also told about his brother, Archeus. Crux told about The Great War, the battle between Light and Dark. He told about The Brotherhood of Makuta which ceased to exist 2 months ago. Crux deactivated the Holographic projection and told the Ninja to find Archeus and destroy him, so the Eternal peace could be brought, because Crux knows Archeus was still alive. The Ninja vow that they will stop Archeus somehow if they could find him. The Ninja exit the chamber and start looking for Archeus nearby. Garmadon, Wu, Nya, Max and Anakin still have something for Crux, so the Ninja go on to search for him for a while. Anakin told why John has the element of Darkness, it was because Archeus was the one who possessed Anakin years back. Archeus found out about John and transferred a part of his powers to John. He wouldn't normally have any powers besides The Force. Meanwhile The Ninja see a black Nindroid who looks different to the other Nindroids...

The Ninja saw the red energy coming from the Nindroid. Zane said, that he is infected by a familiar form of energy. Zane sensed that someone familiar was behind this all. The mysterious Nindroid was overpowered against the Ninja. Zane calculated what would be the most efficient way to slow him down. Zane told to Jack and Cole to find something to hold him with. They found some rope. Zane froze this Nindroid to place, while Cole and Jack wrapped him to the rope. They brought the Nindroid to Crux, where Crux disinfects and examines the virus. This Nindroid tells who he is, his name is Zhard and he is from the far future. Zhard tells Crux what he remembers. After that, Crux gives the Ninja new Techno-blades and Techno Robes. Crux also finished examining the virus. It came from the Overlord. The Ninja were shocked.

Meanwhile OverBorg and Pythor are in Makuta Teridax's old lair in Matoran Island. They are there with a load of Dark Matter. They drop the Dark Matter into the ground, but the ground absorbs it. A dark deep voice asks who are they. The Overlord speaks to this voice. The voice finally remembers everything, who he is. The Overlord welcomes Archeus back to the real world. Overlord, Archeus's apprentice tells Archeus what has happened in the years Archeus was asleep. Overlord orders Cryptor and others to find and steal the Techno Blades wherever they are. Archeus hints the Nindroids that they might be at Crux's chamber, under Nexus. The Nindroids left right away to Nexus.

Later Crux is telling the Ninja the best places to find Archeus. When Crux was about to say Matoran Island, the Nindroids attacked to the Chamber. They challenged the Ninja to a fight, only to find out that the Techno-Blades are too weak for combat. The Ninja take the Elemental-Blades instead, only to find out that Golden Power makes them stronger. The Ninja are stunned and the Techno-Blades were stolen by The Nindroids. They escape with OverBorg's 2-in-1 Boat. The Ninja wake up. Crux gives the Cruxdragon, a dragon built by Crux to catch up with the Nindroids. Kai, Cole, Jay and Zane put their Elemental Blades to the Dragon to power up the Dragon. Zhard feels some sort of a connection to Crux and to the Dragon. Zhard is chosen as the one who controls the Dragon. Crux told through the Dragon where the Nindroids are. They are at the Mountains at Ninjago. After arriving to the Mountains, they are attacked by a flying OverBorg battle machine. Cryptor saw the Ninja flying with the dragon. He told Pythor to hurry up with storing Archeus to containers. Pythor also activated the countdown to activating a time machine. Cryptor orders to activate the turrets of the Nindroid base. The turrets started to shoot down Cruxdragon, but Cruxdragon tricked the turrets to shoot down Borg's machine. OverBorg jumped to the base. Overlord said that they have their special Nindroid allied to the Ninja. Pythor finally stored Archeus to the containers. The Time machine was activated. The Nindroids, Cryptor and Pythor went through the Portal with the Techno-Blades. The Ninja arrived to the base, but too late. They have left with the Techno-Blades. Jay noticed that they went 127 years to the future.

The Ninja return to The Elemental Chamber. The Ninja told everything they saw. Crux feels that Archeus's presence is no longer in this time. Jay told that they went to the future. The Team decides to start working on a time machine immediately. Cole said that he senses a war ahead...

Ninjago: The second generation

It has been just only 4 days since Cryptor and others left to the future. The Team has returned to New Ninjago City where they built the time machine. Everyone worked hard for it and it ended up being successful. Max and Zhard have made new Armor for the Ninja. Max tells that with new technology, they can use other elemental powers. They also change the outfits to the respective outfit. The Ninja wear it alongside their Elemental Robes. Wu gives The Ninja timecoms, with them Wu and others can communicate with them, whenever they are. The time machine's destination is set to 127 years to the future. The Ninja grab their Katanas and leave. They arrive to outside New Ninjago City, only to see that the environment is very dark and New Ninjago City has transformed into a dystopian city, Archeus City. Kai is angry about what Archeus has done. The Ninja decide to sneak into the city to Archeus Tower if they want to stop Archeus once and for all.

The Ninja decide to sneak into the city. everything goes well, until at the entrance they are caught. The Nindroids force The Ninja to a fight. Jack notices that The Nindroids are armored. The Ninja know they are in trouble...

Jay presses a black button on his armor by accident, and Jay transforms into his NRG form. Jay uses his powers against the Nindroids, it was very effective. The other Ninja did the same. Kai then uses Cole's powers against the Nindroids. Jay used Kai's powers, Cole used Zane's powers and Zane used Jay's powers. John told that to not use his powers, because it could just make the Nindroids stronger. John stuck with melee combat. Cryptor looked down from the windows of Archeus Tower and noticed the Ninja. Cryptor sent new Sawspeeders and Destructoids to take them down. The Ninja were in trouble after that. Lloyd used his powers to create a forcefield. Kai contacts Wu via timecom, telling that they need some better weaponry. Wu tells Nya to send their new weapon-projects to the future via data-transfer. After Nya sent the data, The Ninja got new data-Based Solid Techno Golden Weapons. With the power of the weapons, they were able to escape form The Nindroids. The Ninja decided to run as far as possible.

