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Ninjago: Crux Prime
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Subtheme of:

Ninjago:The Unfolded Series




Ninjago: Crux Prime is a Subtheme in Ninjago:The Unfolded Series.


Novel Chapters

1.Vacation Now that theres no threats in Planet Crux, the Ninja have decided to go on a vacation.

2.Return of A old Enemy Cryptor returns to Planet Crux and causes trouble in New Ninjago City.

3.Rise of The Nindroids Cryptor succeeds making Nindroids and capturing Borg, challenging Ninja for a Round 2.

4.Nightshift Now with Borg gone, P.I.X.A.L, Zane and Jay must guard Borg Industries.

5.ReMIX Kai invents a new weapon, but the Weapon takes him over.

6.Overlord's Return Cryptor and Mysterious Figure wakes Overlord from his Digital Slumber.

7.OverBorg Overlord is able to take over Borg's Mechanical chair, making him OverBorg.

8.Return to Island of Darkness Ninjas must venture to Island of Darkness to stop Nindroids destroying Temple of Light.

9.Fire vs Ice Chima is once again under attack, but as a surprise, over half of Chima is taken over by Ice.

10.Wings of Fire Laval and others must venture to the Heart of Cavora to restore Peace to Chima

11.Death Race John finds a map for some Energy Crystals and Jay, Nya and Jack participate in a Death Race to win one crystal before Nindroids. Jack also finds his old friend...

12.Power of the Gods The last Crystal is found from the Nexus Tower and reveal a underground chamber under Nexus Tower.

13.Awakening of a God Ninjas find the Underground Fortress and are introduced to Crux, who tells a story about beginning of Time.

14.Robonoid A mysterious Robot encounters the Ninja and battles them.

15.Power of Eight Ninjas take Zhard to Crux, who unpossesses him and Zhard tells Crux his story. Crux also gives the Ninja Techno-Robes and Techno-Blades.

16.Return of an ancient Enemy Overlord, Nindroids and Pythor wake Archeus from his billions of years of slumber.

17.The Power Within Crux gets his body back by the Crystals, but Nindroids steal the Techno-Blades.

18.Cruxdragon Crux gives the Cruxdragon to help Ninja get the Techno-Blades, but Cryptor decides to retreat to the Future with the Techno-Blades.


Protagonists (Ninjas/Jedi)

Antagonists (Nindroids)


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