Many hours later after losing the Nindroids the Ninja arrive to the ruined Monastery. Zane needs rest, so he meditates. Kai, Cole, Jack and John leave to find different scrap from all around, because Ninjago is like a junkyard now. As Zane meditates, he saw a vision about a Dragon. He sensed that they will meet this dragon soon. Zane told Lloyd and Jay what he saw. Cole and others return with a bunch of scrap. They start working with the scrap right away.

The next day, Zane is building his Dragonoid Mech, Jack is cleaning and fixing a motorcycle, Lloyd is Modifying a hoverboard and Kai is finishing up his Fighter jet. Cole and Jay are helping out Zane and John is still sleeping in the monastery. Kai finished up his Fighter, so he asked everyone to come and see it fly. Jay went up the mountain to wake up John. They went down to see it in action. Kai activated the thrusters and made a couple of stunts. After landing Kai said that he will go spy on what is happening in Archeus City. Kai left to the Cliffs near the City. He took macrobinoculars that he found with him. Upon arriving he spotted couple of Nindroids in the streets. They seemed to work on a new Destructoid mech. A Nindroid MechDragon passed by above Kai. Kai looked back, but the Dragon didn't return. Just a few seconds later, the Dragon returned. The Dragon looked at Kai. Kai quickly ran to his Fighter and escaped. The Dragon, however, was fast enough to catch Kai. Kai did a loop so he could get behind the Dragon. Kai did it, and he started to shoot the Dragon. The Dragon used its brakes and Kai was again in front of The Dragon. The Dragon used its flames to heaten up the hull of Kai's fighter, and then used sawblades mounted on the wings to damage it. Many Sawspeeders and Destructoids gave support from the ground. Destructoids tried to shoot down Kai, but he dodged. Sawspeeders transported Nindroids, which shot homing missiles at Kai. One missile hit Kai's fighter. The back thrusters didn't work anymore. Kai had no choice to just use the escape method. The Dragon started to charge a beam in its mouth. Kai ejected from the fighter. The Dragon fired the beam to the fighter and the fighter was shot down. Kai was about to use his Elemental Dragon to escape, but The Nindroid Dragon used its tractor beam to capture Kai. The Dragon left to Archeus City.

Zane and others started to wonder where Kai was for so long. Zane took his Dragonoid and went to search for Kai. Zane went to the Sea of Sand, and saw a hoverfighter on fire. Zane jumped out of his Dragonoid and used his ice to put out the fire. Zane searched the destroyed fighter. There was no sign of Kai. Zane looked farther away, but still no sign. Zane returned to the monastery, where he told others that Kai is gone. Lloyd contacted Wu and he told what happened to Kai. He also asked Wu to send Zhard to the future. Wu agreed, and he started to charge the Time Machine.

Meanwhile in Archeus tower, Cryptor held Kai captive. Cryptor started to copy the Technology in Kai's Techno Sword of Fire and in his armor. Cryptor tried to collect information from Kai, about where The Ninja are hiding. After Kai doesn't answer anything, Cryptor brings the OverBorg to read Kai's mind. Even though Kai tries to resist, OverBorg finds about where the Ninja are hiding. OverBorg sends Nindroid Warriors to capture rest of the Ninja. OverBorg sends Kai to the ruins of Jamanakai Village if the Ninja would arrive to Archeus Tower. OverBorg left to the ruins with some Nindroids. Cryptor stayed in the Tower. Cryptor and Pythor started to implement Archeus's containers to the Dragon.

Lloyd saw some Nindroids arriving to the Monastery at fast speed. John, Jay and Cole hopped on to Zane's mech, and Zane piloted the mech, Lloyd took his hoverboard and Jack takes his motorcycle for a spin. Zane asked where to hide, Lloyd suggested that they should go to Crashcourse Canyon. Zane disagreed. Lloyd then suggested that Jamanakai Village. Zane said it was a good idea. Cole then wondered how they could get rid of the chasing Nindroids. Cole then used Kai's NRG form to damage the speeders. Cole landed back to the mech. Zane asked Cole to transform back into his normal form, because the heat could damage the hull of the mech. Jay then used his ZX form to overcharge the remaining speeders. Overcharged, the speeders became uncontrollable, which caused the speeders to crash into each other. The speeders are destroyed in an explosion. Jack then informs that they are almost in the village. Zane summoned his Elemental Dragon and told everyone to jump on the Dragon.

After arriving to the village, they noticed that the village was destroyed. Jay asked Zane to scan the area. Zane scanned and the results said that OverBorg was in the village. Jack said to hide and get as close to OverBorg as possible. The Ninja hid behind some walls. Zane recorded everything he could. Overlord said to activate the new Destructoid as soon as possible. The Nindroids also had Kai with him in vengestone handcuffs. Overlord told the Nindroids that Archeus is now implemented to the Dragon and he could control it. Overlord ordered The Nindroids to move forward with the plan, to capture rest of the Ninja. OverBorg sent some Nindroids away to different locations to find The Ninja. Cole wanted some action so he suggested to attack OverBorg now. John said that they could eavesdrop on Overlord for more information. Overlord contacted Pythor to start copying the technology used in the Techno-Blades and destroy them after the copying is done. Now that the Ninja know where the Techno-Blades are, they decide together to do a surprise attack. Everyone used Lloyd's energy powers to destroy the Nindroids. Overlord wondered what was up with 5 Green Ninjas. Lloyd became his Golden Ninja form and said to release Kai or suffer the consequences. Overlord laughed at the Ninja, saying it's too late to stop them. With a push of a button, the new Destructoid was awakened. Jay and Zane attacked OverBorg, but OverBorg jumped. OverBorg attacked Lloyd. Lloyd fell to the ground. OverBorg was about to kill Lloyd, but Jay saved him by tackling him to the ground. Some Nindroids came to take Kai away from Jamanakai Village. Cole tried to stop the Nindroids, but OverBorg came to stop them. OverBorg pressed a button on a remote controller. This button would activate the Destructoid Mech. The Nindroids drove off with their speeders, along with Kai. They were heading towards Archeus City. The Ninja took some leftover Nindroids Speeders, Lloyd took his hoverboard, Jack took his Motorcycle and Zane took his Dragonoid mech with him.

They went to Archeus City.

However the city was guarded with Destructoid mechs, along with a bigger and stronger Destructoid mech. The mechs started firing at The Ninja. Zane froze some mechs, but it didn't help that much. A heavy laser bolt hit the Dragonoid and Jay fell off to the ground. After hitting the ground, Jay noticed that his armor was broken. Jay used his Techno Nunchucks to deflect laser bolts. John jumped down to help him. John changed into Jack's ZX form and used his powers to throw lava into the Destructoids. A Destructoid tried to shoot Jack, but it missed. The heavy Destructoid shot a homing missile towards Jack. Jack tried to outrun it, but the missile was too fast. Jack jumped off his bike before the missile hit the bike. The bike was destroyed in an explosion. Jack's armor was damaged. Lloyd had a plan to charge his hoverboard with Energy. Lloyd used his normal powers to charge the hoverboard. Lloyd flied toward the mechs and he jumped off the board, and Zane caught him before he hit the ground. A huge energy blast destroyed all of the mechs. The huge mech was knocked out. The Ninja celebrated their victory over the mechs. But the celebration was cut off short as the Huge mech was barely damaged. Using technology that can copy powers, the mech started to use Lloyd's Energy power as ammo. The Destructoid mech fired at Zane's mechs leg, causing it to fall. Zane abandoned the Mech. Jay had the idea to use elemental dragons. The Ninja summoned their elemental Dragons and flied to one of the canyon rocks located next to the city. The Mech started to walk towards The Ninja. The Ninja started shooting their elemental powers from far away, while Cole contacted Wu telling about the situation. Wu told that Zhards coming has delayed due to a problem in the time machine. The Mech started going down very slowly, but the mech started shooting elemental power. Lloyd ordered to keep shooting. The mech just got closer and closer, until a strange data-rift opened and a EMP-bomb attached to a shuriken flew from the rift. The shuriken hit the mech, which caused it to lose power. The power of the bomb shut down the mech. Zhard stepped out from the rift. Zhard asked that where is Kai. Jay pointed and said that Kai was in Archeus City. Jay said to focus their mind into the weapons to turn them into their vehicles they have used in the past. Since John, Jack and Zhard have not been trained to do this, Jack hopped on to Cole's Tread Assault, John to Jay's Storm Fighter and Zhard hung on to Zane's Snowmobile.

After arriving to the entrance of Archeus Tower, the Ninja dismissed their vehicles. They went through the door. The interior looked much like Borg Tower, but blue lights were red and the environment was darker. Zane wondered where Nindroids were. Jay suggested taking an elevator to the top. Zane and Zhard disagreed, so they took the stairs instead. After climbing up 3 floors, they noticed that the stairs were destroyed from that floor on. Then the team had no choice but to take an elevator. Unexpectedly, the elevator was functioning normally. However on the way to 93rd floor, the elevator suddenly started to go down at very fast speed. The ninja had no choice than to use Spinjitzu to get to the roof of the elevator. Zane scanned the area, and noticed a weakspot in the wall of the tower. Cole used his NRG form to break the wall, and John used his NRG form to fly Jack and Zhard to the hole, and Zane and Jay flied with their elemental powers. Lloyd used Ice to fly to there. Jay noticed that the stairs weren't broken from that floor onward. The Ninja hurried to the 100th floor, where Cryptor, OverBorg and Pythor were waiting for them, along with the Techno-Blades. Cole asked Cryptor to give the Techno-Blades and hand over Kai to them. Cryptor disagreed, and showed The Ninja what he has done. He showed containers, where Archeus was contained in. Lloyd could sense, how evil Archeus was. Pythor then showed his new creation: A Techno-Blade made for Nindroids. Cryptor took a few steps back, holding the containers. Zane shot a small chuck of ice towards Cryptor, but Cryptor dodged it, and the big window behind him broke. Cryptor thanked Zane and jumped out with the containers. OverBorg then took one of the Techno-Blades and activated a saw attached to his mechanical arms. Jay then charged at OverBorg to take off the Techno-Blade. Pythor was going to help OverBorg but Lloyd tackled him to the ground. Jay was able to claim the Techno-Blade. Then a loud noise started to hear from below. A Giant Mechanical dragon rose from the ground to the 100th floor window. Zhard noticed that the Dragon looked a lot like Cruxdragon. Zane started to attack the dragon, but the dragon had powerful deflecting shields. Pythor fought Lloyd in a melee combat. Lloyd disarmed Pythor of his Techno-Blade, but OverBorg took the blade. Pythor took a heavier weapon, which he used to disarm Lloyd. Lloyd kicked Pythor, which caused his face to be revealed. Lloyd was shocked to find out who this stranger was. Nobody noticed that Cole was going through a door to save Kai, but unfortunately Nindroids came to block Cole's way. Jay was able to spot OverBorgs weakness: His mechanical eye-device. Jay was able to damage it. Nindroids came to help OverBorg, but Jack defended Jay. John came to help Cole and fend off The Nindroids and save Kai. Zane asked Zhard to find something useful. Zhard went to the roof. He noticed a security turret in the roof, and he took control of it. He fired at the dragon, which caused the shields to be lowered. Cole and John were a able to reach to the 99th floor where Kai was being held in. Kai was in a chair what had locks in it. Cole told John to go get Jay.

Jay was finally able to detach OverBorgs eye-device, which causes Borg to return back to normal. His mechanical chair was still under Overlord's control. Overlord jumped into Cryptor's Dragon, where he asked to transfer himself into a hard drive. Cryptor transferred him into a hard drive and threw Borg's mechanical chair to Borg. Cryptor said he can keep it. Jay and John helped Borg to get to his chair. He said that he switches back to a normal wheelchair when they are back at the present time. Borg, John and Jay hurried to Cole to let Kai go. Borg knew the password to open the locks from the chair. Kai thanked Borg a lot. Borg said that The Nindroids have a backup plan to retreat to the past. John said that's not gonna happen, since messing with the past can have disastrous consequences. Borg said that they have another time machine built for The Nindroid infantry. Kai, John, Jay, Cole and Borg hurried to help the others. Upon arriving, The Nindroids were taken care of. The Ninja heard a dark, deep voice tell them they are skilled in fighting. John thought that voice sounded familiar. Cole asked Borg who that was. Borg said terrified that it was Archeus. Jay remembered they needed to find him. Archeus asked that do they know his brother, Crux. Zane answered that they know and he is awake. John also said he possessed his father years back. Archeus said John was correct, and a part of his powers passed to him. Archeus challenged The Ninja to a battle. The Ninja knew that they would not defeat Archeus here, so they called Wu to charge the Time Machine. Archeus told that he had foreseen everything, and everything Crux says is a lie. Zhard couldn't help much in the battle, since he cannot use his elemental powers yet, but he took blaster from the Nindroids. Archeus started to charge his dark breath. Cryptor and a grappling hook gun with him, and he aimed at Zhard. Cryptor shot the hook and the hook pierced through Zhard's leg. Cryptor pulled Zhard to the Mechdragon. The Ninja tried to save Zhard, but they couldn't save him. Cryptor told Archeus that they have what they need. Kai was angry and shot a bigger fireball toward the Mechdragon. The fireball exploded on contact. The Mechdragon started to go down. Archeus told Cryptor to take his containers and continue as planned. Cryptor took the containers and sent the rest of The Nindroids to continue as planned. The Nindroids teleported out from this time.

Jay wondered what just happened Borg said he knew everything what terrible things the Nindroids have planned. A rift opened, where Sensei Wu and Nya came through from. Nya asked if everything was alright. Lloyd said Archeus and the Nindroids escaped and Zhard was taken with them. Wu asked Borg and Kai if they were alright. Kai said that he was, and Borg was fine too. Borg asked for a normal wheelchair. The Ninja, Wu, Nya ad Borg walked through the rift to the present time, to the yard of Temple of Fortitude. Wu asked the Ninja to come inside.

Meanwhile in the Past, Cryptor has Zhard's shut down body, and asked the Overlord what he will do with Zhard. Overlord asked to check his archives for information about his past self...

Ninjago: Threat from the Past

It has been 5 minutes since the Ninja arrived back to the present time. Wu and Nya were charging the time machine once again to travel the Ninja to the past. The Ninja asked questions from Borg about The Overlord's and Archeus's schemes. Borg told, that Overlord would find his past self and command Nindroids and Stone Warriors to capture the Elemental Masters and conquer Planet Crux and the 16 realms. But in order to stop that, The Overlord is planning to send out Nindroids and Stone Warriors to the present time. Cole asked when they were. Borg said they are few days away from the Serpentine War. Zane, asked what they would do with Zhard. Borg answered that Overlord wants him back at his side, and he would investigate his heart. Wu said that the time machine was charged. Nya gave the Ninja Stone Warrior Armor with them. The Ninja put them on, and they got all-new silver armoring. Kai asked what this is for, Wu said that armor protects from Golden Power if necessary. Wu asked if The Ninja were ready. Ninja agreed, while Jay said "Maybe" Cole calmed Jay and Jay agreed to go. Wu wished The Ninja good luck, and activated the Time Machine. Borg said that he remembers that The Overlord and Archeus have a plan B in case The Ninja succeed. Max asked what it will be. Borg said if they won't take away the lifes of The Ninja, then they will take the whole planet's life.

The Ninja arrived to the past, where the The elemental Masters protected the land. The Ninja needed disguises so they won't be confused to any elemental masters. Kai suggested to go buy some outfits meant for the City guards. Jay liked the suggestion. The only problem the Ninja faced was where they could store their current outfits.

Ninjago: The Final Battle



See Ninjago:The Unfolded Series:The Videogame


Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 1

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 2

Adventures of John and Jack Season 1

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 3 (Operation:Black Galaxy)

Bionicle: Brotherhood of Makuta Season 4 (Golden Future)

Adventures of John and Jack Season 2

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 5

Adventures Of John And Jack Season 3

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 6

Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 7

Ninjago: Crux Prime

Ninjago: The Second Generation

Ninjago: Threat From The Past

Ninjago: The Final Battle

Complete List of Novel chapters

1.First Encounter This chapter explains how everything began and Furnos and Furys first Encounter with Lehvak

2.Legend of Mata Nui Norik tells Furno about the Two Brothers who seperated when the Universe was created. Furno also learns about the Great War.

3.Matorans to the rescue! When Ghost Hunter and Four-Arms battle Furno and Fury, they call Tahu and Takuta to help

4.Teridax's Plan Teridax Awakens and plans his plan to Destroy Planet Crux

5.Brotherhood of Makuta Norik Tells the Story of Brotherhood Of Makuta to Furno, Fury, Tahu and Takuta

6.Venom Spike Toa encounter Lehvak and Takadox, but Takadox infects Fury, turning him evil, until he is saved.

7.Family reunion Furno and Fury meet their Fathers

8.Sacrifice of the Master Makuta Mutran arrives to Matoran Island, and Toa fight him, Four-Arms and Ghost Hunter

9.Return of a old friend Stormer arrives to Matoran Island

10.Mission to the Volcano Toa find out that Takadox is hiding the final Parts

11.Volcauntian Village Toa arrive to Volcauntain Village to get the final Parts

12.Revival Mutran rebuilds Teridax, and Fury becomes The Golden Toa

13.Race to the cave Toa must quickly get to Teridax's lair before he destroys the Island!

14.Makuta Ultratus The Final Battle begins and Stormer must make a sacrifice to save the World

15.Metru Nui 8 years after Teridax's defeat, Toa arrive to Metru Nui.

16.The Stranger Furno, Tahu and Takuta follow a Stranger in Metru Nui, only to find out that the Stranger is Fury, who was considered to be dead, and Matau gives the Toa a mysterious stone.

17.Coliseum Toa must defeat Vezon in the Coliseum.

18.The Stones Toa bring a mysterious map to Vakama and Matau. Toa find a stone in Po-Metru, Ga-Metru and Ko-Metru.

19.The Mines Of The City Fury, Takuta and Takanuva arrive to Onu-Metru to retrieve one stone

20.Firey Land Furno and Tahu arrive to Ta-Metru and see Icarax and Teridax

21.Toa Ignika With the Stones combined, they show that Tahu is Toa Ignika.

22.Ultimate Teridax Teridax merges with Icarax to form his true form, Ultimate Teridax.

23.A Rocky start John goes to his first day at summer job to the mines.

24.The Mines The boys hit the Motherload, but Crystal King attempts to stop them.

25.Sensei Wu John and Jack escape the mines and meet Sensei Wu and Nya.

26.Masters of Spinjitzu John and Jack arrive to the Monastery, were they get their Gi suits and train Ninjutsu.

27.Gnarled Forest John and Jack are sent to Gnarled Forest to defeat the Mandalorians.

28.Mandalorian Ambush John's and Jack's cover is blown and Jay arrives to help them, but are captured, and later saved.

29.Garmadon's Plan Ninjas arrive to the Ninja Temple to get the Golden Weapons.

30.Monster Arm's Return Ninjas get their ZX suits and battle Garmadon and Dark Zane.

31.Goin' To North? Ninjas head to Ice Mountain, but are captured to Ogel's underwater base.

32.Icy Drones Ninjas Get to the top of the Mountain and face Ogel.

33.Nexus John, Jack and the others head to Nexus City to the tower.

34.Imagination Nexus John faces his father and defeats him, making Anakin good again.

35.Makuhero City Toa had to move to Makuhero City because most of Matoran Universe was destroyed in a Earthquake. A tribute to Takanuva is held.

36.Virtual Training Furno tries the new VR Training in Hero Factory and meets his old nemesis, virtually.

37.Bulk and Surge Bulk and Surge arrive to Makuhero City to give out parts, but Takuta sees something suspicious about them...

38.Weapons of Steel Furno, Fury and Takuta make new weapons for their Toa Mistika Forms, and Bulk and Surge attack Makuhero City for real.

39.Operation:Black Galaxy Fury finds out that Takanuva is still alive and his held in the Center of The Galaxy

40.The Rescue Toa launch off to Space to the Center of The Galaxy, and arrive to Von Nebula's hideout, but are captured right away.

41.Race to Planet Crux Toa succeed rescuing Takanuva and escaping Von Nebula, but Von Nebula, Surge and Bulk go after them.

42.XL-Power Furno battles Surge and Bulk on top of Nebula's spaceship. When Heroes arrive back to Makuhero City, they upgrade themselves, Ignika and Takanuva

43.Heroes Vs. Von Nebula Heroes battle Von Nebula, but he retreats and revives Teridax.

44.Power of the Golden Master Von Nebula Powers Up himself, becoming a replica of The Golden Master. Heroes become XL-2 Heroes

45.Battle for Makuhero City Von Nebula and Data-Teridax attack Makuhero City. Von Nebula is finished by The Ultimate Light

46.Peace of Ninjago John, Jack and Anakin pack their stuff and move to Ninjago.

47.Escape Lord Garmadon escapes the prison with Overlords help.

48.The Mega Weapon Garmadon steals and combines the 4 Golden Weapons to form the Mega Weapon

49.Entities Kai mysteriously is kidnapped by Cragger, but is freed soon by Laval, Gorzan and Eris, and they set off to find the stolen Golden CHI

50.For Chima! Kai and friends get the Golden CHI and Kai masters CHI's power restore peace to Chima.

51.Island of Darkness Ninjas arrive to island of Darkness and sneak to The Temple of Light.

52.Kimono Extreme Ninjas gain their new powers and battle Garmadon.

53.The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master Lloyd powers up, becoming the Golden Ninja, and battles Overlord-Garmadon.

54.True Potential Ninjas teleport back to Ninjago City and prepare for the Final Battle.

55.King steps out Now with Von Nebula defeated once and for all, an ancient evil returns... Rahkshis!

56.Quest for The Toa Blades Furno, Fury and the others travel To Mount Cavora to recieve the Toa-Blades

57.Awakening Toa must awaken Mata Nui's spirit in order to disinfect infected Matorans

58.Makuta's Brotherhood Reborn Now Toa must revive Teridax to defeat Rahkshi King with Mata Nui, his brother

59.Rahkshi Battle Toa find Rahkshi King and battle him

60.Masterflux Rahkshi King retreats to Planet Crux Moon and calls Masterflux to destroy the Toa and the Planet

61.Age of Technology Now that New Ninjago City is being built, Garmadon tells about the Doomsday Devices.

62.The Invasion Sith Troopers invade Planet Crux, but are easily won.

63.Heavy Metal Fight Doomsday Devices arrive to New Ninjago City.

64.Captain Soto Captain Soto steals the Elemental Crystals from the Golden Weapons, and Ninjas go after him.

65.Outlands Kai hears about Scorm in Chima, with Laval's help, Scorm is stopped.

66.Doomsday Cryptor finishes his Doomsday Machine, and attacks Ninjago.

67.Space Battle Cryptor retreats to a comet, while John and Jack try to stop him.

68.Karda Nui This chapter tells a recap of what has happened and Masterflux enters Karda Nui.

69.Masters of The Elements Toa Arrive to Karda Nui to stop Masterflux and Dragonus.

70.The End is near Masterflux kills Fury and nearly destroys Karda Nui.

71.Universe Collapses Masterflux, who has now enough power to destroy Matoran Universe combines with Dragonus to form Hyperflux.

72.Artakha Toa have entered Island of Artakha to look for help to destroy Hyperflux.

73.The Final Battle Hyperflux becomes Masterflux again, challenges the Toa for a Final Battle, loses and Peace is restored.

74.Vacation Now that theres no threats in Planet Crux, the Ninja have decided to go on a vacation.

75.Return of A old Enemy Cryptor returns to Planet Crux and causes trouble in New Ninjago City.

76.Rise of The Nindroids Cryptor succeeds making Nindroids and capturing Borg, challenging Ninja for a Round 2.

77.Nightshift Now with Borg gone, P.I.X.A.L, Zane and Jay must guard Borg Industries.

78.ReMIX Kai invents a new weapon, but the Weapon takes him over.

79.Overlord's Return Cryptor and Mysterious Figure wakes Overlord from his Digital Slumber.

80.OverBorg Overlord is able to take over Borg's Mechanical chair, making him OverBorg.

81.Return to Island of Darkness Ninjas must venture to Island of Darkness to stop Nindroids destroying Temple of Light.

82.Fire vs Ice Chima is once again under attack, but as a surprise, over half of Chima is taken over by Ice.

83.Wings of Fire Laval and others must venture to the Heart of Cavora to restore Peace to Chima

84.Death Race John finds a map for some Energy Crystals and Jay, Nya and Jack participate in a Death Race to win one crystal before Nindroids. Jack also finds his old friend...

85.Power of the Gods The last Crystal is found from the Nexus Tower and reveal a underground chamber under Nexus Tower.

86.Awakening of a God Ninjas find the Underground Fortress and are introduced to Crux, who tells a story about beginning of Time.

87.Robonoid A mysterious Robot encounters the Ninja and battles them.

88.Power of Eight Ninjas take Zhard to Crux, who unpossesses him and Zhard tells Crux his story. Crux also gives the Ninja Techno-Robes and Techno-Blades.

89.Return of an ancient Enemy Overlord, Nindroids and Pythor wake Archeus from his billions of years of slumber.

90.The Power Within Crux gets some of his powers back by the Crystals, but Nindroids steal the Techno-Blades.

91.Cruxdragon Crux gives the Cruxdragon to help Ninja get the Techno-Blades, but Cryptor decides to retreat to the Future with the Techno-Blades.

92.Transformation Ninjas finally find out where Cryptor and Borg went. Max and Zhard have made the Ninja new mysterious outfits.

93.Archeus City Ninjas arrive to the future and have to fight Nindroids. They also find out how to use the outfits.

94.Vision Zane sees a vision about a mysterious Dragon.

95.Battle in the Skies A mysterious MechDragon appears in the sky and Kai decides to fight it.

96.Reinforcements After the Nindroids took Kai, Zhard is sended to the future.

97.Green Power Ninjas need to save Kai from the ruins of Jamanakai Village... Together using Green Ninja forms and Powers!

98.Robot Rumble A huge Destructoid-Battle mech appears and needs to be destroyed.

99.Hunter of the Night Ninjas face Cryptor and Borg, but will they win and save Kai?

100.Blast from the Past After stopping OverBorg, Ninjas head to the past to stop Cryptor and save Zhard.

101.Samurai Trouble A mysterious black and red Samurai stand in the Ninjas way.

102.Shadow of Ronin Ronin steals Kai's, Jay's, Cole's and Zane's memories, thanks to the Obsidian Glaive.

103.Obsidian Weapons Ninjas head out to find the Obsidian Weapons before the Ancient Stone Warriors.

104.Brewing Ninjas head out to find help to find the Obsidian Weapons and they end up brewing the Tea of Insight

105.Just like old times Ninjas find the Obsidian Scythe from the Caves of Despair.

106.Memories of Elements Now that the rest of the Obsidian Weapons are found, Ninjas remeet Ronin in the Blacksmith Shop, who steals John's, Jack's and Lloyd's memories.

107.Legendary Weapons Ninjas head out to Matoran Island to find 3 Mega-Obsidian Weapons.

108.Revenge of the Nindroids Nindroids attack Ninjago City and Ninjas hurry to defeat them.

109.Backup Ninjas turn aid of the First Spinjitzu Master after failing to defeat the Nindroids.

110.Rise of the Snakes The peaceful Serpentine suddenly attack all around Ninjago.

111.Serpentine War The last Anacondrai attack the Elemental Masters, but Ninja can't help them, because that could change the future.

112.Rise of Darkness Overlord of the Present time arrives to the Past to take over the past.

113.Past VS Future Ninjas find Cryptor, Zhard, Destrone, leader of the Ancient Stone Warriors and Wu, taken over by The Nindroids.

114.Timetwister After dealing damage to Cryptor, Ninjas recover Zhard and battle ancient Stone Warriors and Nindroids, making the Ninja retreat to The Monastery.

115.Betraying the Evil Overlord of the Present time possesses Lloyd, turning him evil, but Ronin appears, telling the Ninja that he was under control of the Nindroids.

116.The beginning of The End Ronin and Ninjas battle Overlord possessed Lloyd and Archeus's weakended form, but the First Spinjitzu Master cures Lloyd and Wu and the Ninja capture Archeus in the Jar of Keeping, making the Nindroids retreat to the present time, beginning The Final Battle...

117.Before the end. This chapter tells what has happened previously on Ninjago: The Unfolded Series

118.Delivering the evil Ninjas deliver Archeus in the Jar of keeping to Makuhero City for maxium control.

119.Preparations Lloyd, Wu, Garmadon and Nya are finishing their reconstruction the Monastery.

120.Growing Shadow Overlord and Nindroids have founded a new HQ on the Island of Darkness and built new versions of Nindroids.

121.Stealing the Jar Overlord have made a alliance with Rahkshi King, who plans to steal the Jar of Keeping.

122.Wreck-A-Hero Rahkshi King sends abandoned, modified Hero Factory bodies towards Makuhero City

123.This means war After hearing about the Jar being stolen, Wu and Garmadon tell Cyrus Borg to prepare for the worst.

124.Archeus's return After trying so much, Rahkshi King finally breaks the Jar of Keeping, and Archeus is given a body and a deal from Rahkshi King.

125.Final March Nindroids start their full scale march towards New Ninjago City.

126.Traps Ninjas hurry to New Ninjago City, where Borg tells them to set traps around the city, whilst Wu, Garmadon and others evacuate the City.

127.Restricted City Nindroids arrive to New Ninjago City, only to find out, that they can't enter the city and Borg has also set up a forcefield around the city.

128.Night of Fates After The Overlord came to help, the Nindroids have destroyed the Forcefield and start destroying New Ninjago City.

129.Dawn of the Nindroids The Ninja try to stop Nindroids, but they don't stand a chance.

130.De-assembly line Cryptor set explosives to the Borg Tower assembly line to destroy the top floor, but the ninja disarm them on time.

131.Ruined City While the Ninja fight through the night, Cryptor and The Overlord secretly set new explosives to Borg Industries, this time intending to destroy the whole tower.

132.A New Hope After Borg Industries was destroyed, The Ninja and others have formed an alliance called "Crux-Forces" and have 2 HQs in the City, Temple of Fortitude and Chen's Noodle House.

133.War outside The Heart of Technology The Ninjas are called to Elemental Chamber by Crux, but Nexus is guarded by Nindroids.

134.Crux-power Crux gives the Ninja Crux-Robes, which make their Elemental Power stronger.


(Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 1)

  • Planet Crux
    • Matoran Universe
      • Artidax
        • Mountain
      • Matoran Island
        • Volcauntain Village
        • Battle Arena (Later HQ)
        • Forest
        • Matoran Island Nature
        • Makuta's Hideout

(Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 2)

  • Planet Crux
    • Matoran Universe
      • Metru Nui
      • Ta-Metru
      • Le-Metru
      • Ko-Metru
      • Ga-Metru
      • Po-Metru
      • Onu-Metru
      • Colisseum
      • Outskirts

(Adventures of John and Jack Season 1)

  • Planet Crux
    • Sunset Town
      • Crystal Mine
      • Coffee Corner
    • Gnarled Forest
      • Mandalorian Base
      • Volcano
        • Garmadon's Hideout
    • Ice Mountain
      • Underwater
        • Ogel's Underwater Base Of Operations
        • Underwater Grave
      • Mountain
        • Ogel's Ice Monuntain Base
    • Nexus
      • Nexus Tower
        • Imagination Core
    • Ninjago
      • Monastery
  • Planet Crux Moon
    • Prison

(Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Seasons 3 and 4)

  • Planet Crux
    • Makuhero City
      • Hero Factory
  • Center Of The Galaxy
    • Von Nebula's Hideout

(Adventures of John and Jack Season 2)

  • Planet Crux
    • Sunset Town
      • John's Home
      • Jack's Home
    • Ninjago
      • Monastery
      • Golden Peaks
      • Ninjago City
        • Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo
        • Dark Fortress
    • Island Of Darkness
      • Garmadon's Camp
      • Temple Of Light
    • Land Of Chima
      • Mount Cavora
      • Lion Temple
      • Crocodile Swamp Fortress
      • Eagle Palace

(Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 5)

  • Planet Crux
    • Makuhero City
      • Hero Factory
    • Land Of Chima
      • Inside Mount Cavora
    • Matoran Universe
      • Mata Nui
        • Ta-Koro
        • Ga-Koro
        • Po-Koro
        • Ko-Koro
        • Le-Koro
        • Onu-Koro
        • Mangaia

(Adventures of John and Jack Season 3)

  • Planet Crux
    • Ninjago
      • Sensei Garmadon's Dojo
      • New Ninjago City
        • Construction Site
        • Temple Of Fortitude
    • Matoran Universe
      • Artidax
        • Temple Of Spinjitzu
    • Land Of Chima
      • Lion Temple
      • Outlands
  • Space
    • The Comet

(Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 6)

  • Planet Crux
    • Matoran Universe
      • Karda Nui
        • Heart Of Matoran Universe
  • Planet Crux Moon

(Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Season 7)

  • Planet Crux
    • Matoran Universe
      • Artakha
        • City of Artakha
  • Space

(Ninjago: Crux Prime)

  • Planet Crux
    • Ninjago
      • Mountains
        • Nindroid Base
        • Core
      • New Ninjago City
        • Borg Industries
        • Temple Of Fortitude
      • Island Of Darkness
        • Temple Of Light
    • Drome City
      • Deathcourse
    • Land Of Chima
      • Phoenix Temple
      • Sir Fangar's Fortress
      • Mount Cavora
    • Nexus
      • Nexus Tower
      • Underground
      • Elemental Chamber
  • Space

(Ninjago:The Second Generation)

Present Time

  • Planet Crux
    • Ninjago
      • New Ninjago City
        • Borg Industries

Future Time

  • Planet Crux
    • Ninjago
      • Archeus City
        • City Rooftops
    • Jamanakai Village Ruins



  • John Skywalker (Grey) Weapons: Katanas, Elemental Blade Strength: Stealth
  • Jack O'Mahon (Orange) Weapons: Lava whip, Elemental Blade Strength: Speed
  • Kai (Red) Weapons: Katana, The Sword of Fire, Elemental Blade Strength: Attack
  • Jay (Blue) Weapons:Nunchucks of Lighting, Elemental Blade Strength: Speed
  • Cole (Black) Weapons: Scythe, Scythe Of Quakes, Elemental Blade Strength: Defense
  • Zane (White) Weapons: Shurikens, Shurikens of Ice, Elemental Blade Strength: Stealth
  • Lloyd (Green/Gold) Weapons: Super Bolt, Golden Elemental Blade Strength: Creation
  • Nya/Samurai X (Red) Strength: Intuition
  • Sensei Wu (Gold) Weapons: Ninjo Strength: Wisdom
  • Furno (Red) Weapons: Gunblade, Toa-Blades Strength: Speed
  • Fury (Gold) Weapons: Gunblade, Sword of Destiny, Toa-Blades Strength: Defense
  • Anakin Skywalker (Blue) Weapons: Lightsaber Strength: Force
  • Stormer (White) Weapons: Iceblades, Blizzard Sword, Toa-Blades Strength: Speed
  • Ignika (Silver) Weapons: LifeDagger, Toa-Blades Strength: Resurrecting
  • Takuta (Orange) Weapons: Lava Striker, Toa-Blades Strength: Defense
  • Takanuva (White/Silver) Weapons: Light Catcher, Toa-Blades Strength: Stealth
  • Vakama (Red) Weapons: Fire staff Strength: Wisdom
  • Gaardus (Gold) Strength: Wisdom
  • Zhard (Black/Cyan) Weapons: TBA Strength: Hacking


  • Ultimate Evil Robot Dragon God Archeus (Black/Red) Weapons: TBA Strength: All of The evil in The Universe
  • Four-Arms (Red) Weapons: Gunblades Strength: Attack
  • Ghost Hunter (Yellow) Weapons: Ghost Blaster, Blade Strength: Stealth
  • Lehvak (Green) Weapons: Claws Strength: Stealth
  • Takadox (Blue) Weapons: Claws Strength: Attack
  • Monster Arm (Grey/Green) Weapons: Mutated arm, Machine gun Strength: Attack
  • Crystal King (Gray/Green)Weapons: Fists Strength: Attack
  • Darth Vader (Black)Weapons: Destructination Lightsaber Strength: The Force
  • Savage Opress (Black/Yellow)Weapons: Double-bladed Lightsaber Strength: The Force
  • Pre Vizsla (Grey/Blue)Weapons: Darksaber Strength: Attack, Defense
  • Asajj Ventress (Gray/Blue)Weapons: Double Lightsabers Strength: The Force
  • Stone Monsters (Gray/Green/Red/Yellow)Weapons: Fists Strength: None
  • Lord Garmadon (Purple)Weapons: Golden Thunder bolt, Mega-Weapon, Stone Army Staff, Dark Lord Staff Strength: Destruction
  • Von Nebula (Black/Blue)Weapons: Golden Master Staff Strength: Creation
  • Rahkshi King (White)Weapons: Rahkshi Staff Strength: Control
  • Makuta Masterflux (Black/Red)Weapons: Teridax's Staff, Golden Master Staff Strength: Shadow
  • Cryptor (Black/Purple)Weapons: Katanas Strength: Attack, Defense



  • Ninjago: Crux Prime was originally meant to be called Bioformers and to be the finale of the series.
  • This theme has some references from other TV-Series/Video Games/Movies
  • The novel about the series will be written in English and Finnish
    • Novel progress: Bionicle: Brotherhood Of Makuta Chapters 1-6 wrote in Finnish.
  • The Series is darker than official Ninjago
  • The Series also continues 100 years later in Stormrunner, which serves as the Epilogue to the Series

List of References

  • Bionicle: Brotherhood of Makuta Season 1 Chapter 2 is actually a shortened version of The Great Story, but it tells the Beginning of Time, but the chapter doesn't tell the truth about it.
  • When Sensei Wu asks John and Jack to come to the monastery, it's actually a reference to Ninjago's first episode Way of the Ninja.
  • When Jay plays a building game in Ogel's Hideout he says "You can program games with Zua!" In John and Jack Season 1 They are References to the popular MMOG ROBLOX and to Lua, a simple scripting language.
  • In Chapter 73. The Final Battle When Furno asks why Masterflux wants to destroy the universe, it's a reference to Tensou Sentai Goseiger Epic 50: Protecting the Planet is an Angel's Duty when Alata asks Brajira of the Messiah why he wants to destroy the Planet so badly.
  • When OverBorg interrogates Kai in chapter 96, it is a double reference to when Kylo Ren interrogates Poe Dameron in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and to Ninjago Episode 28: The Art of the Silent Fist when OverBorg interrogates Wu.
  • The name of Chapter 132.A New Hope is reference to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
  • This is not a reference, but the official Ninjago may have some references to this series such as: Skylor's appearance possibly inspired from Jack's, and Acronix and Krux possibly named after Archeus and Crux.